The W Boston Hotel

From the hotel:

The W Boston makes its dramatic entrance into the fashionable and storied theatre district, an icon of contemporary sophistication where culture, shopping and nightlife buzz amid cobblestones and a Victorian landscape.

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100 Stuart St
Boston, MA, 02116-4715  United States

Partner Reviews: The W Boston Hotel

Horrible corporate sales group

Rating: 4

Wanted to rent my loft out, buy a new spot in the W Boston, had made contacts with the rep's two years ago, and then waited till it was finished recently. I then made another attempt to get a walk through and put a deposit on a layout or space i liked, but no one returned my emails/calls, and I had checked back 2 or 3 times. Had the cash ready to go, really a joke, as people have been begging one like me with interest to buy property right now to look at their real estate, and the W just leaves me chuckling.

posted by BostonSon on Mar 29, 2010

Market restaurant

Rating: 2

The first week W Hotel was open in our neighborhood we were so excited and couldn’t wait to have dinner at famous Jean George’s “Market.” We promised ourselves not to be disappointed if our first experience wasn’t great, since many things can go wrong when new business opens. However, we had the best time! Food was spectacular, service was outstanding, and atmosphere was wonderful. This weekend we decided to repeat our experience and made a reservation. When we were entering the outer door of the restaurant a big unfriendly security guy rushed to us and closed the doors in front of us. I was trying to explain to him that we had a dinner reservation. Big guy got closer to me and yelled in my face 4 words – name, time of reservation; then he stepped back inside to check on our reservation. We waited outside for a couple minutes until the big guy came back and let us in without saying anything. Unfortunately, we weren’t lucky enough. We were a little late and just missed the 15 minute window that Market holds reservations so the hostess said she cannot help us tonight. I looked around and saw at least 5 open tables in the room, so I asked for a manager. He came over and nicely promised to sit us in 10-15 minutes. We felt horrible, we never complain and never ask manager to help us solve the problem… if we are not happy, usually we leave, since there are many nice restaurants in Boston. Well, that night I thought if we leave, we won’t come back any time soon. So we decided to forget about the rocky start and just have a good time. While we were waiting for our table the same big security guy was walking back and forth and we were definitely on his way. In order to get away from Mr. Security I proposed we get a drink at the bar while we wait for the table. The big guy followed us and pointed to the exit. He was rude, very big and very important. We gave up and left. The security guy spoiled the experience at Market, and I’m pretty sure we weren’t only people who he treated poorly. Needless to say we are not going back. I thought we were going to the nice restaurant; instead it felt like we were battling the velvet rope, bouncer and icy front desk of a nightclub.

posted by OlgaA on Nov 22, 2009

User Reviews: The W Boston Hotel

Stayed here

First week of November.  Nice and new, but no real room innovation here.

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