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The Setai is a meticulously replicated art deco landmark, situated in the prime oceanfront district of South Beach, Florida. Originally built in the 1930’s as the famed Dempsey Vanderbilt Hotel, The Setai recreates the style and charm of the city’s fabled past, while seamlessly blending Asian traditions of simplicity and elegance to its overall appeal.

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Across the Board Fantastic!

Rating: 10

I have to say, I'm surprised by the poor reviews below. My wife and I ate here on Sunday (1/18) night and had a fantastic experience. Yes, it is expensive. But, we both felt it was worth every penny. The ambience is beautiful from the hotel and bar through the restaurant. Our servers (we had two) we superb. From the moment we sat down, they were incredibly attentive and obscenely polite. They inquired as to any health or dietary restrictions that they could accomodate, which is hugely helpful since we're both vegetarians. They even swapped out one item in the "bread basket" for us since one of the inclusions is a fried prawn something or other. The sommelier was really great and discussed the various wines with us as well as his personal passion for the business. We went with a Syrah and Chardonnay, both of which were the less expensive wines per glass on the menu. Both were superb! If you like bold, spicy Chilean wines, I highly recommend the Syrah. Dinner was so delicious! We started with the mushroom and water chestnut dumplings which were both formed and steamed PERFECTLY. Sounds like no biggie, but it's actually harder to pull off than you think. We also had the tofu rice clay bowl which was amazing. Mushrooms, white and green asparagus, soft tofu and perfectly cooked rice in some kind of really delicious sauce. We had something similar at Morimoto in NY. This was better. Also had the garlic nan, which was cooked well, but could've used more garlic. They gave us a stir fried vegetable side and dessert sampler for free. All in all, a GREAT experience. Expensive? Yes. Worth it? Absolutely!

posted by adam58a on Jan 21, 2009

Horrible Restaurant

Rating: 2

This is my first posting of this kind ever, but I've never had such a horrible restaurant experience at a supposedly nice place. The restaurant is beautiful, but that's the only nice thing about this place. The food is very expensive and not good at all. The service is horrible. The place was empty and it took 1 1/2 hours for the appetizers to come and it was 2 hours later before the main meal came. I had the $68 NY Strip dry aged steak (cheapest dry aged steak they had) and something was wrong with it. It tasted gamey, like it was going bad. I've had many dry aged steaks at a number of top restaurants and even get aged NY Strip to cook at home, and nothing has ever tasted like this. When the steak was sent back, the manager came back 10 minutes later and put the steak back in front of me and said the head chef stood behind it, then asked if there was anything else he could do. Even a good manager at an Outback steakhouse would have asked if they could give someone something else if they were unhappy with it, and no one puts food you asked to be taken away back in front of the customer. Awful place.

posted by dwinterfeldt on Dec 14, 2008


Rating: 2

Ambiance and service were fair; however, that's where the praise ends... The crispy shredded duck salad (recommended by the waiter) was neither crispy nor shredded! Instead we got a plate of mixed greens with a couple of unappetizing chunks of chewy duck...ughh!!! The highly recommended warm mushroom salad was room-temperatureand and had absolutely no flavor. The main course included a decent (at best) chiliean sea-bass and a few chunks of lamb shoulder swimming in a curry mystery stew. The best part of the meal were the flavored crackers. Didn't even bother with dessert... Not worth the price and completely forgettable. DON'T waste your time!

posted by idslp on Jun 11, 2008

Good but expensive

Rating: 8

We went there for a celebration. The service was pretty good, the waiters are nice and quite willing to help. Tehy pay attention to teh client. Te food is a quite interesting mix of flavors. A must is the chocolate jsamin ice cream! Only the prices are too high.

posted by julymorgan on Jul 21, 2007

Best service on Miami Beach!!

Rating: 10

This restaurant has the most beautiful decor that I've seen in a long time in Miami Beach and was the most relaxing place to take my wife out. We sat in a very comfortable sofa with a nice view overlooking a peaceful courtyard with candles lit everywhere. The food was delicious! The server recommended a chef's tasting menu where we were able to try 7 different dishes from the menu in a smaller tasting portion. A great idea if you just can't choose from all the great options! All the dishes were plated expertly and the wine pairing that was matched was spot on. The service overall was the best I've had on the beach in many years and executed perfectly with care and professionalism which is quite rare these days. I can't wait to go back again!

posted by mattmill on May 29, 2007

Setai or College Education for your Kids?

Rating: 2

Bar none, dollar for dollar the most expensive restaurant I have ever been to. Entrees are 30-60 and they recommend two per person. Quintessential Miami restaurant, great ambiance, decent service, and mediocre food. The menu makes no sense. I would never recommend this place under any circumstances unless you were with some date that wanted to see how much money you could blow. Just go to the pool bar and get a your money for your kids college education.

posted by kkneafsey on Feb 11, 2006

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