The Warwick Melrose Hotel

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3015 Oak Lawn Ave
DALLAS, TX, 75219  United States

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URGENT CALL FOR HELP!!  If you have stayed at the Warwick Hotel on Melrose in Dallas and had any problems with bugs please let me know.  I stayed there in November 2009 and was bitten three nights in a row. I shared that with the desk clerk and even showed them pictures of my bites.  I knew nothing about bedbugs at that time but certainly do now.  Sadly I unknowingly brought them home and have endured bites for months- at times over 70 bites on my body at once.I had the entire house baked; the bedroom re-baked and was forced to dispose of my king mattress, box spring, bed frame,headboard, footboard, nightstand, area rug, and all of my bedding. Since that time I have not been bitten for two months.  The hotel insists they have never had a bug problem in their hotel and that I brought them with me.  Theyalso claim that the bugs were in my suitcase, infested their room and then got back into my suitcase to go home with me.  I feel like Erin Brockovich going up against the big boys. If anyone has had a similar experience with the Warwick Hotel in Dallas, I would appreciate hearing from you!


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