Westside Rentals Hollywood Hotel

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6364 Yucca St

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Great Little Place to stay in Hollywood

Rating: 10

Really liked it, nice quiet place in the heart of Hollywood. Easily accessible, very clean and accommodating. The staff was very nice & helpful. The manager helped me with my bags & the young man at the front was very friendly & helpful. Free coffee & wifi around the clock was a big plus for me. The building is locked after hours for security & the laundry facility is also a big plus. For a late night snack the availability of the vending machines really came in hand & everything literally was within 1-4 blocks from me. Dry cleaners, deli/grocery store, hair salon/barber & tons of restaurants. Would defo recommend & will defo return.

posted by tommyrt on Jan 20, 2010

I lived there before the inprovements

Rating: 10

When i lived there, the place was crawling with ghost. I experienced the sinister ghost in the basement, a sweet pregnant ghost, etc

posted by dntworry on Mar 21, 2009

Liked the location

Rating: 10

This westside rentals hotel is located at a superb location. Their was awesome view from the window of our room. Also , there were many cafe around the hotel , which gave us lot of options to hang around.

posted by jamiewalton on Mar 31, 2008

Great hotel

Rating: 10

Location of hotel is the most important thing that has impressed me a lot. Other than that is the services given by by hotel staff and cleanliness they maintain is just awesome . Also , rent for a day to stay there is lesser than the rent in any other nearby hotel ,,with same services.

posted by joeyhick on Mar 6, 2008

i love Westside Rentals' hotel

Rating: 10

Westside Rentals hotels seem to fill a nice niche in LA. They usually do weekly rentals and are priced just right. Many of my friends stay there when the first make the move to Cali and they find that it is the way to go.

posted by nealnoble on Feb 26, 2008

great location

Rating: 10

I liked mostly all the things about Westside Rentals , but of all i liked their location the most. View from the hotel window is great and so is the surrounding locations . I am planning to get an house through them ,after seeing their interest towards customers.

posted by maxglenn on Feb 19, 2008

liked it

Rating: 10

Definitely a nice break from a Motel 8 or some cheesy chain. Westside Rentals hotels (I stayed in the Hollywood one and rented out a beach one) have character!

posted by sallywall on Feb 12, 2008

I liked service of Westside Rentals.

Rating: 10

Its a decent hotel, with excellent location. There are lot of places near by hotel from where one can eat. Hotel size is bit small but rooms are very neat and clean. Also, I found manager quite humble and helpful person. I would love to go their again and again.

posted by hooverted on Feb 11, 2008

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