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Should Seattle's Edgewater Hotel Bring Back Fishing From Room Windows?

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  Site Where: 2411 Alaskan Way [map], Seattle, Washington, United States, 98121
October 4, 2013 at 11:57 AM | by | ()

The Edgewater Hotel in Seattle gained much of its reputation from the fact that The Beatles infamously fished out the window during their stay, a unique experience that guests continued to enjoy for many years after.

But the fun's been over now for quite some time. It all started when Noble House purchased the hotel in 1987, and yesterday when we called the Edgewater to inquire about this once-lovable feature, the hotel informed us that fishing out the window is no longer allowed due to "liability first and foremost," but that other factors also led to the decision, such as the caught fish stinking up the room, new bedspreads, and the lines disturbing other guests.

Uh! While we understand on one hand -- especially the smelly fish part -- we're frustrated. This was such a novel aspect for a waterfront hotel to offer, and it seems like a shame for them to ditch it altogther instead of coming up with a creative way to keep the tradition alive. Something as simple as designating a few of the lower-level rooms as "fishing rooms" and charging an upgrade fee would have done the trick. And you could treat the fish smell the same way you treat cigarette smoke, putting trust in the guest that they'll play catch and release.

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Salish Lodge Brings Back Moonlight Massages, Unveils Yoga 'Tent' Atop Waterfall

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  Site Where: 6501 Railroad Avenue SE [map], Snoqualmie, Washington, United States, 98065
August 22, 2013 at 4:33 PM | by | ()

When it comes to picturesque properties, The Salish Lodge & Spa in Washington certainly needs no introduction or explanation.

Back in 2009, we gushed over a really pleasant experience, enjoying the ridiculous, romance-enducing setting as well as one of the Lodge's infamous moonlight massages. The Salish did away with the moonlight massages for a while, but they're back, along with the opening of a new "yoga tent" called the "Hidden Terrace."

This new temperature controlled canvas and glass enclosed tent sits atop the 268-foot waterfall and allows for killer views even on the coldest days of winter (or a damp, wet Northwest day). You can check out a few photos in the gallery below.

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Get Ping Pong, Potent Cocktails and Snacks at Seattle's Red Lion Hotel

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  Site Where: 1415 5th Ave [map], Seattle, Washington, United States, 98101
April 26, 2013 at 6:00 PM | by | ()

TGIF! It’s no secret we at HC love hotel rooftops, inventive cocktails, and inexpensive happy hours (though we’re fond of non-boozy afternoon tea, too!). Still, how awesome is it when we get a trifecta of all three, namely Frolik Kitchen + Cocktails--the new restaurant and bar just opened at the Red Lion Hotel in Downtown Seattle?

Set on the fifth floor of the Fifth Avenue building above the bustling streets below, Frolik guests are in for a treat when they come to the city’s largest outdoor deck—4,000 square-feet worth—and indulge in the all-evening happy hour (from 4-10pm). One can choose to chill by the firewall or the communal fireplace table, all while enjoying the Puget Sound views and bumping music.

People pretend to come for the drinks, but we know better. What they really want? A hearty game of ping-pong and shuffleboard. Don’t do a double take, there’s a reason why people get aggressive with that paddle and tiny ball, and Frolik knows it.

That's why they're well prepared for sports and serious sipping.

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Checking In On Hotel 1000's Restaurant Revamp of BOKA

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  Site Where: 1000 1st Avenue [map], Seattle, Washington, United States, 98104
August 2, 2012 at 4:30 PM | by | ()

At HotelChatter we love a guy with experience and we give bonus points if he knows his way around a kitchen. It seems Benchmark Hospitality values these traits too and their choice of new Executive Chef Peter Birk to revamp Seattle's Hotel 1000's BOKA restaurant is working out just fine.

We were headed to BOKA recently and in true Seattle fashion the route to the restaurant was closed for a fun run and parade. So we bailed out of our car near Century Link Field and hiked a mile in heels to Hotel 1000 against the tide of runners. The trek definitely qualified us for a restorative martini while we looked over BOKA's well-balanced agrarian and seafood menu.

Chef Birk, who was at the helm of Seattle's iconic Ray's Boathouse for the last four of his eleven years there as executive chef, brings his expertise plus his trusted food suppliers to BOKA. "Over the years we have formed a strong relationship" he says of his fishermen, seafood purveyors, local farmers, artisan food producers and ranchers," so they came to BOKA with me."

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