Westin New York Grand Central

Formerly the New York Helmsley

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212 E 42nd St

Partner Reviews: Westin New York Grand Central

A Rip Off

Rating: 4

The thermostat offered "on" (for boiling hot) and "off" (for merely uncomfortable). The carpet was fairly new, but was not attached to the floor at the baseboards. Showers were intolerable. The water cycled from scalding to ice cold with no touch of the knobs. The laptop connection was unpredictable. The television had the ubiquitos half-broken remote control, but substantially more irritating was the sound on the TV. Every 10 or 15 seconds the sound was unintelligible for about 5 more seconds. We called the TV service hotline, and the man at the other end said that it was probably a setting and that there was nothing to be done to fix it. Unannounced construction started in the next room bright and early on our last day, ensuring we had lots of time to pack up and get out.

posted by theloner on Dec 20, 2005

Time for a facelift

Rating: 3

Stayed at the Helmsley last week on business and the room was just tired. As I rode down on the elevator, I laughed with some other guests at how old the interiors looked. Time to spend some cash and replace the stale bedpreads and draperies at least. The roller shades don't cut it!

posted by sdavids on Apr 28, 2003

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