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Rooms will finally open on June 1 at $305 CAD a night. Phew! Restaurants on-site will include a Scarpetta outpost from Chef Scott Conant; a 24-hour modern diner and a Wabora Sushi joint. There will also be a pool, a private screening room and a private rooftop lounge/club. Opening Summer 2009. Now opening in March 2010. It's been pushed back to May.

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550 Wellington St W

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Thompson Toronto Club- Really? You are the owner?!

I have visited Thompson Hotel Toronto night club, on August 18th 2012, to celebrate my birthday. When me and my group arrived at the front of the hotel, there was a line up. We had difficult time understanding how the line up worked and I did hear other people at the line up being very confused too. We figured there was no more space at the roof top lounge which I originally planed to have the party at. At this point, I wanted to take the option of downstairs club, but even for the club, I wasn't sure what the rule was to get in. I asked one of the bouncers that I am here to celebrate my birthday. A guy name Brad told us if we get a bottle service and spend $500 + he would get us in. Although, I knew the bottle service starts at around $280, we took the deal so we can enjoy our night. Despite the fact that we felt it was a rip off, we went downstairs and enjoyed each others company.

After an hour or so, we've notice that people were putting their purses and empty glasses on our table and seats. I told the waitress about the situation that my friends and I want to keep the area more private. The waitress polity told this lady to remove her belongings. However, later on, I see the same lady kept doing this again. At this point she was putting squeezed limes on my table. I have to say from then she was doing that on purpose. I spoke to her directly this time to keep her stuff out of my area. She got upset and started to say things like, she owns the place or that her friend owns the place. I told her I do not care because we had paid for the spot for the night. She goes over to her group on the dance floor and suddenly this one guy came up to me from that group. He told me that he is the owner and claims that it is just an empty glass and he does not understand why I am behaving the way I did. I told him that I do not care if he does or does not own the place. The fact that he told me that he owns the place and him behaving the way he did just not made any sense. I spoke to Brad or one of the bouncers and he told me this guy actually is the owner. The fact that the bouncer told me that he is actually the owner, I think he was assuming that I would be scared and stop complaining. I told him I'd like to speak to the manager. The manager of the bar came and said this "Rob or Ron" does own the place. I told the manager I do not care if "Rob or Ron" owns the place because we had paid for the table for the night.

Because of the fact that it was the owner not just one of the clients, I find that it is more of a big deal and really upsetting. I am sure if the person who picked a fight on us wasn't "Rob or Ron", the manager would have kicked them out. Instead of telling "Rob or Ron" what to do, the manager was just kept saying that he does understand my point of view but "Rob or Ron" actually is the owner so he can't do much about it. He wanted to offer us free shots and I said I do not want anymore drinks. Instead of the free drinks, I asked him what I exactly wanted. I said, I feel very uncomfortable here and my original plan was to have my party at the roof top lounge, so can you please find out if there is a space for us to go up there. I did not ask him to make room for me, I just asked him to find out if there is room. He said to me he can not do so because he does not have the authority.

First of all, I do not believe that was true. He would've just made a phone call or even go upstairs in person and find out. Second of all, as an owner, "Rob or Ron" shouldn't have picked a fight on us. He would've stopped the lady from behaving the way she did and apologized. Lastly, we shouldn't have been obligated to spend more than the actual bottle service price, but since we did we should have received a good customer service overall.

I am still very angry about how we were treated and not from one of the clients but from the owner. All we did was spending money at his business and was hoping to use full service of what we had paid. We did not pay for a ruined night to celebrate my birthday.

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