W Minneapolis

Opening August 13th.

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821 Marquette Ave
Minneapolis, MN, 55402-2886  United States

Partner Reviews: W Minneapolis

This last weekend :(

Rating: 4

To many other bars in downtown that are much better! not very welcome you are a number!

posted by Warren Thorsen on Dec 28, 2009

come on

Rating: 10

Give them a break. How many cool, hip hangouts does Minneapolis have. Only a stumble from Manny's, the W Bar is loud, packed and enjoyable. Reading their reviews,... the edgy hot folk they attract are also demanding.

posted by weiver on Sep 23, 2009

5 star food 0 star service

Rating: 2

My event at the W Hotel looked beautiful and the food was absolutely outstanding. Unfortunately service did not measure up. Upon arrival I was promptly introduced to my waiter. I was told to inform him of my needs. Frantically rushing around, he looked dazed, confused and completely preoccupied. It made me feel as if something was wrong or about to go wrong. Having some questions I tried to touch base with my waiter. Throughout my event every time I needed him he was not available. (This was incredibly frustrating) Eventually someone was gracious enough to retrieve him for me. It was at that time he approached me red faced and looking furious. He then acted very short and completely disregarded my questions. This event was quite costly and I feel it should have included respectful treatment and professionalism. If I wanted to tolerate behavior like this I would have stayed home with my teenage step children.

posted by sweeteat on Jan 7, 2009

Letch Service At Your Side

Rating: 4

I went to a party and The W must stand for Wow! What a swanky place, trendy yet decadent. Wait staff seemed nice but too flirtatious. Service was flippant, sloppy and inept. My server reeked of smoke. Ashtray appetizers anyone?

posted by DeltaSigmaHottie on Jan 4, 2009

Looking for a Fight? The W Hotel is the place!

Rating: 2

I was there last Thursday and some drunk guys came in. They started yelling, and I thought the Security Guards were going to pepper spray the hole place! Psycho! Who would have thought that a totally pretentious atmosphere would bring out the worst in people.

posted by MinneMe on Aug 30, 2008

The shoe doesn't fit

Rating: 4

It was cool in some ways, but it seems to be trying to hard. It was like everything was making a point of being ultra-sophisticated and trendy. The Foshay building has a timeless elegance that suits Manny's well, but the same can not be said of the W Hotel.

posted by Funpolis on Aug 30, 2008

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