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DC's Historic Morrison-Clark Inn Debuts Its Asian-Inspired Addition

June 5, 2015 at 3:00 PM | by | ()

Hotel renovations are always an interesting study for us. Lately, we’ve come to expect a mix and match of historic and decorative styles as the new normal. But here's a hotel design that just might be a first--one that merges Chinese culture with Civil War era, Victorian-inspired architecture.

The Morrison-Clark Inn in Washington, D.C., has done just that, with the unveiling of its new expansion and uber-Asian look. With good reason.

The Morrison-Clark is a national landmark named after David Morrison and Ruben Clark, original owners of two side-by-side townhouses, both dating to 1864. After many years as a military hostel and social club for First Ladies and their BFFs, the property was sold, renovated, and opened in 1987 as the quaint Morrison-Clark Inn with just 42 rooms.

Looking to expand every which way, the Inn saw an incredible opportunity in its next door neighbors-- home of the Chinese Community Church and Parsonage for over 70 years. Hence the honorary Chinese-influenced design.

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The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown Is Making a Big Deal About a Duck

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  Site Where: 3100 South Street, N.W [map], Washington, District of Columbia, United States, 20007
May 30, 2014 at 1:46 PM | by | ()

For 10 years running, Mother Ritzy Duck has been showing up at The Ritz-Carlton Georgetown in Washington, DC, to hatch her brood in style. We guess you could say she has a standing reservation at the hotel (yuk, yuk).

This year, the team at the hotel has taken the utmost care to ensure that Ritzy’s stay is a true Ritz-Carlton experience that exceeds her needs and expectations -- lucky duck! –- and has assigned a "Just Ducky Concierge" to ensure her stay is a good one. A set of SOP (standard operating procedures) on Distinguished Duck Care has been written by the concierge to assist staff in taking care of this VID guest.

First and foremost is that Ritzy only gets Ritz-Carlton bottled water and absolutely no people food. Once a day Ritzy has lunch and then goes for a dip in the pool, which cools her eggs and helps with her baby ducks’ development, but for the last few days before hatching time, mama duck is given gourmet organic duck pellets so that she can eat in comfort while waiting for the little guys to make an appearance.

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The Unofficial Shonda Rhimes Guide To Washington D.C.'s "Scandal"-ous Hotels

November 7, 2012 at 2:35 AM | by | ()

If you’re like us, you are completely addicted to Shonda Rhimes’ heart-stopping political drama, “Scandal”, which takes place in Washington, D.C. The gripping series is about a president torn in more ways than we can count (watch and see!).

We figure on this Election Day, if you have to wait in line to vote for the next president, and while we all wait for the results, we'll entertain you with a few famous D.C. hotels that have been the location of a juicy scandal or two.

The hit television show's fictitious president Fitzgerald Grant seems to prefer his dalliances and dirt to occur in the White House and sometimes even in broad daylight! We think Rhimes should take some clues to these real-life political dramas and give us some hotel highlights to look forward to on Thursday nights!

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American Hotel & Lodging Association Fights Accommodating the Disabled in Hotel Pools

June 15, 2012 at 2:21 PM | by | ()

Yesterday, hundreds of disability activists gathered in front of the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s (AH&LA) Washington, D.C., headquarters to demand the group cease lobbying efforts to block equal access to America’s hotel’s swimming pools and spas. In what can only be described as low-class discrimination, AH&LA believes that the law requiring hoteliers to make pools and spas fully accessible to people with disabilities, “unreasonable.”

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