The Ritz-Carlton, San Francisco

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600 Stockton St

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Nice Views

Rating: 8

Nice location, awesome building, great service, and staff. Food choices area good and definitely worth coming back often to try.

posted by malulloyd on Mar 29, 2009

Nice Hotel

Rating: 8

We booked Ritz for our clients who were coming here for a Seminar. Our chairman was also coming and it was her stay that made my boss weary. What if anything went wrong during her stay, we kept thinking. But Ritz never gave us a chance to complain. Their service was very good. The clients were entertained and the staff took specific care about each and every client personally. Not to say about the rooms. Our Chairman was also very impressed and the clients praised our hospitality, All thanks to Ritz.

posted by karla_review on Aug 25, 2008

Love the hotel, love the staff, hate the spa

Rating: 8

The staff at the Ritz in SF are the best I've ever seen in the US. They are genuinely friendly and helpful, they have a great sense of humour, and they remember you by name even if you haven't been there for a year. The rooms are a great size, the beds are extremely comfortable, and the bathrooms are to die for. The Bulgari amenties smell like cheap perfume, but that's a minor problem. The hotel itself I consider to be a good value even at the price. The spa, on the other hand, was where I had a very negative experience. I had an overpriced pedicure (3x what I normally pay), not offered in a spa but in a miniscule and apparently disused guestroom with "The Price is Right" blaring in the background. The service was desultory (tthe echnican apparently would rather have been anywhere else), and the last straw was when I was presented with the check folded in such a way as to hide the fact that a gratuity was already added to the price - obviously in the hopes that I would add on another one! I recommend avoiding this so-called spa at all costs.

posted by geekspice_10009 on Jun 3, 2007

Sunday Brunch The Terrible at the Ritz Carlton

Rating: 2

I was celebrating my 50th birthday. It was without a doubt the WORST service I have ever experienced. If you think re-folding napkins is good service, you'll be happy. We were completely ignored. After asking to be moved from the outside, we were placed next to the open door, so it was still cold and drafty. We only saw our waiter once and that was after flagging him down for the champagne we ordered 20 minutes ago. The food was okay...way too many salads. The only offerings for hot, carved foods were leg of lamb and a filet of cod. The Belgian waffles tasted under-cooked. My "special" treat for my birthday were a couple of cookies from a box, with Happy Birthday spelled out in thin chocolate on the plate. Oh, and the jazz band? Way too tired to keep working. Horrible experience for an astronomical price.

posted by ladycshell on Nov 21, 2005

Their $24.95 Lunches Are Boring

Rating: 6

I booked a lunch to try their $24.95 tasting menus one Saturday afternoon. Because of the weather we didn't get to sit outside the Terrace. Indoors, the decor was so indescribably dull, it reminded me of Hong Kong hotels from the 1970's. Or 1950's. It looked like an old lady's boudoir, with pastelly wallpaper and "baroque" feel. I was amazed to learn later that this hotel was actually built much later. The food tasted like it was from the 1950's. You get what you pay for. The coffee was not included in the tasting menu and was $8-10 a cup. So the entire lunch set you back about $90-95. What a waste of money for a very average experience in a hotel lunch room. Don't be seduced, it's not an elegant lunch as the website would have you imagine.

posted by jane_smly on Apr 7, 2005

The Ritz

Rating: 10

I went to a company party at the Ritz, The Waiters were the best I have ever had, I felt like they were family, They treated us all like gold, It was the most wonderful Dinner I have ever had in San Francisco...........Trey Weir

posted by ttrey on Jan 30, 2004


Rating: 6

I understand when you hit a Ritz, you are going to pay a premium. The scene is nice, service top notch, food doesn't match the dough you pay however. With the food, they try to hard to be over the top. You can take the parents there, just don't expect to cure your hang-over with their grub.

posted by ewittman on Aug 8, 2003

$19.95 3-course weekday prix fixe lunch

Rating: 8

The Terrace is offering a great deal...a $19.95 3-course prix fixe lunch. For the food they serve up, I really appreciated the price. The day I went, they offered a cucumber gazpacho (just a tad on the acidic side), a seared ahi entree (really good), and a cherry clafouti for dessert. On warm days, they seat guests outside. Although the sun was shining, the day I went was pretty windy (surprise, surprise) so be prepared with a light jacket. The service was the low point of my experience. Two different servers took care of me. One was fantastic: friendly and efficient. The other had a frown on his face the entire time. He was efficient...just looked like he didn't want to be there and didn't make me feel welcome.

posted by noefoodie on Jul 2, 2003

Where's The Service???

Rating: 6

Service? What Service? I like being left alone...but please, we were barely noticed. At one point I had to ask about our dessert(after waiting over an hour) and we actually saw the waiter running through the courtyard to the kitchen...what a joke.

posted by crnkovcm on Jan 16, 2003

Exceptional Service !!

Rating: 10

You will be greeted Good Morning/ Afternoon/ or Evening about at least 10 times when you enter the hotel. Everybody will treat you as ladies and gentleman, and if you are lucky enough to stay in the hotel, the staff will greet you by names and remember your personal preference.

posted by yudiana on Dec 12, 2002


Rating: 8

This is an absolutely TOP NOTCH hotel. Most romantic?? I don't think it is the MOST...but it's right there.

posted by AndyB on Nov 29, 2002


Rating: 9

Overall, the food was delicious and well attended to. Hot entrees, tapas, sushi, lamb, beef, cheese and fruit selection, and caviar bar were all delightful. Service was good overall, especially the lady from France a the omlette bar who especially prepared crepes for me. In addition, the gentleman carving the meats took the time to explain the different cheeses available to me. Desserts were divine from the honey creme brulee studded with a slip of chocolate with "The Ritz" printed in gold to the light mango custard to the surprisingly light but full bodied chocolate mousse to the lemon meringue tart to the pineapple-coconut-white wine concoction. Just about each dessert was conscientiously and creatively put together (e.g. the little swan creme puffs). We sat by the large doors opening to the courtyard, so it was a bright beautiful Sunday brunch edged with jazz in the background.

posted by lauw on Oct 6, 2002

Party at the Ritz

Rating: 10

The Ritz Carlton is the single nicest hotel I've visited. The service is top quality along with the hotel itself. This hotel is one of the only that has it all! The service, rooms, food, accomidations, and much more. The Ritz has a very elegant feeling to it and once you've arrived you'll never want to leave. I've stayed there for many events and have always had a great experience. Weddings, New Years, Easter, and day to day visits, The Ritz has out done themselves.

posted by tiffany_gage on Sep 26, 2002

A superb staff!

Rating: 10

The Ritz in its location is the luxury hotel for the Bay Area. Travel and Leisure was right on several years ago when they named the SF Ritz the number one business hotel in America. My wife and I recently had the opportunity to host an event their and may I say that the caliber of staff is unmatched. Specifically Alexandra Nicandri in the Catering Department. Our event was from A-Z a success. If management is reading this, as you know you have a great one in Mrs. Nicandri.

posted by robertlprice on Aug 25, 2002

It's all inbetween the sheets

Rating: 10

There's few things better than climbing into the crisp, cold freshly pressed zillion thread count sheets in our very own cozy Ritz-Carlton hotel (with your favorite hotel mate of course). Such a great way to spend a weekend getaway without having to travel far.

posted by chhawkins on Aug 16, 2002Read More... would be surprised!

Rating: 10

You may not think of this hotel as romantic, but many couples do spend the extra $$ and they do spend their wedding reception andwedding nights here at the Ritz Carlton. From the specially prepared menus, excellent wedding planning staff not to mention the post wedding service... From the rose petal turndown, to the champagne and tuxberries and other excellent services offered by the staff. This hotel is definitely is at the top of it's game. Not to mention the fabulous featherbeds.

posted by lindasuzumoto on Aug 13, 2002

honeymoon heaven

Rating: 10

There isn't a better hotel in San Francisco to spend your honeymoon!

posted by buttercup76 on Aug 12, 2002

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