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High style and high tech converge at the Pod Hotel, which offers hip, convenient accommodations for the stylish and spendthrifty traveler. Formerly the Pickwick Arms, the hotel is located in the heart of New York Ciy�s Midtown East neighborhood. Find the Pod that is right for you.

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230 E 51st St

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customer is always wrong

Rating: 2

There were people smoking in a room on our floor and we woke up in the morning with acrid smoke in our room and in our clothes. This is not a nice thing to wake up to if you are a non smoker. We told the staff 6 separate times and each time they reluctantly said they would take care of it. On our 3rd morning we were woken up early by the smoke and had hoarse voices from it. We called downstairs to request another room on another floor and they treated us as though we were asking for something that was not reasonable. They finally agreed to move us, but told us WE had to go downstairs to get the key to the new room! When we got downstairs to the front desk they treated us terribly. We told them we hadn't gotten enough sleep and wanted to go to the new room to continue sleeping but they intentionally held us up at the desk in our sleeping clothes for half an hour, then insisted that we move our stuff to the new room immediately. When we told them this was not acceptable they treated us worse, bringing out a "manager" who gave us an unbelievable attitude, practically yelling at us, asking us what our "problem" was and what was "wrong" with us that we were demanding things. They finally gave us 2 hours to move our things. He said "maybe you need some sleep" in a sarcastic voice, then followed us to our room, not saying anything. This was a very confrontational experience. We were shocked by this, not really believing that it had happened as it had. They never once apologized for not taking care of the smoker, which by that point was definitely the hotel's fault. They tried to make us feel it was our fault. Apparently the customer is always wrong at this hotel. Expect to be treated as if you don't matter. The idea of the hotel is fine, however the pictures they take of the rooms are using a wide angle lens to make them seem bigger. The rooms are much tinier than expected, the beds are hard and small and include one thin blanket. Not worth the price, even in NYC. Nicer rooms can be found with advance planning. I've never been treated so badly as a customer. Also if you need a pillow or anything else, expect to have to go down to the front desk to get it. They clearly don't think they need customer satisfaction, if you stay here, be sure not to "bother" the staff.

posted by jw3333 on Nov 23, 2009

Wonderful experience at The Pod Hotel!

Rating: 8

My 11 y.o. son and I just returned from NYC and spent 3 nights at The Pod. What a cool place, especially if you're bringing a tween or teen...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 2, 2009

Your loss

Rating: 10

If you don't stay at this hotel. It was near all the attractions. The restaurants that were recommended were great. Nice and friendly staff and definitely quick to help with whatever was needed. It was a great stay!

posted by rhpena on Feb 16, 2009

ill be back

Rating: 6

great place, nice clean rooms, found them on Citysearch, and had a great experience. i would recommend it.

posted by dan3r on Dec 22, 2006


Rating: 10

When a friend suggested we stay at the Pickwick Arms - in bunk beds - I envisioned a prison cell, one step from hell. What I found was a bit of heaven on New York's elegant East Side! Yes, there were bunk beds, but the matresses were so luxurious, I practically fell asleep immediately. Each bed has its own flat screen television, and each room has a high-tech stainless basin. We were on the 5th floor, and there were four bathrooms, and in four days, I never even had to knock once. The showers have the rain head, and it was hard pulling away from the heaven of those showers. The room rates are so reasonable, its practically free!! In four days, I never ran into one English-speaking guest...they were Japanese, Chinese, German, Swedish...a real United Nations! There is one drawback to the Arms - no real lobby, but I was assured that it was under renovation, and I know next time I visit NYC, I will stay here and will enjoy the new lobby. Do not shy away from this great find because of the bathrooms, because they are immaculate, and you will feel right at home!

posted by bearmitzvah on Oct 19, 2006

Good food good hotel

Rating: 8

Pickwick arms hotel has some of the old charm of this great city that you cant find like you use to. This hotel is a good reminder of the ol...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 28, 2005

Clean and Cozy

Rating: 10

I stayed for 4 nights in a closet-sized room for one with private bath during the Christmas season. Unless you specifically want a big, grandiose room, I highly recommend Pickwick. It's a perfect place for those looking for a comfortable, safe, clean place to spend the night after a fun-filled day. The entire hotel is kept impeccably clean and has a causal (but not trashy or cheap), cheery atmosphere.

posted by kaiser_p on Jun 7, 2004

What a gem!!

Rating: 9

This hotel is great. I agree with the other reviewer, shared toilet/shower, no problem. This hotel is clean, bright, and cheerful, standard rooms may be a little small, but you're in NYC, what are you doing staying in your room? The only problem i have is I'm back in NYC in two weeks, and this hotel was fully booked, I have to go elsewhere instead. A great hotel in a nice street, a peek at their suites are well worth it, they are great.

posted by peterah on Oct 22, 2002

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