The Peninsula Chicago

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Classic limestone High Rise Hotel, traditional guest amenities; located near the Magnificent Mile; the staff is multilingual.

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108 E Superior St
Chicago, IL, 60611-2508  United States

Partner Reviews: The Peninsula Chicago

Without Comparison

Rating: 10

I have stayed at many four star hotels and the Peninsula Chicago was very impressive. The staff at this hotel was without comparison. Anything that I needed I could pick up the phone and have it within minutes or someone else would be able to help me with my arrangements.

posted by colby on Aug 3, 2009

Nice get away, even for locals

Rating: 10

Occasionally, my husband and I feel the need for a retreat but our busy lives don't permit long-distance travel. When the notion hits us, we sneak into a suite at The Peninsula and play like we're on vacation. I recommend the luxury and quality of the rooms, the spa, and restaurants. Quite good service, as well.

posted by janetceo on Dec 24, 2008

Great experience especially in the spa

Rating: 8

Every time I have visited this hotel, I have had a pleasant experience. I have only been to the spa once but it was a wonderful experience. I have visited the bar and Steve was a very friendly bartender. The atmosphere in the bar is extremely relaxing. I have enjoyed visiting this hotel. However, I have never stayed overnight so i don't know what the rooms are like. I can only imagine that the overnight stay would be a pleasure.

posted by jen1971 on Sep 2, 2008

Spa is Unavailable for Hotel Guests

Rating: 4

My wife and I reserved a birthday weekend away at the Peninsula, with the intent on indulging in spa treatment. Regardless of their reputation, don't be fooled. What CAN be done, isn't necessarily what WILL be done. Reserving a Saturday or Sunday hour-long massage proved to be impossible. Even for guests of the hotel in the dead of winter. I called three weeks prior, and the only available times were 8 am and 6:30 pm. For both days. Clearly the spa is not for hotel guests, but for the locals who can wait out a protracted queue. Like maybe a month or more. Also, as readers off CitySearch know, the chef at the hotel restaurant, "Avenues" has left and is starting his own restaurant in River North. One more reason to bypass the over-rated Peninsula Hotel. Definitely a 1980's product.

posted by mango2515 on Feb 7, 2008


Rating: 4

I've been all over the world and had the distinct pleasure of staying at some of the finest places on this small planet and this, my friends, is not one of them! First, if I run into Jennifer Aniston one more time after she's had a "break up" I'm going to scream! The rooms I've stayed in leave me asking myself why I even bother staying here, but the music in the lobby keeps me coming back. Very nice live ensemble that have me thinking of the time I saw John Tesh perform Chariots of Fire at the 1984 Olympics in LA. Breathtaking!! The staff is nice and the food is SCRUMPTIOUS:):) I give the Peninsula a rating of two and one half stars...

posted by marcjudson on Apr 17, 2007

Absolutely the best hotel in Chicago

Rating: 10

Yes, the prices are stratospheric. But the service here is beyond compare. From the hotel rooms to the restaurants to the pool/spa, everything is simply top-notch. the staff is always around, but they know to keep just enough distance -- in other words, they're helpful, not annoying.

posted by pbehle on May 5, 2006

Superb hotel!

Rating: 10

The hotel captures a somewhat regal essence, with very posh amenities. The guest rooms are designed with the hotel connoisseurs taste in mind. From very spacious arrangments and impeccable service, to a very delightful menu this hotel manages to capture it all! It is very much a scene for the affluent traveler, so make sure to brush up on your well-to-do vernacular. None-the-less, worth every penny!

posted by gq3219 on Mar 25, 2006

Best of chicago

Rating: 10

This is the best hotel in Chicago if you can afford it. The room we had to be the best room I have ever stayed in, considering I have been at 4seasons/ritz/drake/

posted by briankalita on Jan 3, 2006

Absolutely the best...

Rating: 10

amazing service and the best hotel bar around... hands down. There is nothing like the Peninsula and it's a must visit for all my out of town guests! The Chocolate buffet is unreal and a definite must for lovers of all things chocolate. Great place for a date, you'll feel like royalty!

posted by sammyjenkis on Apr 29, 2005

Service? You have to be kidding!

Rating: 4

Went there last Saturaday night after hearing wonderful things. The bar was packed and smoke filled. Waited one and a half hours for the "chocolate" bar after we were told it would be half hour. EVERYONE on staff was rude ans snotty. We left after complaining. Went to get car. Waited 35 mins for the valet to return, and the car had EXTRA miles on it. Where did they park? Wrigley Field? NEVER AGAIN!

posted by amybrandt on May 24, 2004

The No. 1

Rating: 10

No wonder Zagat rated this hotel #1 in the U.S.: service and amenities are top notch, the in-room technology is 21st century (just try the TV atop your bathtub which mutes automatically when oyu pick up the phone...). And you don' have to go out to grab a bite: two of the best restaurants in town, Avenues and Shanghai Terrace, are right off your Lobby.

posted by go4it on Aug 7, 2003


Rating: 8

We stayed here for a week in October. Beautiful place. Pricey, but generally worth it. One big goof - the concierege took my husband's order for flowers but never delivered them. NOt exactly what you'd expect from a 5 star hotel. Food is a little weird; great spa; nice lobby. Much friendlier toward infants than you might expect. Room was nice; great bathroom.

posted by joanrouen on Nov 26, 2002

Wow-what a fantasy!

Rating: 8

I love this hotel. The service is wonderful and the rooms are lovely. The lobby area is a stunning placed to have tea or lunch. I liked the bar, but it was very smoky and crowded by the time we left. I have been here several times, and never disappointed--oh, and don't forget to check out the pool--what a view.

posted by rine1967 on Nov 11, 2002

Nice property, horrible service

Rating: 7

The hotel is gorgeous, unfortunately we had the WORST service. RUDE person said our suite was not ready but I had called 2 times to confirm it was ready early. The people we were travelling with got a suite 30 seconds before us. Then when asking to speak to a manager, voila! Suite available. The desk clerk was VERY rude. Manager was nice though. It was our wedding weekend and my fiance sent flowers and they were delivered to the hotel at 8am and had not made it to the room by 10am so getting flowers before I left for the church was ruined. THEN, over an hour to get a bottle of champagne to the room? Once calling the manager it was 3 mins later. How can a hotel charge $700 a night and only have the managers be nice? They need some work.

posted by alisonphillips on Sep 18, 2002

The Royal A+ Treatment

Rating: 10

From the point you enter this establishment it is impeccable and everyone gets the Royal Treatment. Want to spend a weekend feeling special and living a luxurious lifestyle this is the place. While everything is state of the art hi-tech the service from everyone was something special and unique. We compared this with other 4-5 star Hotels while visiting and none of the others compared. Want a taste of how the other half lives - this is it! This is now our Chicago Home.

posted by westa6969 on Sep 3, 2002


Rating: 10

Truly one of the finest hotels in Chicago. Stayed there over the fourth of July and had an excellent stay. And the best part was they had a special that weekend that made it the cheapest of the big four (Four Seasons, Ritz, Park Hyatt, Peninsula).

posted by EmptyMan on Jul 11, 2002


Rating: 10

I stayed at the Peninsula over Memorial Day weekend, and everything was a wonderful as I'd imagined! Yes, it's expensive, but comparing it to other similar-level properties on Michigan Avenue, it's less expensive and the rooms are much bigger. The Grand Deluxe room we had included a separate changing area, an enormous bathroom, and a beautiful bedroom with a comfortable sitting area. There are THREE phones in the bathroom, including a speakerphone by the huge tub (which also has a TV). Service was doting but not annoying. The hotel is somewhat family-friendly; there were many well-behaved children enjoying the rooftop indoor pool, and dining in the lobby restaurant. But I don't know of any planned events to give the parents some "alone time."

posted by mapleleaves on May 28, 2002

lap of luxury

Rating: 9

I haven't actually stayed here, but I've dined here a few times and hung out in the bar, and wow, what a palace. Brand new and completely luxurious--and very, very, very expensive.

posted by jpanderson_citysearch on May 16, 2002

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