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'The Bachelor' Outdid Itself in Terms of Cray; But The Hilton Santa Fe Looked Pretty Nice

February 3, 2015 at 5:19 PM | by | ()

Fans of The Bachelor will agree that last night's episode was probably the most mentally unwell episode of all Bachelor/Bachelorette episodes.

To start, there is Megan, a grown woman, who thinks New Mexico is a different country and visiting Santa Fe will get her a stamp on her passport.

Then, there was the love guru/shaman who made Carly and Farmer Chris confront their worst fears all the while doing breathing exercises and standing skin-to-skin. Or something. (Honestly, I could not watch most of this date because it was so awkward, and not in an enjoyable laugh-at-them kind of way.)

Then, there was Kelsey. Kelsey, Kelsey, Kelsey. A seemingly normal, if reserved by Bachelor standards, guidance counselor, Kelsey shocked the girls by telling them that she was a widow. Her husband died suddenly during a walk one day. She had some trouble remembering what killed him ("Congestive heart failure?"), which should have been the first sign that something was not well. Anyways, once she told the girls she quickly moved on to becoming obsessed with telling Farmer Chris "her story.

Not being chosen for a one-on-one date, she goes rogue and knocks on the door to his room to tell him the story. He feels for her, then he makes out with her. #ultimateTooSoon. She later tells the camera her story is amazing. Some viewers may have doubted her widow story but it is very real and even more concerning, her husband passed away only a year before she began auditioning for The Bachelor. At this point, it becomes clear this girl should not be on the show.

We won't spoil the ending for you--ok, whatever--the rose ceremony was cancelled and Kelsey had a panic attack and the show ominously concluded with "TO BE CONTINUED...." Afterwards, everyone immediately took to Twitter and started making psycho Kelsey jokes. This one was our fave:

But in all seriousness, we hope Kelsey goes home next week. She needs more time to heal. "Her pumps still look good though. "

Speaking of looking good, let's check out the Hilton Santa Fe Buffalo Thunder Resort, which hosted the farmer and his ladies for a week.

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This Hotel Is Getting Ready to Host the Virgin Galactic Space Passengers

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  Site Where: 705 South Telshor Boulevard [map], Las Cruces, NM, United States, 88011
July 7, 2014 at 5:47 PM | by | ()

Sir Richard Branson's recreational space travel company, Virgin Galactic, is real and it's really happening, with flights expected to happen next year. (They were supposed to take off in 2010 and then in 2013 but this is space travel so we expect some delays.)

Yet while we wait for the first guests to pay $200,000 to blast off into space, here is a piece of hotel news we can get excited about right now--Virgin Galactic has selected The Hotel Encanto de Las Cruces, a Heritage Hotel, to be the "official preferred Virgin Galactic hotel and resort. Previously, Virgin Galactic had hoped to partner with a luxury brand to build a new resort but this is much easier.

The Encanto hotel is located in Las Cruces, New Mexico, about 60 miles from Spaceport America, where the Virgin Galactic flights will take off. And already, the hotel has begun to undergo some renovations to accommodate the high-flying guests.

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5 Hotels for Santa Fe Virgins

December 14, 2012 at 10:53 AM | by | ()

Planning a Southwestern getaway this winter? We've got you covered. Fresh from a recent trip out to the country's oldest capital city ourselves, we decided to put together a quick list of the 5 best hotels for first-time visitors to Santa Fe.

First up is La Posada, a charming upscale hotel that's spread over six acres. We've visited this place before, and though the only thing that wowed us was the soap, we think there's still plenty to love. Like: simple but cozy rooms, kiva fireplaces, super-friendly staff, and two seriously happenin' hotel restaurants, called Staab House and Fuego.

Fun fact: every evening, the hotel hosts fun, free events like tequila tastings, wine and cheese tastings, and live music. Don't worry, no one will blame you for showing up to dinner tipsy.

Rooms start at $140/night.

Read on to hear about the rest!

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Honeymooners Dig the Kama Sutra Suite At El Monte Sagrado

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  Site Where: 317 Kit Carson Rd [map], Taos, NM, United States, 87571
December 6, 2012 at 10:13 AM | by | ()

Here's a tip for anyone looking to spend their honeymoon in gorgeous, sunny Taos: El Monte Sagrado, New Mexico's sole Autograph Collection property, offers a luxury suite known as the Kama Sutra suite. And boy, will it put you in the mood for love.

We toured the whole property recently, but particularly liked our precious few moments spent exploring the warmly-lit, sensuous space at the far end of the resort. Featuring a king bed with an elaborate hand-carved wooden frame, plus plenty of curved walls and enlarged wooden beams reaching up vertically, the suite is pure sex.

For more photos, click below!

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Jennifer Aniston's Presence Caused A Hotel Employee To Lose His Job

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  Site Where: 198 State Road 592 [map], Santa Fe, NM, United States, 87506
October 15, 2012 at 9:00 AM | by | ()

Remind us never to stay at the same hotel as Jennifer Aniston, as we might, in our star-struck, child-of-the-90s Friends nerd-dom accidentally get someone fired.

At least, that's what happened last week in Santa Fe at the Four Seasons Resort Rancho Encantado, when a hotel employee got the boot for divulging too much about Aniston's presence.

According to TMZ, a few guests had already spotted Aniston basking in the hotel's spa (evidently taking some time away from her usual LA haunt, the Sunset Tower). When shuttle bus driver Terry Siegler was asked about it, he confirmed she was in fact staying at the property, and even went on to talk her up a bit. But a few of Aniston's minions overheard the incident, and flipped out. Hotel management got involved, and before he knew it, Siegler was out of a job.

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Like Staying In A Museum (In A Good Way): Inside the Mabel Dodge Luhan House, Taos

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  Site Where: 240 Morada Lane [map], Taos, NM, United States, 87571
January 31, 2012 at 1:48 PM | by | ()

If you’re going to northern New Mexico and you have any kind of artistic or cultural sensibilities, you need to stay at the Mabel Dodge Luhan house. As the name would suggest, it’s the former home of Mabel Dodge Luhan – who was not only a writer, but a facilitator and gatherer of art in Taos. This is where pretty much anyone literary or artistic who’s traveled to New Mexico has stayed. DH Lawrence spent loads of time here, and even painted the windows of one of the bathrooms with bright murals (today, some rooms still have access to that bathroom). Georgia O’Keefe, Ansel Adams, Dennis Hopper, Carl Jung – the list of illustrious guests is long and varied. For more details, see the website.

Because it’s more of a museum rather than a swish hotel, we were expecting the worst when it came to rooms. When we had to be towed out of a snowbank, having skidded on ice on the approach, we were even more timorous. But we soldiered on. Here’s what we found.

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Maybe A Romance Expert in Santa Fe Can Help Spice Things Up in the Bedroom

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  Site Where: 113 washington ave. [map], Santa Fe, NM, United States, 87501
January 25, 2012 at 9:29 AM | by | ()

How's this for romance? The Rosewood Inn of the Anasazi is luring couples with a "Sense of Romance" package that would spark even the dullest flame of desire between a pair of nuns. Yes, dinner by candlelight. Yes, a bed of roses. Yes, those Sangre de Cristo mountains in the background.

And, for fun, an hour appointment with the hotel's Romance Expert, a designated concierge who presides over the Front Desk spouting fathomless knowledge about the ins and outs of true amor. Or, in more accessible terms: where to dine, what spa treatment to book, and where to go stargazing.

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Sadly, La Posada De Santa Fe Doesn't Rock As Hard As Its Soap Does

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  Site Where: 330 East Palace Ave [map], Santa Fe, NM, United States, 87501
January 10, 2012 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

The kiva fireplace. The best bit of the room

A hotel that has soap in the shape of a rock has to be good, right? That kind of attention to detail is going to make for a spot on stay. Said soap rock was what we found when we checked into our room at La Posada De Santa Fe Resort recently. Did the rest of the experience measure up? Here goes.

Check in:
Our hopes were high on arrival to the hotel. We’d called in advance, asking whether it’d be possible for a parcel to be sent to us care of the hotel, and spoken to a concierge who sounded charming and efficient. Then our taxi driver told us La Posada was one of the best hotels in Santa Fe. It better had, we thought, since we paid $188 on Jetsetter (our room should have set us back around $300 though).

Check in was quick and easy, with a friendly man assigning us our room. There was free spa handcream at the check in desk – a nice touch in snowy Santa Fe. We walked to our room through cozy wood-panelled corridors, past the restaurant, bar, and a couple of sitting rooms strewn with art. Then outside, through the snowy courtyard and gardens. All atmospheric. Then we hit room 107, a Fireplace King.

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Checking Out A Room With Four Views In Snowy Taos

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  Site Where: 240 Morada Lane [map], Taos, NM, United States, 87571
December 28, 2011 at 2:45 PM | by | ()

Spotted in New Mexico today: one of the raddest hotel rooms, view-wise, that you may ever have the pleasure of staying in.

This is the Solarium room at the Mabel Dodge Luhan House in Taos, New Mexico. It's rad for a couple of reasons - firstly, because it's the only house with three stories in Taos, so you can see for miles, and second, because it's the old sun roof when it was an actual house, so it's glass-walled on all four sides. Which makes for some truly killer views of Taos and the mountains around it - particularly when it's snowing, as it is now.

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The Soap Rocks At La Posada De Santa Fe

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  Site Where: 330 East Palace Ave, Santa Fe, NM, 87501
December 27, 2011 at 3:26 PM | by | ()

We've seen plenty of weird and wonderful hotel soaps in our time, but nothing quite as cool as this: the rock soap that greeted us as we checked into La Posada De Santa Fe Resort last night.

There was a normal, pebble-shaped soap in the soap dish - so far, so normal - but then on the shelf by the basin we spied this lump of rock. Was it a pumice stone to grate your feet? An ornament? A random piece of rock? No, it was indeed a bar of soap shaped like a rock.

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Virgin Galactic Wants a Luxury Hotel Near Spaceport America

May 10, 2011 at 9:02 AM | by | ()

While we're still waiting on an ETA for Virgin hotels, it looks like Virgin Galactic, the division of Virgin that's pioneering space tourism, is getting in on the hotel game in a way.

Virgin has said the area around Spaceport America outside of Las Cruces, New Mexico--where they plan on putting their sky rockets in flight--is in need of a luxury hotel. The smaller ones already present just aren't up to snuff. After all, their passengers are folks who have forked over $200,000 for the ride to space and will need some luxury accommodations before and after their journey to the final frontier.

But instead of building their own Virgin Galactic-branded hotel, Virgin is looking to partner with third parties to build the luxury digs. Dear Richard Branson, et. al., Please don't build a Ritz-Carlton or a Four Seasons near the spaceport. Please.

Not much else has been confirmed about the hotel except that it will be located halfway between Las Cruces and Truth or Consequences. But hotels in the area, who are frequented by hot springs lovers, needn't get too worried. Virgin Galactic won't be blasting off until sometime in 2013.

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The Eldorado Santa Fe Wants You To Get In On Its Birthday

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  Site Where: 309 W. San Francisco [map], Santa Fe, NM, United States, 87501
March 4, 2011 at 8:31 AM | by | ()

Yay, another hotel anniversary that gives us gimmicky discounts! Today it’s the turn of the Eldorado Hotel & Spa in Santa Fe which is celebrating its 25th birthday next month.

To celebrate – here’s the really gimmicky one – they’re offering anyone who stayed at the hotel during its first ever month (April 1986) to return for a night at the original rate they paid – which ends up at around $30 per night (it’s called the Turn Back The Clocks deal). Sadly, there’s no cheating the system – the onus is on you to provide proof, such as a photo of you there, “dated receipt” (uhh, surely nobody is that anal as to keep a receipt for 25 years?) or “other proof”. And, if you’re thinking that that’s unlikely, think again – the offer has already received several takers (we guess the days of scrapbooking your every photo, food bag and receipt from your holidays has to come in handy at some point).

But never fear, because the hotel also has something up its sleeve for those of us who didn’t have the fortune to stay back in those heady days of 1996: a straightforward 25 percent off rates throughout April, bringing rates down to $169. Tempted? They’re throwing in a free box of chocolates with every room. Now you are, right?

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