The Standard NYC

Andre Balazs chain hotel opened in the Meatpacking district's Highline in late 2008 and it hasn't looked back since.

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40 Little West 12th St

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my thoughts are only limited to what I know

i live here in NYC and have not stayed at the Standard, and I hear the restaurant is great, and I'll defer to the other reviewers good or bad....

BUT, i'm sorry this is one ugly hotel from the outside....looking at it from Christopher Street Pier, I truly thought it was a project or a prison (the flatness of the sides, the curtains every which way) and I was kinda stunned that this was supposed to be the new next thing....from where i was sitting, it looked like a building from the 60s waiting to be razed.....and it doesn't look any better today than two years ago.....but of course you'll be in the Meatpacking! District! (oh, for the days when the Meatpacking Distrct was tranny hookers, late night sex clubs, and (real) slaps of beef....

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