The Peninsula Beverly Hills

From the hotel:

Classic, Elegantly Designed Hotel in the European tradition, situated in heart of Beverly Hills, 5 blocks from Rodeo Drive.

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9882 Santa Monica Blvd
Beverly Hills, CA, 90212-1605  United States

Partner Reviews: The Peninsula Beverly Hills

Best massage therapits!

Rating: 10

We got he couples massage. Lovely. Great service and great massage. Very relaxing. Each therapist we've gotten has been very good. We've been back 6 times! Enough said!

posted by mirmir on May 31, 2007

Good Massage Therapist.....poor service otherwise.

Rating: 6

Again, this hotel is a huge disappointment, don't think the Spa is going to be any different. First, for whatever reason they have only one person at the front desk. It would be logical to have two at all times. So, you have to wait until this poor girl is handling every customer until it's your turn. Not her fault, clearly management. Second, the dressing area was ice cold. I'm going in for a massage and the last thing I want to do is take my clothes off in an icebox. Third, the locker area, as far as I could see, only had like 12 lockers, and they are in a small enclove the size of a regular size bathroom area. We had four girls trying to change, and they was hardly any room to move. The massage was good, but they were a bit late for my appointment, not shocking when it comes to regular Peninsula customer service. Last but not least, I had a situation occur where they first were not very accomadating booking the appointment in the first place. This place is the king of saying no to simple requests like putting a charge on the room, before checking out for a spa service. I understand that some people are irresponsible and would maybe cancel, or want something else on top of that. But!!!! If neither of those is the case, and you just want to go in, have the treatment that is already paid for, why can I not do that????? Mind boggling how this hotel works. They made it into this big deal, and made us get giftcards, and then we were told that we could get cash back. Because they basically forced us to get a gift card, instead of just billing the room, plus gratuity. Now, I have a 39 giftcard to an establishment that the most you can get with that is a box of tea. They never offered to even say I could use it another part of the hotel. The description says they have gold sandals to wear, they don't! They are blue flip flops that are easily bought at any local Old Navy. Not recommended.

posted by Elischa on Dec 3, 2006

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