Wilshire Grand Hotel

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930 Wilshire Blvd

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Stay Away!!!!!

Rating: 2

Rooms are smaller than most places. Stains on the carpet and chairs. Sheets did not cover the bed. Bed was lumpy. The room stunk of deodorizer after the daily cleaning. I could understand every word of the couple in the next room. Bathrooms are small - door hits you in the knees if you are sitting on the toilet. Very little counter space in the bathroom - cleaning crew put my travel kit on top of the toilet. Parking costs an additional $30 per night. NO VENDING MACHINES. No coffee maker, refrigerator, microwave, or any other amenities. The few fast food eateries nearby closed at 3:00PM on Saturday. There was a Denny's with a limited menu about 4 streets away. The Hotel's restaurants are expensive. The only good thing was coffee bar in the morning, with coffee for less than $2. We had friends who had a rooms on the 14th floor. The rooms were the same size and amenities, but floors 14-16 had a private area for a free continental breakfast.

posted by jdrtlr on Feb 19, 2007

Nothing Grand About the Wilshire Grand (Except the Prices)

Rating: 2

My party tried to go to the Korean barbecue in the Grand for New Year's eve. We got our reservation with no problem, but that was about the only thing that the Grand was able to do right. The website indicates 3 hours of free parking for restaurant diners - this is false. The parking will cost at least $3, regardless of your dining status. Our intention was to have a drink at one of the other restaurant bars in the hotel before sitting down for dinner. After searching for a restaurant, with vague and rather nonchalant assistance from the staff, we found an Italian restaurant, which had a bar. As we entered the bar, a man in a suit told us that they were extremely busy and he didn't think anyone would be able to serve us, but you know, they might, so we could take our chances. Excuse me? Being thirsty suckers, we took seats in the EMPTY bar, where there were 3 people mixing drinks behind the counter. None of whom acknowledged our existence. We left and went back to the barbecue place where we had our reservation. We noticed a menu outside and took a look - WAY overpriced. $16 for fried dumplings. Fried dumplings! And a shill for the restaurant was working the crowd, whispering to people that it was fabulous and we wouldn't regret it if we spent our money there. Considering the rude service we'd already received, we decided to go elsewhere. Upon trying to claim our car, were told that since our parking wasn't validated by the restaurant, our parking wasn't free, nor was it the posted $3. We were in the parking garage for less than 20 minutes! He actually pointed to the sign outside his little valet window, and said "no grace period - that's what parking costs". We were hungry and mad, so rather than cause a scene, we paid $4 and left the Wilshire Grand. And went to Koreatown, where we had an amazing, properly priced barbecue dinner. Do not give this place your money - it's not appreciated and the customer service is nonexistent.

posted by rpsg on Jan 1, 2007

Gorgeous Hotel

Rating: 10

We entered this hotel and was in awe of the beauty and size of this property. Valet was efficient and fast. We stopped by the lounge to have a cocktail and the lounge and staff was very friendly. We had plans to attend a party that evening, getting into a cab that accomodated 4 of us had us concerned but the staff found us on within minutes of us walking out to the street. We were treated with the utmost respect and with courteous faces. We recommend this hotel highly.

posted by jaysbrneyedgirl on Nov 19, 2006

Center of It All!

Rating: 9

Great service great door men, great price! Hotel has 4 award winning restaurants and bar so you really don't even have to go out if you want too.

posted by paulwoodley on Oct 11, 2002

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