W Atlanta Buckhead

  • The W Atlanta Buckhead is located in Atlanta, Ga.
  • Adjacent to Lenox Square Mall
  • Five miles to Zoo Atlanta

Hotel Features.
  • Outdoor pool
  • Complimentary access to nearby fitness center
  • Milan Restaurant with al fresco dining

  • High speed Internet access
  • CD players
  • Cable television

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3377 Peachtree Rd Ne

Partner Reviews: W Atlanta Buckhead

too cool for school...

Rating: 10

you can always be sure to feel like a rockstar when you stay at the w. w in buckhead, doesnt let you down. from start to finish the w delivers... location perfect, staff helpful, and people watching is outstanding. even the free coffee in the market was good! dont stay there if you are insecure...could leave feeling awful- people are pretty! oh, and the rooms were comfy, trendy and immaculate. dont take room by THE LIFT- lots of noise in hallway through out the evening.

posted by lawrencevillemom on Aug 22, 2009

Style Over Substance

Rating: 4

What a disappointment! I certainly don't mind paying for quality, but that is not to be found at this hotel. My husband and I arrived on a Saturday afternoon and immediately went to the pool. The entire area was littered with plastic cups, beer cans, discarded towels, and even a nasty band-aid stuck to the side of the pool. Yuck! We met friends at Whiskey Blue for drinks and snacks. Our fries arrived cold, and when we pointed that out to the waitress she replied "They come from downstairs, not our kitchen," and reluctantly took them away. They were, howvever replaced with hot ones. As the night progressed and the rooftop got darker, we thought the lights would be turned on. They were all broken, which made it really interesting when it came time to reading the bill. We moved down to the lobby's "Living Room" for one more drink. It took a few different elevator rides as they were not all working properly. One of the servers walked past twice without speaking to us. When my husband went up to the bar he was told that the server would take our orders. Fifteen minutes later my husband again went to the bar as we still had not had our order taken. The other interesting aspect of lobby was the many seemingly "professional" women hanging around. We had breakfast at Market the next day. The food was decent, but again, service lax. Plates were not cleared, water was never offered, and the hostess could not have been more sour. It's not the worst hotel, but certainly not worth it for the money. Such forced "coolness" is tacky, and so are the crowds. While the front desk and room service staff were helpful and friendly, the rest of the servers were just plain awful.

posted by kchris320 on Jul 12, 2009

Would never come back

Rating: 4

I stayed in the W for a business trip recently, and was less than impressed. I had to wait for 5-10 minutes at the check in desk to be helped when I arrived, and when someone finally came to get my room checked in, they didn't even apologize for making me wait. The staff was not unhelpful, but their attitudes were condescending and snooty. The room was decorated in what was trying to be a trendy and fashionable way, but I found it over the top and visually jarring. The bathroom was very nice, though, and the toiletries were top of the line. The mandatory $30 per day valet was helpful and friendly. The bed was ok, not the most comfy but definitely high quality bedding. Overall I was dissapointed, I was expecting a modern and comfortable hotel but got an overly decorated and snooty hotel. (I usually stay in Ritz Carlton or others of that level, and this hotel surpassed them in snobbiness). The location is good, though it is hard to get in to the parking area from the street, lots of traffic.

posted by denversun on Feb 10, 2009

A Hip Living Room Hotel For Buckhead!

Rating: 10

During the recent Holiday '08 Shopping Season, we checked family members into the swank new W Hotel Buckhead. The Nobel Group has done a complete re-do of the old Crown Plaza. You would swear the hotel was built new from the ground up. It's not a large structure, and this is a perfect Boutique Hotel. The lobby is the Living Room. And what a room. A DJ, signature W Cocktails, and a beautiful staff to fulfill your every need. And the rooms, oh my Gawd! Jean-Georges brings his casual fare Market Restaurant to the hotel. At night, you feel like you are in a large lava lamp. Nibbles of Truffle Fontina Pizza, and the best Asian Glazed Beef Short Ribs we've every had. Top it off with a outside elevator ride up to Whiskey Blue, and you have a perfect nightcap. In fact, we are thinking about just booking a weekend for ourselves, even if we do live here in the city. Bravo!

posted by jaymaygm on Jan 14, 2009

A Crowning Experience

Rating: 8

From the moment we pulled up to the hotel we were treated with warmth and respect by the courteous staff who went out of their way to make us feel truly welcome. The rooms were contemporarily designed and very clean with crisp white bed sheets and comforters that couldn't hide dirt. I wasn't fearful about walking on the carpet barefooted (you know the feeling when you feel you're walking on germ land). On the bed we were greeted with a sleep CD, lavender spray, earplugs and sleep mask to ensure restful sleep. The hotel provides a free and generous continental breakfast of pastries, cereal, bagels, juices and coffee and a free happy hour in the evening of fine wines etc. and tasty hors d'oeuvres. This is the first hotel I look forward to returning to.

posted by gkny99 on Dec 30, 2004

Don't let the name fool you.

Rating: 10

I know what you're thinking. The "Crowne Plaza"? Why would I stay there when the Swissotel and Ritz are just around the corner? This property has the feel of a W Hotel. Small and stylish, and they cater to your every need. Courteous, empowered staff care. The rooms are well-appointed (wireless Internet, good-sized desk, etc.) and the restaurant puts most others to shame. You get the feeling that you're truly a guest at the CP, not just another fare. If you're looking for a great stay in Buckhead, this is it.

posted by tamtam2000 on Dec 3, 2002

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