W Hotel Los Angeles Westwood

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930 Hilgard Ave

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AKA: Westwood Marquis Hotel & Gardens

still a class act

Rating: 8

Still love the bars here and the hotel staff are great. Hate the valet charge, though. Try and find street parking at a meter nearby.

posted by weho333 on Dec 3, 2009

Great rooms!

Rating: 10

This hotel is amazing. The rooms are chic and very modern. Not only are the beds super comfotable but the lounge downstairs is great, too! Not only can you relax in the room but you can also go to the Blue Lounge and relax on a nice sofa and have a cocktail. Great place to go dancing on the weekends!

posted by DrivThruBandit10 on Nov 30, 2009

Spacy rooms and great location

Rating: 8

I've stayed here a few times when visiting LA friends and l've always had a good experience. The staff isn't as friendly as at some of th...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 2, 2009

Whatever, Whenever

Rating: 10

Have stayed there several times and The W always takes great care of their guests. The W stands for "whatever whenever" and they really mean it. Anything you could want, they can most likely take care of for you. After a concert one night they made an In-N-Out Burger run for us. AWESOME!!!

posted by DavidHaar on Apr 20, 2009


Rating: 10

Great place if your between 21 an 40 to hang out. 4

posted by comedyman21 on Jan 13, 2009

Great atmosphere, really unique events

Rating: 10

My friends and I have gone to the W's "Movies in th Backyard" on Sunday nights a couple of times, and I have to say I really enjoy the W. Great bar, great atmosphere, and what a cool idea to show movies out by the pool, definitely a great way to relax before the work week starts. I'd definitely recommend checking it out.

posted by kiercemartin on Jul 22, 2008

Love their beds

Rating: 10

They, by far, have the most comfortable beds. I was blown away. I'm a local in LA, and my husband & I just wanted a getaway for the night. We went & had a romantic dinner, then went back to the room. As soon as I put my head down on that bed...I didn't want to move or get out of it. I had the best night sleep. I actually slept in til 10am, which is a big deal for me, as I wake up at 6am every morning, no matter what. Would highly receommend this for anyoe wanting a great nights sleep!

posted by DaringDeidre on Jul 12, 2008

Worst Service of ANY Hotel I Have Ever Been In ...

Rating: 2

This is the worst hotel I have ever been to ... I rented a mega suite for NYE, but never made it in because they don't allow ANY alcohol to be brought in. This wasnt posted anywhere on the website or in the hotel, but they wouldnt allow us in after seeing it being unloaded. They also would not allow any guests other than the 4 sleeping in the room to visit on New Year's before the party, even though the suite was 1400 square feet and I had already asked this specifically on the phone. I had to argue for 30 minutes just to get my $1000 refunded by the same manager that I talked to when I rented the suite and told him I wanted a room large enough for a small and intimate new years gathering. I also got an earful of rude, age biased slurs and resistance from an over-compensating, uneducated, annoying, fat, security "guard". This was all after buying 8 tickets to the event at the hotel bar and being charged twice for the same drinks ($400 x2) Bottom line, the place is beautiful, but if you want any service, understanding or appreciation after spending that much money for a suite, try any of the other 100 hotels within 10 miles. Specifically, the Four Seasons or the Royal Palace of Westwood. I will NEVER stay at another W.

posted by willroland on Jan 2, 2008

Don't stay at the W

Rating: 2

Worst customer service out of any hotel I have ever stayed at. Super expensive and you get nothing for what you pay for.

posted by kat0523 on Jan 2, 2008

The Best Dog-Friendly Hotel & All-Around Best Hotel in Class

Rating: 10

I have never been disappointed by any W Hotel around the world. I don't care if they are faking it -- but they know how to take care of their dog-loving guests. Nearly every detail is taken care of from water bowls & treats near the taxi stand outside to the comfy dog beds and goodie bags given to the dogs. The best part is that every staff member from the front desk to the housekeepers all genuinely appear to love dogs and always have a friendly smile or petting session for your dogs. The dog-friendly part is just the cream on top. All Ws are beautiful. Modern, clean and always an inspiration for fans of contemporary design. Pay the little extra money -- it is definitely worth it! We have stayed at the Westin, Four Seasons and other luxury hotels -- this is by far the best. If traveling with our dogs, or without, we will never stay anywhere else.

posted by beautifulday78 on Sep 24, 2007

Cool scene even if it is out of the way

Rating: 8

W is in more of a business area or school with UCLA being around the corner, but the pool is great. At night there are all the bars and it is a nice scene. The rooms are their pretty standard ones but seem to be a bit larger in size to the ones I've stayed in NY.

posted by blrnyc on Nov 19, 2006


Rating: 8

Very good service- fast and friendly at the front desk. Rooms were quiet despite the hallway being loud. Very comfortable rooms. Great for the frequent traveler.

posted by cutiekatie on Aug 2, 2006


Rating: 10

I am a heavy traveler and have to say that the W Los Angeles is one of the best hotels I have stayed at in a long time. The staff is fantastic, very accommodating - from valet to management. The rooms are large and extremely comfortable - they ARE stylish and NOT outdated. I love the "Backyard", where you can eat/drink either in cabanas around the pool or at mosaic tables. I honestly don't know about the previous reviewer, but I am having a totally opposite experience. I will stay at the W every time I travel out to LA and highly recommend it to others.

posted by shannon333 on Apr 2, 2006


Rating: 2

All "style" no substance. The style is even outdated, many others do it better without trying so hard. They have become so wraped up in their "style" that they forgot service. Valet gave my rental car to another guest who ended up driving to San Fransisco with it. Room service took over an hour and was cold and not complete. A request for it to be remade was met with a blank stare. Rooms are clean but very worn, same with halls and general look of hotel. Elevators suck, bellman said they were thirty years old that thw W just did cosmetics when they bought the place. A/C did not work because whole hotel was in " heat mode". Director of rooms offered me more blank stares when I met with her about these items. No apologies. Have heard similar stories from friends and coworkers-stay away.

posted by pkarner on Mar 24, 2006


Rating: 10

Great hotel, great service, great location. The W is probably the best hotel I've stayed at in westwood. The staff is courteous and friend...

posted by Citysearch User on Sep 23, 2005

stuck up attitude

Rating: 4

they do validate parking FOR $20.00 not $4.00. all i wanna say is that W hotel in Los Angeles-Westwood it is a very stuck up place... would never visit again...

posted by liwangs on Aug 17, 2005

W for Wow

Rating: 10

I wish I could say that I've actually roomed here, but until that day I'll have to make do with the ambience I was able to enjoy during a bu...

posted by Citysearch User on Apr 18, 2005

User review from Citysearch

Rating: 10

This is a fabulous hotel with one of the best hotel bars in LA. I think they have just opened a new restaurant inside. The W Hotel in West...

posted by Citysearch User on Feb 3, 2005

Very nice place

Rating: 10

I stayed there all day on the 4th of july 2003 and spent the night there. I hang out at the pool all day with some friends and had a great time, very relaxing place and friendly people. Great place to people watch. The room was really nice and large with all the small things that counted. The bed was so soft and wonderful, over all great experience. You'll pay for it but get what you want.

posted by lordgop on Jan 22, 2004

Home Away from Home

Rating: 9

My favorite place to stay in LA when I'm in town. Love the quiet street with easy access to everything ... Beverly Hills, Sunset Blvd, Santa Monica, and more. Large rooms with one of the best beds in the business. Staff can be a bit pretentious, but will treat you well if you take the time to introduce yourself and use the manners your mother taught you.

posted by Anon_Anon_TC on Aug 23, 2002

W stands for "What's Customer Service?"

Rating: 1

I was a guest at the hotel and had friends that came to the hotel for dinner and drinks. They used the hotel valet during that visit only to be charged a ridiculous $20 for parking. When I questioned this I was told that b/c they were not guests of the hotel and another agency runs the valet service that the restaurant and bar could not validate the parking. When I tried to speak to the hotel manager, she didn't have "time to deal with the situation - read the sign". I should have gotten her name to notify corporate of how poor the representation this facility has and is giving the W a poor reputation overall - Is THIS the thanks that guests and visitors get for patronizing their services? Go somewhere else.

posted by nextgenesis15 on Aug 2, 2002


Rating: 8

The coolest hotel lobby in town (ofcourse after mondrian), with great food and a classy westside crowd. The drinks are pretty steep but the right place for a beautiful date.

posted by pknla on Jun 28, 2002


Rating: 2

During our 3 day stay: WOW!! They must be having a lot of "door key" problems. They sent us to a room, the key didn't fit. They put us in another room, 10 minutes later someone walked in on us. The next day the shower backed up so the plumber had to be called. He just happened to come during our "room service" ordered dinner. The third day the AC leaked which happened to be over our OPENED suitcase soaking all of our clothes. The manager offered to comp our dinner for the evening. Is that laughable!!?? The rooms seem dirty; the lounge even more. They rely ONLY on their location (which is great) and PAST reputation...they are not keeping their hotel up! I guess this is the typical "Screw you and just give me your money" Hollywood style. NO THANKS ANYMORE!!!!! This is a long time customer gone!!!

posted by elwood on Jun 26, 2002

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