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Fun Hotel

Rating: 6

My husband's company had their Christmas party at Hotel Zaza. The party was very classy and I felt like I was at a wedding reception- you could tell they went all out! before the party the hotel staff served drinks and apptz which were very good....they were all very attentive and never had to flag anyone down! The main room that the party was held was beautiful and very open. The food that was served was very good considering it was buffet style and the bartenders were great. This really would be a great place to have a party or wedding reception. The guest rooms are just as great- even the standard room that we booked after the party was anything but- the decor was unique and fun and my husband obviously loved the large flatscreen tv. When we left the next morning there was complimentary coffee, juice and danishes on a buffet table on the floor atrium. We will def stay here again for a fun/special occasion!

posted by RockChalk on Mar 26, 2010

WORST EVER! Staff is rude and lies

Rating: 2

This hotel is a joke. I was shopping for a hotel room to arrange a party for my friend who was turning 21. From the recommendation of another friend who held a wedding after party at Zaza the week prior, i decided to go for it. I called and talked to reservation that i would be having about 20 to 30 people over in the room. I was told by "Caesar" that it would be fine as long as no more than 10 people sleep over. All was good and i booked the Splendido suite for 275.00. Was happy with the price and excited about the party. Day of the party I arrive to check in at 3:00 as i was told this is check in time. I get there and they tell me my room is not ready. I was patient and took a seat and they offered me some food for my inconvenience. But after 2 hours of waiting, my patience dwindled down and I left. Hour later my friend swings by to try and check in and the room is finally done, note this is 6:00 pm, 3 hours LATE. We get in the room to setup for the party. I was informed that no outside food was allowed but i brought some chips anyways because I was not about to pay 5 bucks per SMALL bag of chips. (yes i know im wrong for that) People begin to arrive, party starts to liven up, and i make sure that the music is kept down because i do have manners and do not want to bother the people on the other rooms, but i failed at this. I get a knock at the door from two security guards and i step out to talk. (NOTE: i am tipsy at this point) The security guard tells me that they are kicking us all out because they received a noise complaint and there are more than 10 people in the room. I keep my cool and i apologize for the noise and asked for a second chance, and would turn off the music if necessary. He just stands there and says "no, your not getting another chance, there are too many people in the room and i want you to pack everything and get out now." I pause for a second thinking and replied "what are you talking about?" I made sure the hotel knew i was having a party, and was informed it was ok to have the amount of guests that i did there. I told the guard who i spoke with and this was his response "i dont care who you spoke with or what they said. It doesnt apply here and we need everyone to leave now" I was mad yet kept my cool and responded, "ok give me about 30 min to get everyone out and clean whatever needs to be clean" Guards response "no you have 5 min or i will have the officer come in and get everyone out" and then the officer steps up. I agree and tell everyone to get out. I never had a chance to pick up any trash that was left on the floor or what not. SOOO i was kicked out at 11:30. Was only able to be there for 5 hours and 30 min. My friends party was ruined because we were not even given a chance to talk to everyone and arrange to move the party elsewhere. Lastly, was charged 571.00 without being informed..... Ethical business practice?

posted by chimac07 on Feb 9, 2010

This is the worst experience ever!

Rating: 2

My friends and I always wanted to eat at the Hotel ZAZA. So we had lunch there in December since we also wanted to see the Christmas decorations at the hotel. I ordered the club sandwich and my friend ordered the salmon. My club sandwich was just so-so, nothing outstanding for the price. My friend's salmon smelled "fishy" but she was too embarrassed to send it back. The service was awful - had to ask the waiter for the catsup, for the silverware. The patio where we ate was practically empty (does everyone in town except us know this place sucks) so I don't understand why we had to keep calling the waiter. Overall, the lunch menu is way overpriced for the mediocre food and service. This is not the worse part of this experience. The valet stole my handicap sticker that I use for my elderly mother's doctor appointments. When I found out about it later in the day and called the Hotel, I was told that the valet service employees are not Hotel ZAZA employees, this is a contract service. To me, it doesn't matter if they are the hotel's employees or not - someone is stealing - I'm sure if I had something expensive in my glove compartment that would have been stolen also. It's not over yet - my friend was sick all day after eating the salmon. Did I mention that I even generously tipped the valet guy – I could kick myself. At least I learned a lesson - ALWAYS put valuable items in my purse before I park valet at any facility.

posted by BeckyR on Jan 26, 2010

Luxury and Good Location!

Rating: 10

Hotel for the hip! Luxury for the under 40 crowd with a taste for the unusual. Great place to stay in Houston. Location is near museums and ...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 13, 2009


Rating: 2

VERY LOUD PARTY that the hotel is putting on. HORRIBLE!

posted by BRtiger on Jun 26, 2009

Romantic and perfect

Rating: 10

I spent my 2 year anniversary at Zaza... Surprised the man with the room and we had a wonderful, romantic getaway. Definitely recommend it!

posted by JC07 on May 28, 2009

Romantic and perfect

Rating: 10

I spent my 2 year anniversary at Zaza... Surprised the man with the room and we had a wonderful, romantic getaway. Definitely recommend it!

posted by JC07 on May 28, 2009

Funky, but worth the price?

Rating: 6

i stayed here a couple months ago when my fiance and i wanted to spend the weekend downtown. it was quite a neat hotel, but our particular standard room was small and was showing some wear and tear. the interior of our particular room did not really show the fun decorating of the public areas. in other words, if you are planning on staying in one of their dimmly-lit standard rooms then maybe zaza isn't the place for you!

posted by sand0615 on Apr 5, 2009

Not what I expected from a luxury hotel!

Rating: 4

We were there for my Mother's Wedding and relaxed by the pool all day. She reserved a room that opened to the pool which was great, but the decor was not my taste for a wedding night... There were 2 big fish for pillows and fish on the curtains! The glass shower was open to the room (not convenient for a bridal party to get ready in). What I didn't get was the lack of a ramp entrance into the hotel. I had to have strangers help me with my stroller each time we went inside! But the worst part of the stay was the valet service... The first time we asked for our car we sat outside for over 40 minutes! For the first 20 minutes we sat looking at our car keys waiting to be picked up by a valet and it took 20 more minutes for them to get the car! At the end of the night they didn't help my friends get a cab when they asked for one... instead they tried to flirt with them for an hour! (My friend ended up calling me to come pick them up at 3 in the morning!)

posted by maryjoyner on May 19, 2008

so much fun

Rating: 10

A few of my girlfriends and I stayed at hotel zaza over the weekend for my bachelorette weekend. It was perfect. The rooms were beautiful and perfect for us. We really enjoyed sitting on the balcony and enjoying the sites and weather , the beds are very comfortable, and the bathrooms were very nice. The best part was the pool. We picked Hotel Zaza because we heard it had a great pool. It's true. The pool is perfect and so was the pool side service. They were always asking us what we needed. The entire weekend was like that. The service was great. We plan on going back ver soon just for a weekend get away (even though we live down the road.)

posted by takegel on Mar 18, 2008

Needs MAJOR management overhaul --- and service staff needs hospitality classes!!!!!!!

Rating: 2

As a meeting planner and social events planner for clients including individual celebrities, Fortune 500 companies and major music festivals, I would not recommend Hotel ZaZa- Houston to any of my clients and friends. This is a new hotel with lots of potential...unfortunately they are still in the early management phases and haven't worked out all of the kinks yet. The service staff is horrendous and needs a SERIOUS course in hospitality and the General Management staff needs some definite leadership training. Several colleagues have now contacted me with horror stories ranging from a CEO of a major company being mistreated by the valet service, to a bridal party being completely degraded by the service staff (i.e. valet, registration, concierge, AGM). If I were an individual, planning an event --- I would certainly NOT use the hotel's services without having an experienced planner work for me as the middle-man. With boutique type hotels such as the ZaZa ---- there is a very fine line between eccentric and raunchy ---- unfortunately the current phase for this hotel seems to be turning to the raunchier of the social crowd. Give it a year and hopefully it will have cleaned up its image ---- or will be gone!

posted by houston212 on Jan 28, 2008

Stay ZaZa!

Rating: 10

ZaZa is THE place to stay in the Museum/Montrose district. Location is perfect for those who want to explore on foot. Staff are courteous, friendly and helpful. Great eats at the bar (sliders and wings)... Erica is the woman to help you out! The ambience is sassy and sophisticated. Comfortable stay. Will no doubt return.

posted by nightshift30 on Dec 30, 2007

Romantic, Beautiful, First Class Service!!!

Rating: 10

This place is BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL!!! My husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary last weekend and we chose Hotel ZaZa for it's atmospher. Prior to booking a suite the staff was courteous enough to allow me to see 2 suties (since the Moulin Rouge, which we were planning to stay in) was not available to view. I booked the Moulin Rouge suite site unseen and was very pleased with the accomodations upon check-in. The only thing that wasn't in the room as stated in the room description on their website was there was no 4 poster bed with drapes. But nonetheless, it was GORGEOUS!!! We were given complimentary champagne and chocolate covered strawberries in honor of our anniversary and when we returned to our room later that evening, our sheets had been turned down with chocolate kisses on the bed and candles lit through out. It was so romantic. The staff is as friendly as the hotel is beautiful! We were treated with such care and attention. We even received a personal call from the hotel manager wishing us a happy anniversary and that if we needed anything that we were to contact her directly. We were even given an anniversary card signed by the staff. How much more personal could you get?! We plan on making our get away nights to this hotel in the future, it was a terrific experience!!! I recommend this place to anyone looking for a refreshingly, beautifully decorated hotel, with superior customer service!!!

posted by astrickler on Nov 2, 2007

ZaZa - zoom!

Rating: 8

It's great to have a nice new hotel in the Museum District. You can walk from the hotel to just about all of the local attractions. You can eat at Monarch or walk to several nearby restaurants and bars. The theme rooms on the top floor are totally awesome. Seems like a good place to spot a celebrity or rockstar. Rooms are comfy and large.

posted by josh on Oct 31, 2007

Bad Customer Service at a Suite Price

Rating: 4

Some friends and I rented a suite for the night to plan a party and went to the spa the next morning. The service and staff at the spa was absolutely fabulous!! The night before we had appetizers and drinks at the bar and I found the service to be very very slow. We also asked for a late check since our spa services wouldn't be over until after the noon checkout time. Not only did there seem to be confusion among the staff at the front desk but we spoke to the hotel manager he was absolutely RUDE. We found out upon checkout that they were trying to get the suite ready because someone would be checking in at 3. The manager never even tried to give an explanation about our request...he was just simply RUDE and said he couldnt' accomodate us. To make it worse the manager had offered to send a bellman up at our checkout time to get our bags....we waited and waited....45 mins later we had to call downstairs to have the bellman come up which by the way was around the late checkout time we had orginally requested. So needless to say....we won't be going back because GOOD SERVICE is a must. I was very disappointed because it is a beautiful hotel and I assumed we would receive the great servce we are accustomed to in Houston.

posted by shawnhouston on Oct 1, 2007


Rating: 10

I stayed in the hotel and had the best time in a long time! The service was excellent. The decor was beautiful, the restaurant & bar was fun and had great food, and the spa was to die for, oh and lets not forget the pool!!!!!!! I wanted to stay longer, but reality time, ;). I will go here again just to get away from it all. Be prepared to have fun and relax. The rooms are beautiful!

posted by landa06 on Jul 26, 2007


Rating: 6


posted by katdoz01 on Jun 30, 2007

Best hotel restaurant ever!!!!!

Rating: 10

This is a great hotel. We stayed for 3 days & just loved it. We have stayed all over the world we love the driffrent look that Zaza offers. We loved the pool & spa & took advantage of both during our stay.The service was quick & gave us what we needed. Our room was was very nice & stylish. We loved the big plasma tv.The bathrooms are to die for in this place.Housekeeping did a great job of keeping our room spotless for 3 days. We ordered room service one day & loved it. We just had a chop salad & a cheese burger but both tasted very good & fresh. The Monarch restaurant will make this hotel. This place has the best food in Houston Hands down!!! The service still needs a little help but the food is worth it. If you go you have to try the Tuna Tacos & Halibut!!! In short we loved & will return very soon

posted by dinner123 on Jun 27, 2007

To Return

Rating: 6

I spent half the day at the ZaSpa but was able to get a glimpse of the Oasis and the lobby. Being in the Oasis felt like an out-of-town experience. The hotel looked gorgeous at first glance. For those who submitted reviews raving about the place, need to first experience it before you go oohing and aahing about the place. See me review on ZaSpa.

posted by lilygal on Jun 22, 2007

LOVED IT!!!!!!!!

Rating: 10

Loved it, there isn't anything I didn't like about it.... I was able to tour the hotel and it is truly magnificent! Can't wait to stay there and enjoy everything the hotel has to offer!

posted by lovetodine07 on May 30, 2007


Rating: 10

Oh my gosh! Best, most equisite hotel in Houston! I mean it. It is so beautiful. The rooms are amazing, the service is phenominal, the spa is to die for, and it's right in the middle of the theatre district!!! What more can you ask for? I WILL BE BACK!!!!!!!!!

posted by hardtoplease07 on May 16, 2007

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