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Located in the heart of LA’s vibrant landscape, SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills offers a luxurious and sophisticated hospitality experience where life is an imaginative féte extraordinaire, rich on pleasure and comfort. RSVP required.

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465 S La Cienega Blvd

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Located in the heart of LA's vibrant landscape, SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills offers a luxurious and sophisticated hospitality experience where life is an imaginative fete extraordinaire, rich on pleasure and comfort. RSVP required. Softly lit ambient tones set off by Philippe Starck-designed decor create a chic and stunning environment for each of the hotel's 297 guest rooms which feature plush bedding, 40 inch flat screens and a host of personalized indulgences and amenities. Whether luxuriating in the elegant spa, sipping fresh libations poolside or indulging in the culinary innovations of award winning chef Jose Andres, guests of SLS Hotel at Beverly Hills will enjoy first class service that defies even the highest of standards.

I like it a lot

Rating: 8

I like this place. I really do . A lot. Especially the tapas menu - some really innovative offerings. Sure, some of the choices are out there but I lenjoy them. Especially the jicama and guacamole sacks. And the sweet potato chips. And the jamon platter. On the weekends, expect lots of Jags and Mercedes in the parking lot and lots of pretty people inside. But it's still a great place.

posted by Paul Larson on Feb 12, 2010

they missed the mark

Rating: 2

I am sorry to report this, but the designers of this hotel thought it right to take a perfectly BEAUTIFUL hotel and destroy it. It was elegant and calm, and now its just terrible. My mother came to see me two years ago, and I put her in here and it was sweet. One year later as SLS she came back and I was so saddened. Its just horrible. Way too uburgroovy without the groove, or any soul. No more.

posted by EagleRockGrl on Apr 2, 2009

Waste of time and money

Rating: 2

SLS was put together by a schizo. The design is terrible, it feels so cluttered and gauche, the cocktail menu is short and boring and the "designer" drinks are a repeat of the regular cocktails. We had a private table and our waitress was an ignorant lier who could have cared less if we were there. Two people in our party (including myself) had wheat allergies. We asked our waitress if she could find out which deserts we could eat, it was a birthday party after all. She returned a quick moment later and said there was nothing we could have so no one ordered desert. We went to the actual desert counter towards the end of our night where the pastry chef told us she never asked about wheat in the deserts and as it turns out there are a number of wheat free desert items we could have indulged in. I won't return if I can help it.

posted by TigerDock on Apr 1, 2009

A huge mistake going here!

Rating: 2

Unedible food, tiny wine by the glass pours, poor management, and the worst valet service in the city. Will be closed in six months unless everyone is fired & replaced ASAP!

posted by CSMobileUser2 on Mar 3, 2009

Claustrophobic and over-hyped.

Rating: 4

I like modern and trendy which is why I chose to stay at SLS in Beverly Hill. This hotel is a severe disappointment. It reminded me of being thrown in the back closet of a contemporary art museum where all of the worst pieces are being stored. It is completely dark and cramped - lobby and rooms. Our room was small, with low ceilings. Worse yet, the decor was entirely black and gray with indistinct gray tiling and poor lighting. Low ceilings and a miniscule window with tinted glass contributed to the effect of being stuck in a prison cell (just why I came to sunny LA-- to be locked in a darkened closet-like hotel room). I felt sorry for all of the cool modernist furniture which would have looked great anywhere else. Did I mention the long, boring maze-like halls that go on for ever (even the bell hop complained about them)? The nightclub aspect of this hotel may work but the overnight stay experience was beyond terrible and disappointing.

posted by myjns on Feb 16, 2009

totally outrageous (in a good way) if you can afford it

Rating: 10

Went here and although I wouldn't necessarily swing the $450 a night, this place really is out of control--like in a crazy, outlandish like-nothing-else sort of way. Of course, it's got the Philippe Starck imprint everywhere--clear glass deer heads, his Flos gold rifle and bigass horse lamps, a million different kinds of priceless chairs, funny anochronistic paintings--so it maintains that tacky-tasteful balance. (Often leaning a bit on the tacky side.) Anyway, the rooms are gorgeous with faux fur throws and Mies van de Rohe-like seats and mirror/TV screens and even the stationary is custom-made with that cute little monkey emblem. BOth the private and public dining areas are very cool and there's so much to see it would take all day just to soak it all in (love those weird voodoo-like doll heads at Moss and the black pig table at the pool). Food is pretty subpar, but the scenery is really worth checking out.

posted by marpop on Dec 18, 2008


Rating: 6

Is a nice and fancy hotel. It´s near from Los Angeles. The staff is very polite and friendly. The drink adn food is good but it¨s very exp...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 24, 2008

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