Angelina Jolie votes for hotel room sex

November 29, 2004 at 3:47 PM | by | ()

Alexander star Angelina Jolie has let us all in on a little secret; she prefers to have sex in hotel rooms.

Don't worry, it is all for a good cause, protecting her son Maddox from her, allegedly, wild sex life.

When asked about her hotel fetish Jolie had this to say:

"I actually made a point to say that, because women have said to me, 'I'm single and have guilt about wanting to have a night away from my child'. "I think it's important for women not to bring the wrong man into their house. That was my way of saying, it's okay for women to explore their sexuality and keep it separate. It's working for me."

Oh great, now we have just given every guy in a hotel an excuse to:

A) Search for Angelina Jolie
B) Try to entice her with some cheesy pick up line like "So, Angie, heard you like hotels".

Before you ask...We have no idea where Mz. Jolie stays when on the road.

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