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210 Peachtree St

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pluses and minuses

Rating: 6

Friendly staff, great lobby. Like all westins, the beds are phenomenal! This one has a great view and is worth requesting a high floor. It can get super crowded on the weekends. There was a reunion going on when we stayed there, which resulted in lots of noise. The food was average in our opinion. Overall, we'd stay here again.

posted by ingridn12 on Feb 4, 2009


Rating: 10

This hotel is beautiful very spacious. On friday night's they have open bar were you can meet nice attractive woman.

posted by bcball123 on Aug 5, 2008

Beautiful Hotel

Rating: 10

This is a Beautiful Hotel. The location approximate to the city allows for a GREAT view from the higher leveled floors. I loved the setup of the rooms and the contemporary furniture, the large beds, and the overall service. I would definitely recommend this hotel to ANYONE visiting the atlanta area.

posted by meesh0202 on Jun 13, 2008

Very good place to stay

Rating: 10

Hy, My name is Dr William Boothe and I've stayed at The Westin Peachtree Plaza a couple of days and it's been really great. The people there are wonderfull and I can recommend this place to anyone.

posted by drwilliambootheinfo on May 29, 2008

Get away and relax your mind

Rating: 10

Peachtree Plaza Hotal offers my husband and I all we need in a get away retreat. The rooms are breath taking,the restaurant and dinner is the best with the most dramatic & romatic city view. It's a must for 1st vistors.

posted by janefonda1 on May 13, 2008

Windows wide open!

Rating: 8

My wife suprised me with a Valenitines day visit to th Westin. The view was great and the room was very clean. My wife and I did notice, that while clean, the room and its furnishing was just down right old. I did like the bed and the covers, but nothing in the room sold me or said this is luxury, except the view. Can't beat that!! While I recommend this location, I would chose a newer high-end location, if amenities are your thing. At the same time, you can't go wrong at the Westin. It is nice, but you can find better hotel forthe money. My wife says, "Too much money for the room you get". I agree, but I may go back. It's the view man. Oh yeah, you can go to the Sun Dial for an expensive, but quality meal in the morning or evening.

posted by ilovemywife on Mar 9, 2008


Rating: 4

We stayed at this location after a Prince concert. All I have to say is that the "heavenly bed" and the SunDial are the best items that this hotel has to offer. They need to do some serious renovations. I realize that this is an older hotel. However, this is suppose to be a great downtown ATL hotel. It is not. Don't waiste your money or your time.

posted by Freely on Mar 4, 2008

This place needs to REMODEL!

Rating: 2

Went there on a Saturday. Checked into room after long lines for Valet Parking and long lines at the check in desk only to find the room a disaster. It was very small and the carpet was a mess- burn holes, stains and pulls everywhere. The bathroom is tiny and has plastic cups- looks like a really cheap motel. The desk was warped and water stained and the tables had cup rings. There was a stain on the sofa. The view was excellent, but the room wasn't even close to worth the price. I called the front desk and was told that was what happened when you stay at an older hotel. We were allowed to try another room. It was on the other side of the hotel and up a different set of elevators- but the room was the same. Everything was stained and worn. We left and had to cancel our reservations at the Sun Dial- what a dissappointment. We had a big evening planned. Next time we'll stay somewhere else.

posted by Kayjenn on Feb 28, 2008

Disappointing Westin experience

Rating: 4

I'll start with the positive: the views ARE amazing. It's a very unique building from the lobby to the immense size of the hotel itself. It is very convenient to a lot of areas of interest (cabs are expensive b/c of the flat rate in the city though) Now let's get real: My fiance and I stayed at this Westin this weekend. We were sorely disappointed with the condition of the hotel and the lack of service from staff. Valet took a long every time we tried to get our car out ($22/night+tip). I even pulled my own luggage out of the car because he was too busy writing out our ticket to help me! Bar service was terrible. They do NOT maintain cleanliness throughout the shift and figure the night cleaning crew will take care of the mess. By midnight for a nightcap, the place looked like a kegger had happened. I ordered a Pellegrino and when I picked it up, the backside was coated with grenadine and other mystery stickiness. The second night my cocktail had a quarter-size piece of candle wax in it! He didn't apologize (at least he made another one and pushed it my way). Pricing was weird too, $9.75 for a Ketel w/soda and $8.25 for a dirty goose martini. Go figure. The bed was great, but the sheets were so starched it was uncomfortable. They had a tube tv instead of the flat screens. The bathroom had plastic disposable party cups (are you kidding me?!?). The bathroom itself is tiny as well. The floor we were on was in need of massive renovation. Wallpaper curled, FILTHY elevator doors, major stains on the carpet. We stayed at the Memphis Westin the week prior and it was impeccable and what I believe stands for the name. We have also stayed in San Diego and LA. Both were great. When you pay more to stay somewhere, the amenities and service should represent it. I will chose another hotel before I stay at this location again (perhaps Buckhead or the W).

posted by redhunniedt on Jan 20, 2008

Top Notch Service

Rating: 10

My stay in this hotel was very pleasurable and relaxing. The staff was always smiling and quick to respond to any needs I had. The ameniti...

posted by Citysearch User on Oct 21, 2007

Always a "Skyline Experience"

Rating: 8

For years the Westin Peachtree Plaza has been our "Getaway Weekend in Town", but that may change. We have enjoyed the exciting high rise and the spectacular views for years but the Hotel needs some "re-working"... With the new resorts around town they are having a tough time keeping up. The Sundial is "dingy and worn looking" and the prices are getting "too high" for the value returned.

posted by davidhgay on Sep 25, 2007

This Old Dame has seen better days!

Rating: 2

This Old Dame has seen better days! The rooms are dated. Nothing seems luxurious. Motor lobby made me wait 30 minutes and is one floor below the lobby, has no chairs and crowds you a small industrial feeling room. Where is the service!

posted by ma_the_meatloaf on Nov 20, 2006

Best City View

Rating: 8

This is the hotel to stay in for the best view of Atlanta. During the day you can see everything from Turner Field to a bird's eye view of the Aquarium to Buckhead. At night, the most amazing view of the city's skyline and all the lights. During my stay, I had a room facing North, which was so beautiful at night. Had dinner at the SunDial, the rotating restaurant at the top of the circular hotel. Also a great hotel to stay if you plan on walking around some of downtown - easy walking distance of Centennial Park, Hard Rock Cafe, the Tabernacle, Philips Arena and more. Definitely worth the trip!

posted by noldham79 on Nov 20, 2006

Awesome hotel

Rating: 10

This Westin is by far one of the best I've seen in Atlanta. The quality of the room matches to that of excellent service by the dedicated s...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 15, 2005

Nice Getaway!

Rating: 8

This was our second stay at the Westin. We got a great room rate and had a good view of North Atlanta on the 47th floor. While the room was a bit stuffy, otherwise it was very nice (if a little small). The SunDial was very good, as was breakfast in the cafe. The first time we stayed here the buffet was included with the room, so when it wasn't this time it seemed a bit expensive, but it wasn't too bad overall. Good service. Park at nearby parking deck though; for 6 bucks you can park overnight on the next block versus $20 overnight at the hotel. Main disappointment was a huge group arriving same night as us and a really REALLY loud party going on to be heard thruout lobby (not good music either!) But that aside it was a nice romantic getaway!

posted by laribrook on Sep 4, 2004

Westin is the best-inn.

Rating: 9

Beautiful views, trendy lobby setting, state of the art technology throughout hotel. Breakfast buffett was excellent (which was secretly picked up by the house for misunderstanding in price inclusions). Did not have a chance to get to the Sun Dial restaurant on the top floor, but will make it for New Years 2003. I will say that the room is not very big. However the street facing wall is a full view window of downtown ATL and at night it is an amazing view. Lay in bed with the lights off and you will see what I mean. The size of the room is not noticeable.

posted by daniel0192 on Nov 29, 2002

You have to have Charisma

Rating: 9

The Westin is a place for those with Charisma. They are not going to give you the best unless you persuede them to. The priceline shopper's that pay $40 for a room can expect the very worst they have. But if you pay a few extra bucks, we paid $69 cheapest they had available and talked the person behind the desk to upgrade us to a very high room. It was wonderful, the view cannot be top anywhere in atlanta. The room was very stylish and had plenty of atmosphere for our Valetine's Day. Have Drinks at the Sundial but don't pay a dime to go up. They try and charge you just to go but that is a crock. Just use good manners and a little personality and this place can be great!

posted by mdparrish21 on Nov 19, 2002

Too crowded

Rating: 5

I have stayed at the Westin several times over the years and have not had any bad experiences. Most of the time I have stayed there, it seemed as though there was a convention in town and the conventioneers were staying at the Westin. I do not recommend this hotel for a family, but for a place t stay one night...its okay.

posted by charliemac on Nov 18, 2002

Wonderful Weekend Escape

Rating: 10

The room was small, but well designed and decorated. The pool was great--made us feel like we were in a resort. The staff were friendly and professional. However, check-in and check-out process could be better managed.

posted by CaptainJoe on Nov 15, 2002

Very Romantic

Rating: 8

The hotel overall was very nice. The bathrooms are very very small. We purchased the Enchanted Evenng package, that included dinner and breakfast. The front desk forgot to give us the meal certificates and we had to call down 3 times to have them delivered, over a 3 1/2 hour period. That was uncalled for. The heavenly bed is indeed heavenly. The Sundial restaurant was awesome, especially our waiter Elgin. We sat next to a young couple during their proposal. Elgin treated them like they were his favorite regulars. He made the entire dinner the most memorable.

posted by tmoon33 on Nov 3, 2002

Great Hotel

Rating: 9

I treated my now ex-boyfriend to a night at the Peachtree Plaza for his birthday and had a great time at a really good price. The concierge were helpful and the valet earned a big tip for taking such good care of the car. I'd definitely recommend this hotel to people looking for a great hotel with fabulous views of downtown Atlanta. PS..the 'Heavenly Bed' is exactly that.

posted by e2283 on Oct 21, 2002

Restaurant overpriced

Rating: 7

I did not stay at the Westin, a fine hotel I'm sure. I did however eat at the Sundial. When I went to the top I got an unparalled view of Atlanta. Great observation point to view the city also. So keeping in mind that this review is ONLY for the reastaunt I must say that the food is overpriced. I'd liken this however, to Ruth Chris. The steak was tender, but I've had better for 1/2 the price to include sides, which this didn't. The food was presented nicely. If you go, I'd suggest the fillet. A nice reasturant w/ a nice view, but the price left me feeling somewhat empty. I will say that since you are also paying for the view, this somewhat makes up for the high price (rotating restaunt on hotel). Expect to pay at the extreem least, $100.00 per couple.

posted by cocopuf975 on Sep 2, 2002


Rating: 9

the Westin Peachtree is about about the Bed. and they were right by calling it the Heavenly bed, once you get into these beds it feel like you are in a heavenly place. the service is also great and i had a terrific weekend stay.

posted by greenfash on Aug 28, 2002


Rating: 8

Their ice cream has a certain kick that other ice cream parlors don't.

posted by kellkrewe on Aug 8, 2002

Horrible Customer Service

Rating: 8

The reservation specialist were so rude and gave me a horrible time booking a reservation. Someone needs to remind them that they need to leave the attitudes at the doore.

posted by ncolston on Jul 29, 2002

Hoosiers were Happy Here!

Rating: 10

I am a huge Indiana University Hoosiers basketball fan. This place was where we had our Alumni Association Pep Rallies and I can tell you this hotel is first class. What a spectacular building! I live here in Atlanta and I can tell you all of my friends from Indianapolis, Chicago, Bloomington and anywhere else they came from...they were all very impressed. Big group rooms and ball rooms were run to perfection... I would recommend this hotel to anyone who is having a large event in Atlanta!

posted by redmull50 on Jun 21, 2002

It is all about the bed

Rating: 8

To me the most important feature of any hotel is the bed. The Westin's "heavenly bed" does indeed live up to its name. If the gift shop sold one of those pillows I would have broken down and bought one. The service was great. They even brought me a welcome basket of snacks when I checked in. Overall, my two night stay there was fabulous.

posted by crystalpespi on Jun 13, 2002

Wow! Impressive

Rating: 10

I travel nationwide and this hotel was a pleasant surprise. This Westin is impressive with its sleek contemporary decor and spectactualr skyline views. The overall best feature was the room's "Heavenly" bed. I cannot adequately convey how luxurious their "Heavenly" beds are (2 goose/down comforters, 5 down pillows and a soft matteress.) I'm actually purchasing the bedding from their catalog to use at home! We also ate at the Sun Dial restaurant on the 72nd floor. The glass elevator ride up the side of the tower is not for the faint of heart but the rotating lounge and restaurant are well worth braving the ride. Expect dinner to run from $40 + up. Great steaks and enormous side dishes! Hotel is within 1-2 blocks to the subway (easy to use and clean) and various restaurants downtown. I highly recommend this for a couple's anniversary or weekend escape!

posted by iampicky on May 28, 2002

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