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In the heart of the famed Las Vegas Strip, Tropicana Las Vegas is redefining the expectations of today’s global travelers with a $165 million Phase 1 transformation scheduled for substantial completion in December 2010. The South Beach inspired changes include new, best-in-class hotel rooms and suites, a new casino, 100,000 square feet of flexible meeting, catering and exhibit hall space, more than four acres of tropical pool area, new restaurants, bars, a new poker room, and a state-of-the-art race and sports book. Exceptional entertainment includes Brad Garrett’s Comedy Club and The Las Vegas Mob Experience, an interactive entertainment experience opening December 2010.

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3801 Las Vegas Blvd S

Partner Reviews: Tropicana Las Vegas

Extremely Friendly!

Rating: 10

I didn't stay at the Tropicana during my visit to Las Vegas but I did see several shows there. Out of all the places I did go [and I can't think of one I missed] Tropicana's staff was EXTREMELY helpful [without being prompted] and friendly. The attitude there will definitely bring me back. I also appreciate that the staff were actually dressed, unlike a lot of other resorts where women were dressed in next to nothing tackiness. Tropicana's employees were still a little risque, but classy at that. Also, props for hosting the BEST Cirque Du Soleil show. :)

posted by goamsil on Mar 11, 2010

The Staff and Hosts make All the Difference (Service, not Glamour, is Key for Regulars)

Rating: 4

After reading other reviews, I had to contribute the following. We stayed at the Trop every New Year's Eve (as well as other trips in-between) faithfully since about 1999. Although the hotel is dated, the holiday parties and service is great for regulars and moderate-high players. We loved it and were always comped across the board! However, when our host left in 2007, we heard nothing invites from the new host, no calls, nothing. I called him and he would say "Yep..don't worry..we're waiting for the room grid??," with no other calls. I found out where my prior host went- luckily, to the Harrah's system where I had minimal play. We contacted her....she set up a room immediately (with limo & show)....and we have been going since. Bottom line, if your a good and regular player, it is the host or staff that make the difference. We still do stop by to play (about an hour or so) because of a friendly-fun-bartender we visit- BUT, we like to keep most of our play where we the Flamingo.

posted by jamesgPhD on Dec 26, 2008


Rating: 2

Lame WHOREtel. One elevator a tower makes you wait in line for at least 5-10 minutes. The machines never pay out and the cocktail waitresses are rude. If you get a garden room you are screwed because the deafening sound of the pool party stage makes it unable to take a nap or simply relax, thank god we had a tower but the elevator problem kinda takes care of that. Its worth paying $20-$40 more to stay somewhere more decent and not infiltrated by prostitutes 24/7 scouring the casino floor.

posted by localdude on Aug 13, 2008

Good Value for Las Vegas Blvd.

Rating: 6

I booked this place on a weekend for the price and really wasn't expecting much, but I was pleasantly surprised! Yes, it is not that flashy but the location is great and we had a terrific view from our tower room (ask about upgrades at check-in, it was only another $20 per night for us to move from the motel-style rooms to the Island Tower). The pool looked nice but we didn't have time to check it out.

posted by bootsytown on Nov 8, 2007

watch out

Rating: 6

Trop has nice rooms with fabulous views but don't let them put you in the OLD motel-type rooms. They are from the 40's and they look it.

posted by LHEFFE on Nov 24, 2006

quite a bit older

Rating: 6

So if it's your first time in Vegas, you have to ride the strip at night once, stay up all night, eat at any buffet, and skip this place. The place is a bit older then most others on the strip and really doesn't have too much as far as anything exciting to talk about. The outside looks dated and the inside is not much to speak of either. Do yourself a favor and see something else.

posted by muranodiva on Nov 18, 2006

Great casino and rooms.

Rating: 10

The casino is very nice with a friendly staff. The rooms are a great value and the Tropicana is located in a convenient area.

posted by daasamis on Nov 14, 2006

Not my favorite

Rating: 6

The ceilngs were low and didn't smell real good, old cigarettes and air freshners. We walked in and out within 10 minutes.

posted by jackers8 on Nov 9, 2006

worst customer service ever

Rating: 2

I was promised a complementary waiver from the Casino Host, Doug, of up to $300 and I can just simply charge items to my room and after which he will pick up the tab. Therefore, I started charging several items to my room such as meals, cigarettes, and drinks to my room. Upon checking out, the staff suddenly told me that a few items such as tips, liquor and cigarettes, could not be complemented. No one ever told us that! On top of that, the $300 limit was not reached yet. Being confused like that, I called up my Host to find out why I was charged although I was promised an amount to be picked up. Guess what? He simply pushed responsibilities away and even told me, I guess you have never been complemented before so take this as a good learning experience. I was really really shocked that such things could come out from a Host who was supposed to make your stay at a hotel better instead of screwing it up. They do not even have the simple courage to admit their failure on their responsibility to inform their customer, and even spoke back with such words. The talk continued with Sr. Executive Casino Host (SECH). Wow, his attitude was far worse than his subordinate. Instead of finding a way to solve the issue amicably, he just stormed into the room asking for us n was glaring at me throughout the conversation and as each second passes, his tone raises with it. We do not need to tell you what items we will comp or not. It is not our responsibility. It is a priviledge given to you. There are so many hotel guests and you cant expect me to be telling every one of them. This is your fault for not asking in the first place. Those were his own words. I have never seen any hotel management with this type of service before. What?? You are complaining about a hotel guest? Welcome to the worlds best customer service. And the best part was that it was the SECH whom walked away first. Sounds like he had lost the conversation.

posted by valentinoarmourdos on Sep 16, 2006

feels like vegas

Rating: 10

if your looking for some pampering, decor, and fanciness, the tropicana may not be right for you, but to me it is my home away from home. the location couldn't be better, the room prices are affordable and it has the good old fashion feel of how las vegas should be. the swimming pool is huge and equiped with a blackjack table where you can swim up and play in the water. and the mirrors on the ceiling add just an extra touch of fun to sin city. If you want a lot of free drinks go to the bar and play quarter games while the bartender gives you anything you want. The staff always seems happy and helpful. if your in vegas for a spa treatment, go to the venetian, but if you're in vegas to party and gamble the tropicana is the place to be.

posted by hotkatchina on Sep 9, 2006

Repeat Tropicana Customer

Rating: 6

If you are looking for a top of the line casino with all the new bells and whistles this is not your place. But, if you're looking for a clean, decent place to nap in between gambling, drinking and shopping it's the best deal on the strip. Good location on the strip right at the monorail and the other newer more expensive hotels. We're planning our 4th trip in 3 years and haven't had a bad experience yet.

posted by nywilliams on Aug 24, 2005

Spa Tropicana

Rating: 4

I paid $300.00 for a terrible facial, a rushed and cold Body treatment, and a massage where i was talked to the entire time and called sweety and hun. I wouldnt reccoment this spa to anyone, not even soeone looking to kill time. They are rude and show no remorse to their mistakes. I have been in the spa industry for 5 years and this spa is no where near Vegas Standard.

posted by spagurl on Aug 2, 2005

Good Stay

Rating: 8

We had a fine stay, rooms were very nice for the price.(except the beds were very hard) . We had better luck gambling here last year, but (almost) all the staff we came in contact with were super friendly and helpful. The shows are good, the Calypso & Savanna are both really good. We plan to come back again.

posted by fergus354 on Mar 10, 2003

Nothing like the commercials AT ALL!

Rating: 1

Tacky, bad service, rude employees, crowded, small, SMOKEY! and OVERPRICED! Plus CASINO HOSTS BLATANTLY DECIEVE VIP's and INVITED GUESTS...they must know ya aint comin back and so they gouge you while they can

posted by Ju1244 on Jan 30, 2003


Rating: 2

As an individual who stays at a good number of hotels, I found the whole experience disappointing. I had one of the garden rooms, which was dark and not very clean. I found crumbs on the endtables and the sheets were not very clean. The rooms were dark and the view of the pool was not all that great. I will stay elsewhere the next time I'm in town.

posted by awc4 on Jan 12, 2003

Great location, great hotel

Rating: 9

It is a good price, the people are friendly, and you are in a great location. It was just as nice as some of the other hotels on the strip, and they have great entertainment, and restaurants. It is very "user friendly" for the first time guest as I was, easy to get around. And you are right in the middle of all of the other hotels, with more money to spend cause you got a good deal there. BUT there are no coffee pots in the room for you coffee drinkers! But there is BIG bathtubs!

posted by cclifton on Nov 22, 2002

GREAT value!

Rating: 10

Best value on the strip!!! The "garden rooms" are the most inexpensive and you can get a view of thier beautifull pool area, the best pool area in vegas! Gaming is so-so but EVERY hotel on the strip has the worst odds and "payout percentages" in town. Go to the "locals casinos" to gamble, stay at the Trop for the beautifull environment. Staff is very helpfull. We had a problem with a tour operator (NOT the hotels fault) and they went out of thier way to get us on another tour (which they certainly did not have to do).

posted by narzo on Sep 9, 2002


Rating: 3

I found a wonderful deal online and booked 2 rooms for a Sunday night stay. We stood in line for 1 HOUR to check in. They of course upgraded us to the tower (big mistake). My husband & I plus my 70+ year old Mom had to walk thru the casino to the towers... its a long walk for the elderly!. The room decor was nice. Rooms could have been vacumed better and walls cleaned up a bit. We only had 1 light that worked in our room, Housekeeping didn't even bother to respond to our request to fix it... Guess you get what you pay for when you get a special rate online.... We definitely will NOT stay there again. The blow dryer didn't work and we could only keep the iron for an hour.

posted by rnjchavez on Aug 5, 2002

User Reviews: Tropicana Las Vegas

Tropicana is a waste of money!

You get better quality from a containter of Tropicana Orange Juice than you do from the quality and service at this hotel in Las Vegas.

My boyfriend and I stayed here for our one yr anniversary, him never having been to Las Vegas before, this hotel looked like a great price for its location, being I booked last minute (literally) to everywhere we wanted to go.

When i arrived after the exhausting 16 hour drive, It took about 20 minutes to check in, I asked for upgrade on the room that I had booked online, and grateously they did this with no problem. "Additional $25 per night" she said for the Island Tower with a pool view on the 10th level.

Sounded Like a Deal! I Was WRONG!
We got into our room and the room was over all in "good appearance and nice" until I layed down on the bed, there were rips in the comfortfer, stains on sheets, and towels in the bathroom. Like any guest I contacted the front desk, and about 45 minutes later they gave me new items.

This is just the start, my intention was to stay there for 6 nights.. It was April and their POOL was not open, every other hotel in LV including the MGM and Excalibur right nextdoor has their pool open.. their excuse was is "it wasnt hot enough" Since when was 95 degrees during the day and 75 at night not hot enough to open the pool?

Anyway-- we were gambling that night in the hotel,   we are both in our late 20's and with proper photo I.D. my bf had ordered a JD and coke the cocktail waitress said that he didnt look of age even tho she asked for I.D. and refused to bring us any drinks. This is like 1:30a-2:00a. We complained to the hotel manaager and security which corrected the problem. The next night we had the same problem with this coctail waitress and everynight their after.

Anyhoo we decided to go to bed around 2:30 since it had been a long day. Well to my surprise the sound of VIOLENT fighting next door, bang, scream, yell, breaking of items. I called the front desk. They sent security up.. ohhh about 20-30 mins after. It quited down.

This realy pissed me off The next morning i woke up around 8:00am to a MAID knocking at my room door. She had knocked for about 10 mins on my room and woke me up because she had to "clean the room". I was really pissed off and marched down to the front desk complaining.

Hungry, i wanted room service... guess what? Yeah NO ROOM SERVICE after 10pm til 6am...
It's funny that shitty hotels have this in LV and in Reno,but not the Tropicana, disapointment. Their resturants in the hotel were not even open due to some problem they were having.

Low and Behold the same thing happened the next night, the fighting next door at 3am and the maid awaking us at 8am

Finally I Had HAD IT, by day 3 i complained to the front desk, demanding a refund for the remainder of my trip that I had already paid for, and a refund on the room upgrade and all services i had charged .. since the hotel or it's management had done nothing at all to even help or correct any situation, they didnt even offer to move me to another room or even upgrade my room to their "Jacuzzi Suite" since i have been inconvenienced and this was my Anniversary Getaway. I had to go through 3 different people and spend about an hour  complaining at the front desk before finally... Ms. Nicole Christiansen helped me and reveresed my charges and apologized sincerely. She even gave me a free comp for food for the next day which was nice, and a late check out.

I booked out of that hotel and LV all together because we were both pissed off and took my Rental SUV and headed to AZ for a resort getaway.

The tropicana hotel is a crock, if it takes numerous complaints, esp when physical violence is happening in the room next to you, and your maid service just helps themselves @ 8am, and your pool isnt open in April for "SPRING BREAK WEEK", and your cocktail staff is rude b/c she doesnt want to serve you, or their casino table manager takes 1 hr to get you a players card, No Room Service after 10pm.... This hotel is a waste of your money.

GRANTED it is cheap w/ $59 per night starting rate, but you get what you pay for I guess... I Do Not Recommend This Hotel and Casino AT ALL. I suggest you be a little more generous with your hotel money budget and go to the Luxor (across the street) or Excalibur which is about $20 more a night but better service.

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