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It wasn't so long ago that downtown Los Angeles after six P.M. was a ghost town. This is the case no longer, and it's thanks in no small part to the Downtown Standard — in particular, the rooftop bar, with its astroturf, topiary gardens and waterbed loungers, a fixture on the downtown nightlife scene, and a place so exclusive that guests are issued bracelets to guarantee entry.

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550 S Flower St
Los Angeles, CA, 90071-2501  United States

Partner Reviews: The Standard Downtown LA

The place to be

Rating: 8

I love hanging out here, definetly better during summer months. If you live in downtown check it out. Visiting book a room.

posted by Greg Parker on Dec 7, 2009

Great Food Excellent Service

Rating: 10

I am a local so i don't think to go "out on the town" in my neighborhood very often. I had some friends in town so I wanted to show them a truely LA spot without all of the BS. I hadn't been to the Standard in a long time so I thought it would be fun. I wasn't planning on having dinner but my friends were hungry so we ate in the Restaurant. Now I am not sure why I haven't been eating here more often. The food was amazing! I had the steak frites. The fries aren't like regular fries. They're like a souffle potato! I have never tasted anything so yummy. The server was really attentive and made the experience fun. There was a huge line to get to the Roof so we hung out in the Lobby and had some drinks after dinner. There was a pretty awesome dj and the vibe was fun. When we finally got to the roof we had a pretty good buzz going. The view is just as beautiful as I remembered it. The only thing that has changed was the servers. I remembered them being snotty with tons of attitude. Not at all. Totally cool and fun. Everyone that works there seems to have a blast. We were supposed to do the site seeing thing but ended up staying for hours and having a great time. Definitely worth it!

posted by 18lucky on Jan 6, 2009

Dance party!

Rating: 8

The party starts at around midnight...but you may just have to be the first person to start it around 11:30. The dance floor is tiny. It is basically a square set off in the corner of the roof. On the Thursday night I went (no cover charge!), the dj played a lot of pop and hip hop with a cool mix of techno in the background. The dj hardly finishes an entire song, but spins one amazing song into another. We are a group of college and recent college grads and perhaps appropriate for our age ...this is a necessary transition from club to lounge...pha! At first impression, the scene was a bit too "businessy" for my econ major friend. She'd had enough of the card exchanging interview vibe already and wanted to leave. But we stayed longer because of the beautiful (as beauty can only be considered in downtown) view and...lucky we did! Because you wouldn't have guessed we were wallflowers a minute ago...but at 12 am...the party was on. People shed their suits and loosened their tie and did crazyyyyy moves. At one point, the whole rooftop was shouting out the lyrics of Guns n Roses "Sweet Child Of Mine." And when that apple bottom jeans song came on...we even had the security guard cracking up!

posted by jochu on Nov 11, 2008

Roof top gangster pradise on Weekends

Rating: 2

When this place first opened it was the place to be. However, thugs and drugdealers hang out here on the weekends. lots of mexicans. The drinks are small and expensive. You're better off at the Edison bar and grill. Dont waste your time here, you may get shot by a pimp.

posted by agennt22 on Oct 14, 2008

Delectable food amid a stylish setting and a laid-back vibe. Food is overpriced

Rating: 10

Except culinary treats at the hotel's restaurant. The patio outside offers a romantic setting and invites with a cozy atmosphere to extensive wining and dining. The salmon I had was succulent. It came with white beans, fresh salad, cherry tomatoes and grilled artichockes in an avocado-herb sauce. I loved it! My company had grilled chicken breast fillet along with young green asparaguses and refried chick peas. I think that the dishes are overpriced though and for that price, they could offer at least a small appetizer for free instead of cold French bread with butter. The service was very polite and highly attentive. It was allowed to smoke at the patio.

posted by doll83 on Jul 10, 2008

Great atmosphere marred by awful service and crowd

Rating: 2

I went to the Standard for a friend's birthday party a couple weeks ago, and we ended up having an awful time because the hotel staff treated us so badly. While I think the decor is beautiful and worth seeing, I do not recommend going here. Such poor treatment from a hotel that's supposed to be nice is unacceptable. -We got there before 10:30 but were told there was no list and that only hotel guests were being let in, despite the fact that there was plenty of capacity upstairs -When the party arranger and hotel guest came down himself and asked that we be let in, since he'd been told we would be, the people at the door acknowledged that he'd been promised that and then said that was too bad, they weren't going to honor that promise, and they didn't apologize So we waited in the restaurant until we COULD be let in, and got lousy service there too: -Even though the restaurant was mostly empty, we were still told that sitting there required that we order a full meal -2 of the 4 drinks we ordered were made incorrectly -The drinks were sent back and we got new ones, but were charged for an extra shot ($9), which we didn't find out about until we got the check -When we complained to the waiter, he wouldn't change it, so we asked for the manager, and when he finally showed up, there was a 5-minute argument about us being charged for the extra shot. We finally got a new check, but the entire process, from asking for the check to getting our credit cards back, took over half an hour. And I repeat, there was almost no one in the restaurant. There was no reason whatsoever for the poor service we got. And after all that, we finally got upstairs, and the crowd was sparse and kind of trashy (people dancing on ledges, taking their clothes off, etc.). On the positive side: There was one bartender upstairs that really impressed me: she was fast, she made the drinks correctly, and she was nice and helpful. So the Standard has at least one good person working there.

posted by adra21 on Oct 2, 2007

Gross crowd

Rating: 2

The atmosphere was decent but the tackiest people in LOS ANGELES can get in. The crowd was disgusting and ugly. The music and drinks were pitiful. Not worth it. I was dragged there for someone's birthday and was majorly disappointed. I preferred it when it was biz professionals. I think I even saw gangsters there.

posted by ek321 on Sep 17, 2007

Go for the view!

Rating: 8

The standard downtown is city chic! I went during the week at night to the club where there is no cover during weekdays. The ambience is incredible- the skyline is beautifully dizzying at night. The scene is typical of all la gatherings- jaded kids who are too busy analyzing others than their own confused selves. I felt drinks were priced a little higher than normal, even for la. Don't tip the bartender b/c they're rude- at least one of mine was. This is definitely an la hot spot to go to. BRING CASH! I don't trust having my card up there with an innumerable amount of others- it looks shady

posted by kdbriggs on Sep 7, 2007

best eggs benedict ever

Rating: 10

i usually order eggs benedict everywhere i go. so i eat A LOT of these dishes everywhere in the country and sometimes canada too. on a sunday morning i ordered the eggs benedict and it was everything i could have imagined. the eggs were perfect, the sauce was phenomenal and plenty of it, and the home fries were great too. I also ordered a side of crispy bacon, and it too was also done to perfection to add, the service was exceptional, great attitude on the server and the food came out very quickly even though it was sunday morning

posted by dig_em23 on Feb 18, 2007

Inattentive Service

Rating: 6

Food - mostly the fish, was quite good. The wait staff was inconsistent. What was ordered was served twice, including the appetizer when we were having coffee! But was NOT ordered (wine) was also served and charged! And when the waiter was informed, he asked if it had been drunk! and the glass was still full! worse was the manager asked the same question! Meanwhile, throughout the night, we were left alone, - no water refill, no can I get you something else, etc. And when we finally caught the attention of the waiter, coffee was served ICE COLD! Very poor service. this was my third visit and experience of consistently poor, inattentive service!

posted by drhadeen on Oct 31, 2006

Who does not serve breakfast at 11 am?

Rating: 2

While downtown, I was looking for a place to have a decent breakfast so decided to stop into the Standard. It was a little after 11. I asked for the breakfast menu and the host informed me that breakfast was no longer being served. What are they thinking? Many people in L.A. don't even think of getting out of bed before noon. I was appalled. As I was leaving, other people who were also looking for breakfast were being turned away. C'mon people, know your market.

posted by born_on_earth on Oct 9, 2006

Pleasantly Surprised

Rating: 8

I was a little nervous heading to the Standard after reading these reviews but I was very pleasantly surprised. We ate on the patio which was comfortable, beautiful and well-heated. Perhaps because our waiter was a trainee, he was very attentive and friendly. We ate simply: a perfectly average pizza margarita and burger. The oysters were absolutely wonderful but it's hard to go wrong with oysters (although when you do, you go very very wrong). The winelist was uninspiring and overpriced but any shortcomings were forgiven when I saw the rooftop bar. The views of the cityscape were magnificent and, perhaps because were visited on a Tuesday, the crowd was friendly and low-key. I will definitely be back to the bar and hope to stay in a room at the hotel next time.

posted by Magzilla on May 3, 2006

party here..dont eat

Rating: 2

dont even think twice about the standard for food the only appeal is that it is "the standard" the service is HORRIBLE..SLOW..RUDE my friend had a birthday here... made reservations well in advance even paid a desposit...they ended up spliting the party up with one table of EVERYONE...followed by a table of three..for no reason the orders were ALL WRONG..and some even never made it out ! our waiter dissappeared...only to resurface when it came time to pay the bill The food? Some of the smallest portions i have ever seen in my ENTIRE LIFE...we payed 7 dollards for a dolop of guacomole with about 12 bannana chips.....12 bucks for a cup of salad ...and none of it was even that spectacular the parking was atrociously over priced..when nearby lots where cheaper one thing to party at the standard...its another to actually eat there never again

posted by allsmilesallday on Apr 10, 2006

Bad Kitchen Workers

Rating: 2

We own a couple of businesses in downtown LA and we often have meetings at restaurants.We had a business meeting for lunch today and a client ordered a Grilled Cheese with NO BACON. The sandwich came and it was not what he ordered. The bacon was all over it. So we asked the waiter to please tell the kitchen they had made a mistake on the order. A couple of minutes later, the sandwich came. Wow, that was fast service. We were even being sarcastic and joking with the waiter. "This is a new sandwich, right. They didn't just take the bacon off." Anyways, looking a little closer at the sandwich, there were little pieces of bacon all over it. How very disappointing. After todays incident, I doubt we will go there or recommend other people to go to that restaurant.

posted by elle918 on Nov 15, 2005

Food is OK, but one of the coolest spots in L.A.

Rating: 8

Young professionals and fashionistas flock to this trendy spot. The ambience and lounge decor are the biggest draws for the young, rich & beautiful. The food is ok, nothing to rave about. But the drinks are superb. The service is very young and hip. The rooftop bar is a must see. Try having few drinks on the roof after a long day at work, while relaxing by the pool or wading on the waterbed-cabins. The bartenders shake/stir premium drinks and are cool to talk to. My favorite drink is the Nuts-n-Berries! The crowd is usually professionals that work downtown, 20s-30s, young European tourists, eclectics and fashionistas! However, on weekend nights, the place changes into your typical trendy L.A. club scene "list and cover charge fiasco"

posted by katbone on May 5, 2005

Must've gone on a good night...

Rating: 8

Went for lunch and I thought service was pretty good -- maybe a little slow but they were attentive and very friendly. Food was good too. When dessert took a little too long, they even comped it. Would definitely go again.

posted by Ruthie on Jun 24, 2004

Worse Service Ever

Rating: 4

The service was ABSOLUTELY MISERABLE. The waitress messed up the order, gave us the wrong food, and forgot to bring our french fries, and accidentally overcharged us. When we pointed out her error she got mad. The food was mediocre at best.

posted by foodie on Dec 15, 2003

The hottest spot!

Rating: 9

I live in Downtown and was elated when the Standard moved into my area. The bar is one of the hottest places in the area, (okay, the only real hot place in the area.) The food is so-so, the bartendars like to get you drunk (if you don't like them stiff be sure to tell them,) and the ambience is fabulous without the pretentious attitudes often seen in WHollywood clubs. Sometimes when I want to step out and party for the night I'll grab a room (usually a jr suite) there and invite a few friends over to play... the rooms are totally retro chic, (just like the rest of the hotel) and are made for partying whether with a significant other, favorite booty call or group of friends doing illicit and unspeakable things.

posted by sinnamon_love on Aug 10, 2003

Standard Downtown

Rating: 10

I love that place!!!!!! The Tuna Tartar is to die for and the service was super great. As I wandered off to the rooftop, I had the time of my life with the- NY ish flare. It was very romantic and super sexy to see people actually swimming in the pool..

posted by laitaliano75 on Jul 6, 2003

Never in my life

Rating: 4

I'd eaten here once, and was happy, then returned recently and had a horrible experience. The wine list is typical overpriced fodder, so I requested an aperitif the bar was out of. Then asked for calvados, which the waiter didn't understand. He returned from the bar ten minutes later - said the bartender didn't know how to "make it". I told him it was apple brandy; he said they didn't have it; I politely pointed to where it was on the shelf. Halfhour into this stupidity, he returned with our drinks - after our food had arrived. The kicker? I was charged $36 for the shot of basic, Busnel calvados. Appalling. Unethical. I called that week for a manager and politely told him my experience, to which he was unmoved. I work in the industry, and not only will I not be back, but neither will anyone I know.

posted by ethanfrome on May 18, 2003

Nauseating chic decor

Rating: 5

The decor in this place is horrendous. The overabundance of yellow is totally unappetizing. Don't ever eat here if you're prone to dizziness or hungover!!! The food that we were able to eat was actually pretty tasty, with some creative updates of classic diner food. The portions were pretty small, however.

posted by remke44 on Mar 6, 2003

Setting a new standard

Rating: 10

The setting is chic, the service is smooth and the food is fantastic. What more could you want...except maybe a room?

posted by skybratt03 on Oct 4, 2002

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