Woodmark Hotel, Yacht Club & Spa

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1200 Carillon Pt

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Bin on the lake Wine Bar & Restaurant

Rating: 10

I love this place, nice wine, great view and lots of great memories. A must go in spring or after summer :)

posted by patrick138 on Sep 26, 2009

Best Customer Service!

Rating: 10

I love this Hotel and always enjoy staying here. The staff treat me wonderfully and always remember little details about my likes and dislikes which is such a nice touch! My doggy is welcomed and given treats too! You just can't beat the view here on Lake Washington so I always stay over here instead of downtown Bellevue, its way more serene and pretty. Every single member of staff down to the cool (female!) valet are incredibly polite and helpful. Highly recommended!

posted by jdoor on Mar 20, 2007

Beautiful setting, abysmal customer service.

Rating: 2

I wish I had more positive things to say about my stay at The Woodmark, because the setting is truly beautiful and the potential for a stellar experience is everywhere. I stayed at The Woodmark for a wedding on Labor Day weekend, and from the moment we approached the front desk upon our arrival, we received nothing but snobbery and condescension. They were unable to give us the room that we had reserved several months in advance (we requested 2 queen-sized beds), and instead said that they would send up a roll-out for us. Hours later, we called down to the front desk to inquire about the extra bed, and were told very rudely that it was not possible to accomodate us, because the room we were staying in was not large enough, and a roll-out would be considered a fire hazard. No apologies were made, no alternative arrangements were offered, and I find myself doubting that we would have heard from the front desk at all regarding the matter had we not followed up. We encountered the same condescension and rudeness during our breakfast at the hotel?s ?Waters Bistro.? It took 15-20 minutes for us to get our server to bring coffee to the table, and were treated like we were wasting his time. We also noticed that many of the guests around us were served promptly and received much more friendly service. Unfortunately, we left with the feeling that this is a hotel that prefers to cater only to older guests who appear to have a lot of money to burn. I filled out a comment card after our stay, hoping that they would at least acknowledge the problems that we experienced there ? but we never heard anything. Apparently, they didn?t care enough to respond. They appeared to take good care of my friend and his wedding arrangements, and that was really the most important thing about our trip, but we will never be returning to The Woodmark again.

posted by ckyelland on Feb 5, 2007

Nice luxury hotel

Rating: 8

This is a beautiful hotel on Lake Washinton. Rooms are very nice - spacious and clean! Great Sunday brunch. Very good service. Beautiful @ Christmas time!

posted by jags999 on Nov 4, 2006

Wonderful spa experience!

Rating: 10

The Spa at the Woodmark is one of the best spas in town. The location is gorgeous and the staff is impeccable. The facials and massages keep me coming back over and over. The atmosphere is relaxing, quiet, and friendly. The Exclusively Yours package is my favorite and my husband always knows to get it for me on my birthday.

posted by bcollins3 on Apr 19, 2006

My First Choice for an Eastside Hotel

Rating: 10

As a "Seattle local "I have had the pleasure to stay and eat at this hotel, and although I live up the street, I feel many miles away from home and worries. The service is superb, and the enviornment is beautiful and tranquil. This is a hotel for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

posted by Thomps on Jun 28, 2002

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