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Part of life's rhythm is to be able to retreat when the workday's done. W Hoboken is just minutes from Manhattan and offers just the requisite mix of urban energy, restful scenery and local history.

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335 River St
Hoboken, NJ, 07030-5877  United States

Partner Reviews: W Hotel Hoboken

They Can't be Serious...

Rating: 2

Having stayed at W Hotels worldwide, I am so dissapointed with The W Hoboken. Where do I start...decor? The Livingroom lounge looks like IKEA on sale, Service? No servers in the LIVING room, but if you ask the "bartender" for anything off the cocktail menu he is completely clueless. OK for him considering they put an automatic 20% tip on your bill. Heads Up W...This isn't NYC 5 years ago...you're in Jersey in a recession...get over yourself

posted by MsHarry on Nov 28, 2009

Bliss Spa Saved the Day

Rating: 10

Stayed at the W which I cannot say was the best experience...But a day at Bliss took my worries away, far away. I was with Erika for massage and Sandy for a facial. They were Outstanding! Absolutely the best! Everyone has smiling faces...maybe it has to do with those delightful brownies (I asked...Carlos Bakery supplies them!) as opposed to crunchy carrot sticks. I cannot wait to go again. Thank you Bliss for letting me escape reality..Even if it was for just several hours!

posted by PuppyWalker on Jul 21, 2009

Fright Night at The W Hotel

Rating: 2

My girlfriend and I were asked to attend “Fight Night” at the W Hotel in Hoboken, New Jersey yesterday evening. The event was a fundraiser benefiting capital projects at the Hoboken University Medical Center Foundation. Rarely venturing into the Garden State for anything less than a Giants “Home” Game, we figured the W Hotel would not disappoint. Sadly, we were mistaken. I should have followed my instincts when our tickets said “Thurday” and “Thurdsday” as opposed to “Thursday, July 9th”. When we arrived, valet was $20 – comparable to some five diamond properties in Manhattan of which the W Hoboken is not. The valet seemed like common riff-raff recruited straight off the streets of Jersey City; not reassuring when you’re giving someone the keys to your M6, SL65 AMG, et cetera. I’d encourage members of this forum to park directly across the street at the indoor garage. So we enter the W Hotel – no Front Doorman in sight. There was no signage downstairs indicating where we were supposed to be so WE greeted the young lady at the Front Desk who indicated that our event was taking place upstairs. It was the worst display of poor planning I had ever seen in my life. At a W Hotel? Are you kidding? Tables flanked both sides of the common area – a textbook “no-no” when expecting a crowd of people and your corridor is tight to begin with. I would certainly be wary of using Banquet Services for any event here. The entire entry was congested. So much in fact, that we were denied entry by the obese African-American security guard who lacked in brains what he more than made up for in girth. He was extremely unprofessional and offered no explanation to individuals who had paid for tickets AND valet service. He seemed enraged as he drilled through a crowd of petite females that were in his way due to no fault of their own. Later, when his fellow co-worker knocked on the door, he flung it open using all his might with no regard to whomever was on the other side. He’s a ticking time bomb; a huge liability for a Starwood Hotel that presumes to cater to the upper echelon of guests. After missing the first bout due to an oversold event (tsk tsk organizers) and inadequate ballroom space, we decided to remove ourselves from the mob and go elsewhere until the chaos subsided. Having expected there to be a higher caliber of patrons, I was convinced I’d been victim to a practical joke. The barrio boys in the back along the wall offered the most comic relief – late 20’s and 30’s, early 40’s still wearing fitted baseball caps and baggy jeans. Hysterical! The Verdict Overall, an awful experience and a complete waste of money despite the good cause. It seems as though the W Hoboken relies heavily on its aesthetic of black lights, plexi vases and titanium Mac monitors while sacrificing the most basic fundamentals of hospitality management. Give me some time to observe the personnel and review policy – I’d turn that place around. In a nutshell, although the W Hoboken is still in its infancy, corporate needs to realize that unless they intervene soon the hotel won’t thrive in its adulthood.

posted by Labelina on Jul 10, 2009

ATTENTION: Review is NOT about the Hotel, but the Lounge

Rating: 2

My friend and I attempted to go to the hotel's lounge, only to wait in a line that wasn't moving, for over half hour, on a very cold, rainy night. The place was not packed inside so we didn't understand why the doorman was not allowing anyone to enter. As the line behind us grew, there was no update or even a reason for the hold up either. Eventually, everyone in line, which totaled to about 20-25 people, ended up leaving, including us. What a lame experience for a seemingly lame venue. Too bad we won't be returning to see if this place is worth the hype

posted by bhagee on Apr 13, 2009

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