It Smells Like Foursquare Spirit (in the Northwest)


The Hotel Max in Seattle offers gift cards for folks who check-in on Foursquare

The Provenance Hotels in the Northwest have used special codes for Twitter followers for a while now but they just started their Foursquare incentives in December.

At the Hotel Lucia in Portland, Ore. and the Hotel Max in Seattle if you show the frontdesk that you checked in on Foursquare, they will give you a $20 gift card to use towards your next stay as well as be entered in a contest to win a free room.

Over at The Hotel Murano in Tacoma, if you check into their coffee shop between 6:30am and 9:30am (and show the barrista that you checked in), you will not only get a free cup of coffee but a $20 gift card for a future stay. Similarly at Gracie's restaurant at the Hotel deLuxe in Portland, Foursquare users can show the waitperson they checked in to receive a free appetizer when they purchase an entree.

Dina Nishioka, the public relations and branding director for Provenance Hotels, says the hotels want the offers to be "friendly" for guests, so they don't have to jump through hoops to receive them. Nishioka is also keen on reaching out to the local community through Foursquare, hoping that these incentives will attract locals who haven't yet checked out the hotels.

"We want people to come in, stop in and we try to make it welcoming for them whether they are a guest or not."

It looks like those easy incentives are working. Since they began the Foursquare offers, Nishioka says more people have been coming in to the hotels.

"We're pleasantly surprised! We just started in December and we're definitely seeing an increase in the people who check-in. "

And while some hotels don't want too much congregating going on in their lobbies, Nishioka is perfectly ok with folks chilling in the lobby for a while. "I'm thrilled whenever I walk into one of our lobbies and people are just hanging out."