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1901 Collins Ave

Partner Reviews: The Shore Club South Beach

The Shore Club is redefining cool on Miami's South Beach. The accommodations at The Shore Club offer variety second to none in Miami's South Beach. The Skybar Miami Beach, with its four separate bars set within the deeply sensual background of the colorful tropical gardens, is the premiere spot for the South Beach nightlife.

Modern but uncomfortable

Rating: 4

I went with a girlfriend for a girls weekend. We had never stayed at Shore Club but some other friends were plainning on trying it. We decided to try it as well. The hotel is very modern and industrial with the room decor. The wall between the bathroom and sleeping area is an opaque glass. Not a room to share with a stranger or anyone you are modest around. We found the rooms too modern to the point of being cold, harsh and uncomfortable. The floors are concrete, there is very limited storage, the only seating in the room was a plastic chair. I usually appreciate contemporary design but this lacked even the most basic comforts. We experienced the Priceline commercial first hand as we tried to operate the shower and had to call the front desk for instructions. I got the impression that it was a common question and at the same time was made to feel stupid for asking. The halls were oddly lighted with lights hidden behind plastic panels in the walls. It doesn't provide the brightness you would expect from looking at the rest of the decor. It seemed like a space ship hallway with bad/dark lighting and it didn't make us feel safe at all. The room service was on time and to temperature but unremarkable. We tried the onsite nightlife. Guest are admitted to the bar without cover but no one mentioned that to us at check-in. The drinks at the bar near the hotel were very expensive and we paid around $20 per drink (nothing fancy-just a martini). I have been back to Miami several times and have never had the urge to stay there again. If you are there for the scene and don't care about comfort or relaxing then you may enjoy the Shore Club. If you are there for R&R and enjoy the most basic comforts you should look into another hotel. The rooms make me think of prison cells with nice showers and plastic chairs. The staff was generally friendly.

posted by ittyb on Aug 12, 2007

Worst Ever!!!

Rating: 2

Morgans Hotel Group ( think Delano aka Mecca, Hudson in NYC, Clift in San Fran), should be embarrassed to have their prestigious name on this hotel. I have stayed there twice and I honestly think I would have been better off at the Holiday Inn down the street. The first time their valet lost my keys (they were found a week later on the sidewalk on Collins Avenue!! Talk about first class ..) I decided to give them another chance (plus the Delano was booked.) My most recent stay, I paid $700 / night (3 night minimum) and I couldn't even get a seat by the pool or beach. I went down to the pool at 8:30 am and all the chairs had been reserved for the day. And the best part was, the people who had reserved them (which I was not informed of as a standard policy at their hotel or I would have gladly paid someone to reserve one for me!!) didnt't start occupying them until 12:30. As if that isn't ridiculous enough, the people who were sitting by the pool were dining on Burger King and takeout Chinese. I am not kidding - I could not believe it. Talk about classy clientele! And then there were the people who felt it necessary to bring in their BOOM BOX .. You would think that they would want someone sitting by the pool to, oh I don't know, spend a little money on the food and drinks that they offer on their bar menu. At least that is what you would expect from a hotel that claims to be second to none in South Beach. If you think I'm being harsh, you should see the three page letter I wrote their GM after my stay. The rooms were decent, except for the fact that the bed sucked and the walls are paper thing. If you want to stay somewhere hip and trendy, then stay at the Shore Club. But if you want to stay somewhere that is hip and trendy and where you get the treatment that you deserve and are certainly paying for, stay at the Delano, the Standard or the Raliegh. Or maybe even the Holiday Inn ..

posted by nicsully on May 2, 2007

50 minutes and we left

Rating: 2

It looked like they paid $298.46 to furnish the entire 10x10 room area. The curtains and concrete floor had stains and the view from the tiny window made me feel as if I were in a medium security prison. Thirty minutes elapsed and our bags still werent delivered to us. We just loved the ONE DRAWER EACH accommodations. We arrived at the main pool area we werent surprised to see that the pools /hotels perimeter paled in comparison to the websites rendering. It just didnt look maintained period and the outside lounge furniture was all faded and decrepit. We promptly left the facilities and went to the Loews hotel three blocks down. They gave us an extraordinary suite with full surround balcony plus excellent round the clock 1st class service. No, we werent surrounded by celebrities but they treated us like one for less than the Shore Club charged us.

posted by winona72 on Apr 12, 2006

Nice Bathroom

Rating: 8

Really nice rooms, quite spacious coming from New York the week before! The bathrooms are very unique and spacious as well. Really cool design and great lighting decor. Not having carpet made rooms a bit noisy from late passersby. But in all, great dining, pool, beach access and nice tropical surrounding. Great Time at The Shore Club. I would recommend and return to visit.

posted by dcgarcia on Oct 28, 2005

Spectacular Place to be

Rating: 10

The crowed is young, hip and very high energy. Great food and drinks. However, like all good things, it is very expensive.

posted by elpira on Oct 13, 2005

User Reviews: The Shore Club South Beach

Avoid at all costs!

My partner and I booked a night at this hotel and were greeted by a rude staff and a urine puddle on the floor in our room.  When we approached the staff about it we were not offered a resolution and left the hotel. We have contacted the corporate office several times about this issue and the puddle has now been blamed on us.  We were in the hotel for less than an hour and charged for a full stay.

This is a horrible hotel.  AVOID IT AT ALL COSTS! There are much nicer, cleaner, and friendlier hotels in the SOBE area for the same price if not less.

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