The Standard Hotel LA

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The hotel features a floor to ceiling shag carpeted lobby lounge, live dj at the front desk and live performance art. The hotel is also home to Rudys Barbershop, a poolside desert cafe and a 24 hour restaurant with the best international comfort food around.

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8300 W Sunset Blvd

Partner Reviews: The Standard Hotel LA

Don't expect anything special!

Rating: 4

Just looked old and dingy. looks like they tried to distract you away from the old dinginess with a cheap art deco look (like my bright orange tiled bathroom and a cheap little teardrop beanbag in the corner)... my favorite though was how there was no heat or a/c control, only a "fan control" with a knob... hope you dont go in on a chilly night like i did b/c only cold air was a blowin'! wtf? only stayed one night. went to the holiday inn express for half the price and was waaaaaay nicer and cleaner and by hollywood blvd..

posted by streetsofilladelphia on Nov 25, 2009

Standard Hotel Hollywood - HORRIBLE

Rating: 2

Worst hotel experience I've ever had. The staff was rude, the "suite" I stayed in was an overpriced excuse for a cheap motel room, and the pool/nightclub scene sucked. Daytime manager Kristen was rude and unprofessional and general manager Jordan was even worse. Don't waste your time or money on this dump.

posted by tracibeach on Aug 2, 2009

4th of july at the Standard

Rating: 2

My friends and I tried to go to the 4th of July event at the Standard suggested on Citysearch. We found ourselves turned away from the door because it was a private party. If there was a guest list the Citysearch article should have mentioned it. Since the girl did not have a guest list and did not ask us what our names were to see if we were on the list i found this hard to believe. My friends and I happily left but not without mentioning the Citysearch article, to which the staff replied that they had never heard of the site. Overall, it was an insulting experience and my interest in hanging out at that place has greatly decreased.

posted by pspy768 on Jul 5, 2009

4th of July

Rating: 2

tried to hit-up their 4th of july pool-side bbq that was publicized on citysearch. tried to get in but staff said it was for guests only. wouldn't have minded as much if it wasn't for the staff being uptight and pretentious about it.

posted by RHdsn on Jul 5, 2009


Rating: 6

this standard hotel is okay. I think the one downtown is a lot nicer and the bar area is better because it is on the rooftop.

posted by liltamby5 on Jan 23, 2009

Fantastic Rates

Rating: 10

I could not believe a Sunset strip hotel could be this reasonable, the location is right in the middle of everything

posted by troywarkentin on Jan 5, 2009

Great Place

Rating: 8

Love this place for hanging out with friends. I can actually hear them and am able to converse with them while hanging out in a cool place.

posted by AW2001 on Dec 27, 2008

Tres Chique

Rating: 10

Love the lobby area, very attractive staff, good dj spinning tunes, decent food in the coffee shop. Have not been to the club yet, hear that Thursday nights are good though.

posted by troykent on Oct 15, 2008

For the poseur in you: over blown and embarassingly trendy

Rating: 4

Given all the hype, I was very let down by my stay at The Standard. The rooms were tiny, the beds uncomfortable, & the miniscule bathroom left a lot to be desired. I was promised a handicapped accessible room away from the road but when I arrived, a snafu placed me in a non-accessible room facing the very noisy Sunset Strip. I was also stunned to find that my room did not have it's own A/C system, & as an extremely hot-blooded person I was quite upset. The staff explained that during the autumn, the nights are cool & suggested I open a window. I did, but the noise became unbearable & it came down to a choice between being too hot or putting up with the noise. Even though I was exhausted, I finally went out & bought a fan so I could close the window & get some sleep. The lobby/bar area is nice enough & I liked the space-age theme (they have round, plastic hanging chairs you can sit & swing in) & the mood lighting is a nice touch. The drinks are fairly priced, but something about the place seems like they are trying too hard to be cool. In my experience, when you're too cool you quickly become passe. As for celeb-sightings, I've seen more celebrities at The Beverly Hills Hotel and Chateau Marmont than here. Perhaps the glitterati realizes what I do: that the "'latest hot-spot" usually becomes the latest "not-stop". All you're likely to find here are C-Listers & wannabes trying to look cool. Oh & by C-List I mean people Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt wouldn't hang out with. Think about that. If what you're looking for is a too-trendy, boutique hotel with lots of loud drunk partying then this is the place for you. If not, then do yourself a favor & head over to Chateau Marmont. It's on the Strip, so the partier in you can find all the fun you want, but it's also much nicer, much classier, & a lot more relaxing. I don't know about anyone else, but as much as I want my hotel to be fun, I also want it to be restful. And that is not something the Standard can offer.

posted by fairylights on Aug 10, 2008


Rating: 8

The atmosphere of The Standard is top notch and my favorite part was the incredibly comfortable king bed in the Sunset room. On top of that, I got a deal for $199 at their website.

posted by dotcom150 on May 12, 2008

Great first impression

Rating: 8

Went to the Purple Lounge inside The Standard last night and was really impressed. I had never been inside the somewhat hidden club or the hotel until last night. Great drink selections, especially the Junior Mintini. I love drinks like that! The hotel has a great vibe and I will recommend it to my friends from out of town looking for a cool hotel in LA.

posted by thedoublem on Feb 28, 2008

Good value and right on the strip

Rating: 8

I was pleasantly surprised staying at the Standard. Customer service was fantastic (outside of one rude pool-side server). We were able to get a decent price on the room and really enjoyed the stay. The rooms are "bare-bones chic." Don't expect fancy hand towels and designer lotions. If you want to stay on the Strip and look up at the Hollywood Hills you can't beat this place. Right near everything. If you get disillusioned with the whole rudeness that exudes in Hollywood, walk across the street to the Saddle Ranch and enjoy their laid-back, amazingly friendly service and food.

posted by coltsfan1977 on Oct 29, 2007

A Nice Sandwich...

Rating: 8

Go for the BaLT, stay for the chicks... I'l say it again - go for the BaLT, stay for the chicks.

posted by jo_se on Oct 10, 2007

Not worth the money - bad service, noisy

Rating: 2

We live in LA and stayed here on our wedding night. The room felt like a cheap dorm room. It was pretty loud til after 2 am (on a Sunday night!) Earlier we tried to get a drink, and the restaurant service was terrible - as we were waiting, we had two groups of people tell us to leave cause it "wasn't worth the wait" and was "overrated". We tried to get a drink in the lounge, and had to complain twice to get a waitress. We heard other guests complaining about getting a drink too. I've never stayed at a hotel where you're paying over $200 and the service is so awful. There are so many better places to stay and even better places to hang out on Sunset, so don't waste your time or money here.

posted by skuishee on Jun 30, 2007

Can not believe the way I was treated...Standard insanity

Rating: 2

I went to hang at the pool on Sunday and it was pretty much what I expected. It was posh, the food was not bad (fruit pl[ate was fresh, granola was good), and the service was pretty damn good. The scene was alright too - lots of beautiful people lurking with great bods, and a DJ spinning some good tunes and beats. The music did get a little loud for my tastes in the late afternoon. It would have been a fine or even great day if the valets who brought my car around were not insane. Now, Im not one too get upset over a small problem, or even take the time to write about it somewhere. However, what took place was so ridiculous - insane even - that I felt compelled. One of my friends who left a few minutes before me accidently took my valet ticket off the table instead of his. He turned it in and when they brought my car around, they realized the mishap that occurred. Thereafter, I came outside and they told me that I had to pay full price ($20) for the valet parking becuase I didn't have my valet ticket - they did. Realizing the absolute idiocy of what the morons were explaining to me, I asked to speak to a manager. When I was able to speak to someone (some fragile asian guy - wish I could remember his name), he finally told me to that I was out of luck. To recap: I didn't have my validated valet ticket because they received it mistakenly 5 minutes before I got out there from my friend who was attempting to get his own car. Becuase my friend turned it in (they charged him full price too for not having his ticket, by the way), "I didn't have my ticket. Ergo, I "owed" them $20 instead of the $5 charge im entitled to pay with validation. At the end of the day its an extra $15 bucks (Forget about the $105 I dropped poolside on food and drinks.) Its not the end of the world. It does mean however, that I will next time go the pool at the Roosevelt or Mondrian, where I enjoy myself just as much if not more. Idiots.

posted by jjo7205 on May 15, 2007

Pretty Damn Fun

Rating: 8

I had the pleasure of staying at The Standard, Hollywood recently and found the experience on the whole to be pretty damn fun. The rooms are minimalist, true, but great for the price and location - this is one of the cheapest hotels I could find where I could still be on the strip and not stay at some skanky rent-rooms-by-the-hour kind of motel. I stayed in one of the rooms facing Sunset Blvd on the second floor and didn't have any trouble sleeping. I may have heard the occassional noise but nothing I would consider outragous or above the ordinary. A muffled TV and light traffic honking outside- nothing you wouldn't hear living in a condo or an apartment building. I loved the lobby decor - the girl in the class tank at night was a great touch. I didn't really hang out at the club - I walked in and it looked alright but I was most impressed by the food they served in the diner and through room service. The menu was suprisingly excellent - and not outragiously priced either. The pool was fun during the day - it was a great place to people watch. I didn't have any trouble with the staff - I thought everyone was nice and helpful. Honestly, I think The Standard Hollywood is great for the price. It's not as nice as the Mondrian or Chateau Marmont but it's also a couple of hundred dollars cheaper.

posted by sj2000 on Apr 23, 2007

Excellent, from top to bottom!

Rating: 10

I do a lot of business with the entertainment and fashion industries all over the LA area, and I became quite tired of the over-stimulated, over-priced, and stuffy hotels the LA area has to offer. My agent introduced me to The Standard, and I guarantee, I will stay nowhere else but there from now on. Perfectly located in the heart of West Hollywood, it was very convenient to amazing shopping, nightlife, and an easy commute to my clients. The rooms were chic and modern, and the bed was amazing. Above the comfort of my room, the absolute best asset to this hotel is the ambiance. Every employee, from the guy at the front desk to the always smiling housekeepers, made me feel SO incredibly comfortable. Even further, the restaurant and lounge were the perfect setting for evening drinks with my clients and friends. The team of bartender, server, and gracious host made me feel like I was being entertained in their own home, rather than a haughty hotspot. Highly recommend!!

posted by handymom on Apr 23, 2007

Sub-Standard Do Not Stay Here!

Rating: 2

We got into the hotel at 11:30pm and, although we valeted our car with the hotel and they checked us off their list, we were told to wait in line behind the velvet rope for permission to enter from the doorman. $225 a night should get us welcomed with open arms, not told to wait with customers for the lounge. When we got to our room, it was nothing like we expected. The pictures and descriptions online made the rooms seem minimalist but nicely done and funky. Instead, it was worse than the Hotel Ibis in Europe (that costs about $60/night). Ikea would have furnished it better. The bed was uncomfortable and unforgiving. It was maybe 50 degrees outside, but stuffy and warm inside the room. The fan (or blower) blew only hot air, which we didn't realize until we woke up drenched in sweat. I woke up at 4am and went to open the window to get some cool air in. Unfortunately, the window opened wide onto the roof (common to many rooms) without any kind of security or even a screen. I didn't feel comfortable/safe leaving it open while we slept, so I had to stay up and stand guard until the room cooled down and I could shut and lock the window. 3 hours of sleep is not a reasonable outcome of a $225/night hotel. If we hadn't gotten in at 11:30, we would have refused to even stay there one night. As it was, we got to our room and immediately went online to find another hotel for the rest of our stay. I have heard wonderful things about the Standard Downtown, its too bad that all the money spent on the Standard Hollywood was spent on the lounge and lobby downstairs and not on the customers that should define a *hotel.* With a reputation such as the Standard's, I would hope to have more attention to detail and guests. I hope for future guests' sake that there is a redesign/refurbishment planned or a more honest articulation of the hotel expressing the difference between minimalism and the lack of attention to design, comfort, hospitality, and style.

posted by jules1477 on Mar 12, 2007

Purple lounge is a great time

Rating: 8

I've lived in LA for six years and somehow I'd never made it to the Purple Lounge at the Standard. Usually if I'm on Sunset I h it up the SkyBar at the Mondrian and stay planted. Anyway, I didn't feel like spending too much cash last week and so we went to Saddle Ranch (great burger, awesome b ull riding) for dinner and then moved across the street to the P Lounge. This place is pretty cool. We got there around 10:45 and it wasn't too lively until about 11.30. But once it got started, this place was pretty hot. The DJ was good and there was a good vibe there. Efficient service (we ran into some friends and sat at their table for a while) with drinks and fair prices. The dancing was pretty decent too and there was a good crop of girls there too--although it wasn't exactly Le Deux or anything. Overall the place gets a solid review. I'd got back without a problem but I can imagine on a friday or saturday it would be pretty hard to get in because the place is so small.

posted by peter_noonan on Feb 26, 2007

Tres chic, but on a budget

Rating: 8

Great for someone that doesn't want to spring for Roosevelt or Four Seasons, plus it's better than the Mondrian. The outside bar/lounge has a great view. I recommend spending a bit more for the larger rooms with views.

posted by blrnyc on Nov 19, 2006

Lots of Fun

Rating: 10

This place is great if you wanna feel the L.A. life style. Lots of trend people. The rooms are great very trendy and the bar at the top is great. excellent view.

posted by dcain211 on Nov 14, 2006


Rating: 8

Sure it is cool to say you stayed there...but really, in comparison to other luxury hotels...this place is just average. You are paying for the hip factor.

posted by lcs415 on Oct 31, 2006

Fun Atmosphere

Rating: 10

A bit cheesy on the cheap modernized furniture but fun none-the-less. Great staff, food is fabulous and good times are always going to happen here!

posted by jval36 on Oct 26, 2006

Great Service

Rating: 10

My husband and I stayed at the Standard on our Honeymoon and it was very romantic. They allowed us to stay just one night, on a weekend, and the front desk was nice enough to put a bottle of Champagne in our room for the occasion (and to my knowledge, we were not charged for it!) I enjoyed the starkness of the rooms and the MOD feeling in the lobby. The diner attached is also very tasty after partying at the clubs on Sunset!

posted by elisehwall on Oct 11, 2006

Staff Stole from our room, hotel did nothing

Rating: 2

DO NOT STAY HERE!!! My husband and I stayed at the Standard for a long weekend in August 2006. We chose the hotel because it was the last hotel in that location with a room less than $900 per night. The first morning, I left the room at 8am and returned at 6pm to find that a necklace with 3 large diamonds in my jewelry case at the bottom of my closed suitcase was gone--along with a purse and another necklace. The hotel did virtually nothing, except file an insurance claim which was denied because "the staff said they didn't take anything." Of course they said that, they are criminals. If you must stay here, then don't bring anything of value with you!

posted by anonnewyorker on Sep 25, 2006

Fairly Good Food Conveniently Located

Rating: 6

Brunch is pretty good, and it's always nice to have snacks by the pool. I live within walking distance though - I probably wouldn't go out of my way for the experience.

posted by missangela2u on Sep 8, 2006

What's With The Wierd Smell???

Rating: 6

The staff is not friendly at all. The air conditioner was either fridged cold or in between. Worst of all, there was a HORRIBLE smell throughout the hotel. Definitely NOT worth the price. Next time I'll stay at the Hyatt which is less than one block away.

posted by texasguy79 on Aug 8, 2006

Not so luxurious. sorta meh...

Rating: 4

We had to wait quite a while each time we wanted to get the car out of valet. also, it was _really_ noisy up until 2:15am on friday and saturday night, even though we were 4 floors away from the rooftop bar. We had breakfast in the diner, and we sat waiting for someone to take our order for over 30 minutes.... in an EMPTY restaurant. the manager eventually noticed that there was no staff, she took our order, and she apologized. blah food and not enough staff. i won't be returning.

posted by babyskates on Jul 25, 2006

Rudy's Barber Shop...

Rating: 8

One of the best barber shops that I've ever been to in the city of Los Angeles for getting a haircut that I would highly suggest to anyone in the city.

posted by adammichaelblutt on Jul 12, 2006

A lot of pro's and con's...

Rating: 6

I must say my girlfriend and I were shocked when we arrived. We had no idea what we were getting into. I felt like I walked straight into an Austin Powers movie. Anyway, the valet and the front desk guy was rude. The room did smell and the walls were paper thin. But after a day to adjust we actually liked the place. Views are great, food is great...and great service in the diner too! Awesome little Mexican place across the street, best burrito ever! Oh and check out the lounge!

posted by casey_reed84 on Apr 13, 2006

Hip and Cool

Rating: 8

I like the Standard's Coffee shop... especially after going to the bar. The food is good, was better with the old menu... and priced okay for sunset. sometimes run into a few celebs... waiters are cute... always a plus!

posted by danijela on Feb 5, 2006

Nope, never again....

Rating: 6

Stayed at The Standard, mistake! Yes, we had a big room... a big empty space filled with 1 bed, a couch and a silver bean bag. The CD player didn't work (we called three times... 3 times service attempted to fix it but it only worked for 5 min), we didn't have enough towels, where were the extra blankets/pillows?? The pool was SO tiny, although there were plenty of pool chairs. Their happy hour was blah-they played Top 40... it seemed like everyone disappeared and went to bed right at 2AM! Standard struck me as dated and we were trying to think of ways to get back to The Mondrian, that's where we stayed 3 weeks prior and partied til 5AM along w/ other guests on our balconies. Standard's good for budget travellers who want to sleep on Sunset, but don't rely on much else.

posted by nips on Oct 18, 2005

Wouldn't Stay There Again

Rating: 4

The location of the Standard is great, but that is where the list of positive aspects about this hotel ends. The service was slow, the rooms were big, but void of any useful amenity. It is nice that every room has a CD player and flat screen TV, but how about towels, extra blankets, an iron or an ice bucket? You get all of those things at any cheap motel, but it is too much to wish for at the Standard. I would go back to hang out in the lounge, but if I want a room - I am going down the street to any of the other hotels in the neighborhood.

posted by towngirl on Sep 9, 2005

Roof top Bar & Pool

Rating: 10

The best club in LA right now. Nothing is better. This place is looks and feels like it belongs in the New York club sceen, but it is here i...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 29, 2005


Rating: 4

I am not a fan of the preteniousness that is this place...only a hotel in hollywood would have a line to get into as much as I disl...

posted by Citysearch User on Mar 14, 2005

User review from Citysearch

Rating: 10

This is a great place all around. It is probably best known in LA for the roof top pool and bar. It can be difficult to get in Thursday th...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 13, 2005

User review from Citysearch

Rating: 10

Very high end hotel and restaurant. They also have a great club, but it can be difficult to get in. The trick is to eat at the restaurant a...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 16, 2004

User review from Citysearch

Rating: 10

it is a world class operation and a brand name. i love the food and the atmosphere is geat for dates and a tourist attraction. i have heard ...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 1, 2004

A hip Denny's with limited menu.

Rating: 8

Got there at 9PM on a Friday. Heard a 5 minute speech about valet parking rates...sort of confusing. Get validated! Got seated by nice girl. Have full bar. But drinks are $12 a piece! My sirloin burger was cheaper with fries! The calmari is not very good...even though the waitress said they "Rock!" The inside lounge was cool but freezing cold. Left before midnight...

posted by andrewinla on Mar 13, 2004

Way Overrated

Rating: 6

This place is a joke. Their modern look is cheap and poorly put together. The pool is about the size of a hot tub and looks as if it has never been cleaned. To top it all off, they added a bunch of bogus mini bar charges to my credit card which they removed after a couple of calls. Despite all of this, the location is good for bar-hopping and the price for the room wasn't outrageous.

posted by herenorthere on Dec 29, 2003


Rating: 2

We had the biggest suite and a couple deluxe rooms. Hotel security came up twice saying we were too loud. Too loud at the Standard! Place advertises itself as one big party, and it was only 3 am! Rooms are equipped with IKEA-esque furniture! One big RIPOFF.

posted by andlicious on Aug 11, 2003

Not so great...

Rating: 6

I really enjoyed staying at this hotel. The location is great, and the decor is quite cool (although it gets old fast), but the service is absolutely awful. Awful. Particularly poolside where guests are outnumbered by pretentious LA brats. And the drinks aren't even worth waiting for, unless you like watered down, expensive cocktails. You're not safe with room service either - it takes a good hour to get a couple of appetizers. But I can't really complain. It's pretty inexpensive and there are great views. And they actually remembered my wake up call (much to my surprise).

posted by erk217 on Jun 23, 2003


Rating: 4

The service at the Standard is sub-par at best. Attitude from the staff, horrible service at the bar, and too many people trying to be "cool." They don't even seem to remember to give a wake-up call. Our room smelled, the decor was a bad episode of "Trading Spaces," and the atmosphere is too cool to be bothered. Even the elevator seemed to have attitude (kept getting stuck). At $210 a night, I should've dropped a little more and stayed somewhere that knows what the words customer service means.

posted by susan42773 on Apr 30, 2003

Uber-trendy star hang-out

Rating: 7

I have had great burgers here and mediocre burgers here, the fries are quite good though. The pool is a 'scene'. Great place for star gazing. Last time I was here, I saw a movie star and a rock star dining (at inside coffee shop). The wait staff has an attitude, but go at least once for the ' L.A.' experience and if you like trendy mid-century decor.

posted by mpockets on Jan 8, 2003

This place is awesome!

Rating: 10

Go for a burger by the pool. It's a great place to eat before catching a movie at the Sunset 5!!!

posted by ahiatus on Nov 5, 2002


Rating: 8

Great party hotel and eye candy everywhere. Rooms are pretty affordable too.

posted by fcuerva on Oct 14, 2002

Good times in hollywood!

Rating: 9

A couple of weeks ago I stayed at the standard for four nights. I had a great room with a balcony facing sunset. I loved the orange tiled bathroom and soap. Comfortable bed. Great decor. Wake up late and have breakfast or coffee by the pool. They also have a decent restaurant off of the lobby. Great location walking distance to many attractions on the strip (skybar, barmarmount,comedystore)The bar opens at 10pm.Drinks are quite expensive but this is west hollywood.I had no problems with the staff. This hotel may not be for everyone,but if you travel a lot ,don't want to be in bed by 9pm, and want to have fun in hollywood. This place should do the trick.

posted by flippy on Sep 2, 2002

Great value!

Rating: 10

Very cool place for very low prices, awesome view, and 24-hour restaurant. Super comfortable beds - very clean.

posted by orchard106 on Aug 27, 2002

Suprisingly good

Rating: 9

Breakfast at The Standard Coffee Shop is a consistently good value. Service is prompt. The food is excellent. Try a smoothie. I strongly recommend remembering to have your parking validated though. The validation will save you more than the cost of your meal.

posted by jimboman on Aug 13, 2002

Had a great stay at the Standard

Rating: 8

We stayed at the Standard while in from San Francisco and thought it was great. For $125/night we had a great room that I thought was larger than most hotel rooms. Yes the drinks were pricey, but we didn't really hang out there and as for the crowd..what do you expect? My only criticism would be towards the valets... they were the only ones we had attitude from all weekend and it was fairly consistent amongst them all. I guess if you dislike your job so much you should get a new one!

posted by michaelrj on Aug 1, 2002


Rating: 4

The hotel is nice and the women are fantastic, but the drink prices are too much. The main reason I would not stay or come here again is the $7.00 a beer. Way too much. Out...

posted by rodgers3192 on Jul 24, 2002

highly recommended

Rating: 10

I highly recommend this hotel. If you are looking for something different, something fun, and better than the average hotel, this is the place. The decor is very modern and hip, unlike all of the chain hotels. The Standard has a lot of energy and the staff provides good service. There is a DJ that spins records in the lobby and the bar pool always open. The rooms are a good size and almost every room has a balcony with a beautiful view. Esp. since it is located on Sunset Blvd. The only thing missing is a gym.

posted by diane02 on Jul 16, 2002

The Standard is Under-rated by Ctysrch

Rating: 8

After reading these reviews, was worried about my stay at The Standard. Found everything (except the antiseptic smell and the Hollywood "wannabe"-types) to be untrue: friendly and helpful staff, large room (Rm 129 on first floor), quiet and clean, and very inexpensive. My tolerance level for noise and rudeness may be a result of my living in Manhattan for 5 years; having said that, I think that The Standard delivers what it promises: central location & good value. You can't expect more for only $135 per night. P.S. I highly recommend the 24/7 diner there, as well.

posted by suziechoe on Jul 5, 2002

Always Stay Here

Rating: 8

I really like staying at the Standard. The staff members are always friendly and I like the spacious rooms. Room service menu is nice too. The hotel would be perfect sans the wanna be crowd but other than that, it's always a pleasant stay.

posted by SMM on Jun 17, 2002

The Pool Rocks but...

Rating: 7

The hotel is basic, hence the name, but is trendy and filled with a lot of wanna-be Hollywood types. Martinis are steep and I think I dropped like $400 in about 2 hours....OUCH! But adter all that...I would stille recommend - it was fun.

posted by pfarrell on Jun 13, 2002

Drinks by the Pool

Rating: 8

Relaxing scene for drinks out by the pool. One of the few places in L.A. to get dressed up and still find a relaxed atmosphere.

posted by jimfitzgerald on Jun 13, 2002

You're gonna pay $10 a drink anyway

Rating: 8

If you're gonna pay $10 for a drink anyway, you might as well go to the bar at The Standard. They've got a nice outdoor area around the pool with a gorgeous view of LA. And if you're going to stay in LA and pay top dollar, why not stay here as well. It's more like a boutique hotel than many of the other establishments on Sunset. The accommodations are "standard" luxury (pardon the pun) with a modern minimalist feel, but comfortable and realxing when you have a room with a view over the pool.

posted by sinter on Jun 6, 2002

Rudeness in Hollywood

Rating: 6

This place is an oddity itself. The atmosphere is different then any hotel I've ever been too. The lobby has two giant bubble seats hanging from the celing to chil in facing the halway that has a projector film playing on the wall. The silent film shows naked people and at the receptionist desk in a glass box is an actual person in pj's getting paid to be on display. The sleep, listen to music, or read as if they don't know their job is different. The pool side is cool with telescopes to look at the city and tiki style tables with heaters. The employees here are rude and act like you don't belong there if you don't look like a million bucks. One good thing about this place is the 24 hour cafe inside, which is known for housing many stars at any hour of the day.

posted by xoxoscorpio on Jun 4, 2002


Rating: 6

I just got back from a two night stay at The Standard! It is definately hip & definately different; however, i do agree that i was surprised at the attitude of the staff! Forget discourtious, most of the employees' i encountered in the hotel & resturaunt were down right rude! The rooms werent bad, but the 70's retirement community bathrooms definately weren't doing it for me! The cocktails & live DJ in the lounge were amazing though, as well as the location! Worth checking out, but call ahead of time to get the $99 room because it certainly isnt worth the $225 that i paid!

posted by LiquidMist on May 26, 2002

LA Sleeping: Stay one night

Rating: 8

If you are from anywhere but LA and want to stay in a hotel when you are visiting that sums up everything you think LA should be, then stay at the Standard... but only for one night. One night is all you need to be entertained by its "LA" ridiculousness from the bizarre furniture, rooms, live model in the case behind the lobby, etc... If you stay a second night, the nostalgia kind of wares off...

posted by ranma on May 24, 2002

Must Have A Sense Of Humor

Rating: 10

If you must choose a hotel to stay in Los Angeles, it has to be The Standard. My two night stay was beyond excellent. From valet, to Guest Services, nothing but beyond great service. We stayed there for The Hair Show Convention, quite a distance from the convention, but well worth it.

posted by Candiestar on May 24, 2002

No Dead Beats Here

Rating: 5

A very hip and modern place to be.You eill get an eyeful no matter what part of the hotel you are in. As far as service? Well no hotel is perfect. But if your looking for a happening and interesting place to visit..this is it.You won't be bored

posted by laurieswirls on May 22, 2002

Trendy Tourists

Rating: 6

Recommended the Standard to some trendy tourist friends visiting from out of town, and they absolutely loved it. Terminally hip, glamorously superficial and thoroughly entertaining, the Standard epitomizes everything they believe about L.A. And though it's not my regular scene, I had a blast visiting their room (get a south-facing room, preferrably on a corner), hanging out in the bar and making merry out by the pool. Reminded me how fun this side of L.A. can be if you don't take it too seriously.

posted by RichardTate on May 15, 2002

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