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As one of the first grand hotels to combine luxurious elegance with a myriad of amenities and services, the Waldorf Astoria has been world renowned for over a century. With a reputation for unparalleled hospitality and service, the Art Deco landmark beckons New Yorkers and visitors alike. The legendary shops of Fifth and Madison Avenues are only minutes away, as are numerous art galleries and specialty shops. The hotel itself is home to some of the world's most luxurious boutiques. Since 1893, this name has epitomized the quintessential luxury hotel experience.

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301 Park Ave

Partner Reviews: The Waldorf Astoria

they billed us anyway

Rating: 2

We were all set to stay at this hotel when we had to cancel our plans. We called 4 days in advance to cancel, but they billed us anyway! They have a 24 hr cancellation policy, so 4 days is above and beyond. I'm disputing it with my credit card company. They had to cancel my old card, issue a new one, etc. Oh joy, thanks a lot Waldorf!

posted by princessellem on Nov 2, 2009

Great place!

Rating: 8

My boyfriend took me here on Valentine's Day as a surprise and it was just wonderful! There was a problem with our room at check-in and they upgraded us to a lovely suite. The room was big and very clean. The location is also perfect! You can walk to Grand Central and Fifth Avenue. It was especially great because my bf also proposed to me in our suite! He already made reservations for us to stay there next Valentine's Day in the same room and they couldn't have been nicer to him when he did that. Looking forward to next year!

posted by nic1194 on Feb 16, 2009

great, not perfect.

Rating: 8

yes, u can expect the luxury in the hotel (obviously), the suite rooms are magnificent, and has a fancy lobby. still, there could be some renovation done in the rooms. i understand that the property is old, but still, there can be touch-ups. the waldorf=towers is attached to the hotel and is double the price, but i would recommend staying at the towers if u got the bills, b/c in the astoria part of the hotel, there's only 24 floors, and might as well stay in a skyscraper when in NYC.

posted by ryo89harvard11 on Jan 25, 2009

Old World Elegance

Rating: 10

My now husband and I stayed at the Waldorf just a few months after dating and we fell in love there. The room was small but cozy and just right for two. I didn't get the key for the mini bar however and as with all hotels the snacks in the room are so overpriced it makes you heart hurt just to think to pay $5 for a small bag of M&M's! YIKES!!! The room service was fantastic! We left the hotel 3 different times in one day and each time we came back the bed was made the room was straightened! The end of the night the bed was turned down and chocolates were left on the pillows, fresh linens daily and the room was super clean! The breakfast we ordered, was delivered exactly at the time we selected on our card and was very nice but as a Chef there is no way I could ever charge $130 for two breakfast's that consisted of eggs and bacon with toast and juice! The staff was helpful and very nice, and for those of you who have reviewed the Waldorf and said the staff was snobby you are sorely mistaken but it is not a place where people go and wear sneakers and ripped jeans so if you are used to being dressed like this might I suggest you go to the howard johnson where that is acceptable. I wore jeans and sweaters, and the staff was just as nice as can be even let us check in 5 hours early with no extra charge.

posted by ChefRocksIt on Jan 18, 2009


Rating: 2

My 18 day stay at the Waldorf Astoria was the worst hotel stay in my life. The lobby is gorgeous, but everything begins and ends there. The hotel personnel are rude and curt. Everything at the hotel is over-priced and the room was filthy. When we arrived I had to ask to have the dirty carpet cleaned. It smelled and looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in ten years. From there the stay just went downhill. There was a leak in the ceiling over our toilet and a 3 foot hole in the ceiling. I asked repeatedly to have the hole repaired only to be lied to by hotel personnel. My 8 year old daughter and I were locked out of our hotel room by the hotel management. It was a frightening and very upsetting experience for both myself and my little girl. I have stayed at many 5 star hotels in the past and this hotel should be rated as a 1 star hotel. The 1 star they earn from me is the elegance of their lobby. After that expect your stay to go downhill.

posted by lynnandcarly on Dec 28, 2008

Excellent hotel, great value!

Rating: 10

I was apprehensive about staying at the Waldorf after reading the reviews on this site, especially since I got a very good rate for a Midtown hotel. The reservation confirmation had an advance check-in number to call when I was leaving the airport, so when I arrived I avoided the LONG line at the reception desk and went to a small office in the corner of the lobby. The room wasn't ready, but this was due to my having made two separate reservations and they wanted to give me a room that I could keep for the entire stay. I was given a one-bedroom suite - a huge living room with a (decorative) fireplace, a huge bedroom, a walk-in closet and another full-sized closet in the entry hall, and a small but spotless marble bathroom. Whenever I needed something, the staff were attentive, friendly, and fast. Housekeeping was fastidious and efficient; the bellmen were prompt. I mailed home a large box on my last day, and the gentleman from the "package room" came up immediately to pick it up when I called. I've stayed at the Ritz Central Park and the Essex House, and for the money I'd much rather stay at the Waldorf. None of the Waldorf's rooms have a truly exciting view, so you're not paying extra for it. Insider tip - the Starbucks just inside the Park Avenue entrance serves pastries baked by the hotel at reasonable prices.

posted by mapleleaves on May 29, 2007

A classy establishment

Rating: 10

Wonderful. I spent a snowy weekend here, and it was just like being in the movies. The service was a little slow because we were snowed in, but most of the time it was up to par. The architechture and history of this hotel make this most definately a typical new york experience. the waldorf salad is fantastic by the way. the rooms were good, make sure you get a good one, we switched from a smallish corner room to a bigger side room.

posted by radiancelee on Jul 18, 2006

The Original New York Luxury Hotel

Rating: 10

I stayed at the Waldorf in September 2003 and had a great stay. I came to the site shopping price. After reading the reviews, and those of other luxury hotels in the city-I remembered why I was so intent on staying at the Waldorf in the first place. It is like no place else. The hotel is so beautiful and a true architectual gem. And the service that I had received was nothing but outstanding. I have decided to go ahead and spend the extra money and stay at the Waldorf again. It is not contemporary or modern by any means, and is not meant to be. It is truely the epitome of classic travelling and old-world charm-rare for these days. The Waldorf is the kind of hotel that if you're lucky you get to stay at more than once in your life-and I'm looking forward to my second stay!

posted by mnbecker on Aug 25, 2004

Save Your Money

Rating: 4

The Waldorf is beautiful and it has great historical value to it, however it is NOT worth the money to stay there. Save your money, and stay at HoJo's in Time's Square.

posted by justsomeone00 on Jan 29, 2004

Wonderful hotel

Rating: 10

This hotel is one of the most beautiful I have seen! Yes, it is a little expensive, but worth it considering the size of the rooms and the bathrooms! Definitely stay here if you get a chance!! The beds and pillows are luxurious.

posted by pdibrell on Oct 27, 2003

The Dame's A Little Weary, But Worth It

Rating: 8

I had an enjoyable stay here. It is almost unparalleled for "old world" elegance; even today's chic, top hotels don't have the beauty that hotels like this have. I thought the check-in line was unnecessarily long, but it moved quickly. Could use better toiletries and softer towels. The beds were very comfortable. And for the price ($199 per night), it's tough to find such comfortable digs in NYC.

posted by aschie on Sep 30, 2003

overpriced snobbery and poor service

Rating: 5

We had been looking forward to our vacation to New York for nine months. We were particularly excited about staying at The Waldorf due to it's history and reputation as a landmark of elegance. When we arrived at 3:30 p.m. (30 minutes after posted check in time) our room was not ready. We had been on a flight for 6 hours and braved thunderstorms only to wait an additional hour and a half for our room. It was just the beginning of the poor and extremely slow service at this hotel. Expect to wait on hold for 30 minutes to get robes, extra towels or coffee. Unless you are staying in a very expensive suite the service is worse than that of a Motel 6. The room was extremely small and housekeeping was atrocious. I cannot recommend this hotel. Do not Stay at the Waldorf.

posted by johnnieweddell on Jul 11, 2003

Early Check-Out, Like it or not!

Rating: 2

Great Hotel, but expect to feel like they're running you out on your last day! On check out day...The maid started at 9am and three times tried to enter our room. Expect someone to barge in at 10am to check your "mini bar" and then ask (rudely) "What time are you checking out?" Expect a rude baggage clerk, who could not be found (we suspect he was napping back in a corner somewhere and we woke him!) All in all, it was okay, but not very good in service and niceness of the employees. They even spoiled the suprise for my wifes birthday by leaving a msg on my home answering machine after we discussed it! The Manager seemed indifferent when I told her of these problems upon checkout. They seemed to know little about their package deals. I had to ask for everything due us on the "Shoppers Package"

posted by Timothy on Jun 12, 2003

A Magical Week

Rating: 9

Our little girls loved the walk-in closet, the wonderfully soft beds, playing in the ballroom, Megan, the consierge, and the extra-chocolate in their chocolate milk every morning! My husband and I loved the large marble bathroom with deep tub and the fresh-squeezed OJ and pastries! We had a magical week in NYC and found the Waldorf to be warm and wonderful and very kid friendly!

posted by metzrus4 on Apr 19, 2003

Love this place!

Rating: 10

I stayed here with a friend last fall and thought it was fabulous! We got a free upgrade our first night (we didn't even have to ask) and the room was awesome, and although the room we had the second night wasn't as big or as lovely, it was still comfortable and clean. We loved the service and definitely recommend hanging out in the lobby or grabbing a drink in Sir Harry's Bar - both are great places to relax and people-watch!

posted by carisue on Jan 24, 2003


Rating: 10

I had a great time, There was nothing I would have changed.

posted by japostoli on Jan 22, 2003

A Dream at a Discount

Rating: 8

My husband and I stayed for a few days on our honeymoon and got our room through a discount web site. We were "upgraded" when they found out we were just married. The service was wonderful, the bed was really comfortable, and the room service menu was good for more than a few laughs. It was a good choice for a honeymoon because the rooms are very quiet. In summary, if you can get a room at a good discount, it's worth it just to say you've been.

posted by scg200 on Dec 4, 2002

Small Rooms!

Rating: 1

Stayed here for the name. What a disapointment. Room was really small and nothing out of the ordinary. Staff and service were great though. Spend your money elsewhere!!!

posted by afoster on Sep 30, 2002

You must be kidding me!

Rating: 5

The legend must be dead - we arrived there to find ourselves in a small and mouldy room. Where is luxury and class ????

posted by mnli on Aug 16, 2002

Fantasy come true!

Rating: 10

The staff from the garage, to the front lobby to the service staff - all excellent. The rooms always a lovely treat. The executive management staff a delight! The atmosphere fanciful and gracious. The rooms are comfortable and restful. Have returned many times and will continue to do so!

posted by dallastexas on Aug 11, 2002

"When Only The Best Will Do"

Rating: 10

Ray Gaither Fisher Brittany Consultants From the moment I entered every staff person I met was excellent in every way. The rooms, designed for KINGS and the service outstanding. Ah, but my best place in the Hotel was downstairs at Oscars. Great food and again outstanding service esp. from Juan and Sue. This Hotel is not for everyone but for those who enjoy only the very best, this is it.

posted by rgny on Aug 2, 2002


Rating: 4

My friend got the same room as my company did on priceline for $ 139, while my rate was $ 359. The bathrooms are huge, but the place needs to renovate and bring in some new furnitures and bath-tubs and all, especially when hilton is charging this rate.

posted by dmychan on Jul 30, 2002

Luxurious, Warm and Inviting

Rating: 10

The staff of this hotel cares deeply about the guests. Stay a night and youll see. Better yet, stay for a week. Smiling doormen, bellmen, and especially concierge. The concierge Brian planned our entire 4-day stay, complete with a bottle of complementary Waldorf=Astoria champagne and chocolates in the evening of our first night. Last time we stayed (winter of 2001), our room was a bit on the small side and the TV was a bit out-of-date. But things have changed. We asked at reception and the young lady proudly said that the hotel purchased new amenities for all rooms. She was right. Our room had a Bose CD Wave radio at the bedside and a massive TV (about 32) with large speakers. Even the beds are fitted with Frette sheets (super-high thread count).

posted by Chris630 on Jul 14, 2002

All Hype!

Rating: 5

I stayed at the Waldorf this weekend. I was very disapointed with the rooms. I wanted to stay at somewhere trendy but decided to go "old school". I'll never do that again. The room was very small (I know to expect that in NY) and it wasn't clean (clipped toe nails on the floor). I have to say that the bed was very comfortable though. The lobby is amazing and the service is excellent but I would never stay there again.

posted by christita on Jun 10, 2002

truly disappointing

Rating: 5

Just got back today from my stay at The Waldorf. The lobby is beautiful and the concierge was kind and helpful. Other than that, I was disappointed with the hotel. The staff was unable to place me in the type of room I initially booked, which sadly placed my buddy on a rollaway bed for the next 3 days because we didn't want to bump legs on a queen bed! The front desk person couldn't accomadate me with a double bed room which is what i had booked thru a travel agent. When I received the bill, they charged me for the rollaway bed! I called and questioned the bill and the person started arguing with me! Can you believe that? Also, the rooms are pretty damn small for such a classy hotel. Needless to say, next time I will try the Plaza! Flagship Hilton hotel??????? $17 peanutbutter/jelly sandwich?

posted by CUBANSKYS on May 27, 2002

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