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172 W Adams St

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Health Code Issues - Worst Hotel

Rating: 2

We had issues with bed b*&s - (insects Citysearch won't let me use the real word) and large insects in our guest rooms. I called the general manager's office twice and received no response. I also reported the incidents (yes, that's plural) to Starwood Headquarters and never heard from them either. I definitely had the feeling throughout my stay that the W decor theme of dark lighting was perfect for that property - it hides a multitude of sins.

posted by jsledeen on Jul 24, 2009

Swakky, Trendy & More

Rating: 6

This place REALLY is a hotel/nightclub. Rooms aren't very big but enough for me. Quite pricey. GReat martini's that come with a tin on the side which I absolutely love! & hot sangria? That was different. O yeah and granny apples =) Overall pretty cool place. But book your room through one of the other sites instead of callin in directly, you might get a better deal.

posted by MonC11 on Dec 9, 2008

Trendy Hotel

Rating: 8

The W Hotel is a great hotel in the Financial District with spacious and comfortable rooms and also has a couple bar areas that are very cro...

posted by Citysearch User on Oct 29, 2008

Better stay away

Rating: 2

I stayed for 5 days at the Downtown "W" hotel (on Adams St.) on my first trip to Chicago. I had very high expectations. Almost everything went wrong, from a tiny room (probably about the smallest i've ever been in), to a malfunctioning entertainment system, and more. While I know sometimes these things happen, what was most disheartening is the complete lack of care by management and hotel staff to my complaints. Let's just say that this was such a bad experience for me, that as a result I left the Starwood chain (Sheraton, W, etc.) and moved to the Marriott. There are so many great hotel in Chicago, why risk it with this one? I recommend staying away from this hotel - there'll always be others willing to overpay for so little in return...

posted by GilNiv on Oct 27, 2008

not worth the price.

Rating: 4

the room was really really small. like a european size room. the size of the bathroom was ridiculous - you had to contort your body just to brush your teeth! i got a wake up call at 4.45am that i never ordered (which probably means some poor soul didn't get their call!) and housekeeping knocked on my door despite the do not disturb sign. BUT.. the lobby is beautiful. the atmosphere is definately buzzing. and the little little creams and shampoos in the room were fabulous (provided by bliss spa). all in all - especially for the price - i was really disappointed.

posted by sabitasin on Apr 20, 2007

Very chic and upscale hotel

Rating: 10

I absolutely loved the ambiance of this hotel. Very chic and upscale clientel as well as decor. My boyfriend and I stayed here for a weekend getaway and it was lovely. 2 thumbs up!

posted by nichole1920 on Oct 25, 2006

Hip and Fun

Rating: 10

My husband and I stayed here for our 5th anniversary and we are coming back for our 6th! Hip, Urban, Sexy and Stylish! Great Bliss products in the bathroom. Complimentary champagne and chocolate stawberries for our anniversary! Thank you

posted by mightyquinn on Apr 1, 2006


Rating: 10

Stay at this hotel. Accommodations are really nice but a hair small has a wonderful modern feel to it opposed to the Americana feel that a lot of hotel have. The staff is a little bit COLD" are not super friendly but they are courteous enough to get you checked into the hotel. Room Service is 24hours a dayLove itComfort food mac and cheese YUM. Bellmen are really helpful and friendly. They leave you linen spray on your bed.its just the nice little things that make you feel like you are at home. The lobby is swank and pretty cool great place to have drinks and just hang outFantastic!

posted by bling76 on Feb 24, 2006

Something Different!

Rating: 8

Hotel is definitely for 20-early40-ish crowd. Stayed during the New Year's weekend. Walking in to the hotel is like walking into after work happy hour. The style is definitely gothic. The staff was helpful overall. Maybe "Cherish" had bad day when I tried to ask 4 info. on amenities and room preference 1 1/2 wks prior 2 our stay. Would I stay again? No but, it was nice to try something different!

posted by blubird821 on Jan 7, 2006

What a Trip!

Rating: 10

I was very pleased with choosing this hotel. I was concerned, given what I initially thought was too far, but I was wrong. It was only a few blocks away. We purchased the Yum or Yummy package, I don't remember, and it included a special dinner by the Chef just for my partner and I. You would also like the movie or video clips that are projected on certain parts of the architecture. It's hard to describe, but really cool at night when the lights are low. I highly recommend this place!

posted by angiess on Jul 8, 2004

Exceptional Atmosphere

Rating: 10

The W Chicago City Center was by far the best hotel experience I have had. Service by the attractive staff in Kenneth Cole uniforms was attentive and superb. Whiskey Blue was a wonderful scene. The decor was unlike any hotel I've visited (in a good way), and the CD playing each night when I entered my room was a great touch. I look forward to my next opportunity to stay at a W Hotel!

posted by atlguy on Jun 7, 2004

Stay at this place!

Rating: 10

If you want to stay at a hotel that has a lot going for it, stay at the W City Center downtown in the loop. It was a little pricey, but well worth it. The restaurant served a great fish dish that I wish I could get the recipe for! I found the people to be friendly and go out of their way to make me feel important. The lobby area has this great light show in the evening. I can't describe it, but it goes well with the hotel. Rooms were great!

posted by jawarren on May 23, 2004

Loved my stay

Rating: 10

This is a great, very cool hotel. This is a "can't miss" even if to stop by and look at the lobby area. W did a great job in turning this historic hotel in to a comfortable place to hang out. My friends and I stayed at this hotel over the weekend and found the area much quieter than expected. This part of the city seems to shut down after work is over! You have to walk a few blocks for shopping and food, but the El stop is right there. We got a good deal that even included a Starbuck's card for coffee! Gotta check it out!

posted by jjanssen on May 21, 2004

Great place to hang out!

Rating: 10

The W Hotel on Adams is a cool place to hang out after work. My friends and I go there every so often to drink at the bar and listen to music. I stayed there for an event last week and the rooms are just as cool as the rest of the hotel. Would highly recommend.

posted by mflockhart on May 17, 2004

Great Hotel!!

Rating: 10

One of the best hotels in the city!! Beautiful architecture and awesome lobby. Service is better than superb!

posted by tap24 on May 11, 2004

great hotel!

Rating: 10

My first time visiting the hotel, I was impressed with the interior design/and lobby. I couldn't believe that they a DJ was playing and people were drinking in the lobby. I felt underdressed and had to go upstairs to my hotel room to change.

posted by djrusch on Apr 28, 2004

Great Stay

Rating: 10

This is one of the best hotels to stay at in Chicago...especially if you are staying in the Loop. The lobby area is beautiful and it is so convenient to everything. I was not especially thrilled with their restaurant, but the bar was very hip. I stayed in a room on the 20th floor and had a pretty good view. The bed though, was to die for. It was so comfortable. They even use Aveda products in their bathrooms...very cool! There was a bellman that helped me a couple of times during my stay as well as the Concierge. They were exceptionally friendly. I would definately recommend this hotel!!

posted by msdreed on Apr 5, 2004

Cool, cool, cool

Rating: 10

Fantastic hotel! One of the best. Incredible lobby with cool and pretty people. Must try!

posted by djr17995 on Mar 30, 2004

My stay

Rating: 10

If you are looking for a top-notch hotel in the Loop, this is the place to stay. I travel in to Chicago 2-3 times per month and I used to stay at the W when I first started a couple of years ago. The staff has some service glitches early on, but something happened and they have really made up for it. I started checking out the other hotels in the Loop...The Allegro, Hotel 71, The Burnham...all the boutique hotels. I even recently tried the Hard Rock last month. None of them compare to this hotel. I have no plans to test out any more hotels. This is the place to be. The rewards program is worth it alone. Beds are great, food is great, people are great!

posted by markmey on Mar 20, 2004

Worth the $$

Rating: 10

Definately a great hotel and worth the $$! My fiance and I stayed over Valentine's weekend and they had a great event and cool, romantic package. Ask for the jelly bath!

posted by aljoab on Mar 14, 2004

Very cool!

Rating: 10

Great place to stay!! Good looking people hang out there and the bar is totally cool. Rooms are great.

posted by ejanssen on Mar 12, 2004

Biz in Chicago

Rating: 10

My company put me up at the W Hotel in the Loop and it was one of the best stays in a hotel that I have had. I was in Chicago for 6 weeks and I was skeptical when they wanted to put me in a hotel instead of a corporate apartment. However, the staff was great and they made sure I always had what I wanted or needed. The beds are way too comfortable and their lobby was the place to hang out after work. I would highly recommend and my company loves them!

posted by dbgoal on Mar 11, 2004

"W"onderful Experience!

Rating: 10

I really enjoyed my stay at the W Chicago City Center. The staff was very friendly and helpful from the moment I arrived through the time I left. I will definitely be back soon!

posted by rkm2231 on Mar 11, 2004

Go stay there! I'll return!

Rating: 10

What a cool hotel. Although the lobby is dark in the evening, it has a romantic feel. Beds are incredible and I love the AVEDA products. Service was very good and the architecture of the building is just incredible! We got a pretty good deal on the weekend.

posted by jck42 on Mar 10, 2004

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Re: W Chicago City Center

Scene here grooves at night, rooms are comfy and decent-sized. The West African lady from the cleaning staff warmed my heart. Breakfasts were superb. But the noise of the El train 18 stories below--forget it!

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