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In 1875, the Palace Hotel debuted as the world's largest and most luxurious hotel, towering eight stories over San Francisco. It was named to Condé Nast Traveler's 2002 Gold List.

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2 New Montgomery Street

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Since its debut in 1875 as the world's largest and most luxurious hotel in San Francisco, Palace Hotel has served as host to presidents, royalty and giants of industry. Experience the elegance and glamour of 19th century high society amidst beautiful vaulted ceilings and original Austrian crystal chandeliers. Centrally located downtown and adjacent to the Financial District, the Palace indulges guests with modern conveniences and the quality of service that gave the Age of Elegance its name.

Iconic - In a class of its own

Rating: 10

The Palace Hotel is a historic hotel going back to late 1800’s and was burnt down during the 1906 earthquake and rebuilt in 1909. The hotel is the oldest in San Francisco. If you’re expecting some kind of SF view (recommend hotels in Knob Hill area), novelty architecture or a modern hotel like a Marriot or a W this is not it—The Palace is the palace. The palace has beautiful architecture, long and wide corridors, marble stair cases and high ceilings—the feeling of history is all around here (including famous guest). The main lobby has the famous Garden Court restaurant which is breathe taking; I thought I was in Christine Chapel for a moment when I walked in. You may of notice it in the movie “The Game” with Michael Douglas (crashing though ceiling). The Palace also has historic Pied Piper Bar & Maxfield's restaurant (main eatery), named after Maxfeld Parrish who painted the original mural “Pied Piper” over the bar (probably worth millions too). The staff at the hotel from the bellmen to the front desk were friendly and helpful. The hotel is situated where you can walk (flat walking and no hills) to tourist areas like Union Square and Chinatown. The Museum of Modern Art and a BART station (subway) is nearby. Valet parking is available, I recommend calling valet from your room to avoid a long wait especially in busy hours. There are nearby restaurants in the area including McDonalds and local coffee shops. I had a superior room with a flat screen 32 inch TV and it was very comfortable and average size with high ceilings. I did notice the walls are thin like many hotels and did hear at times my neighbors, generally speaking, quiet at night including the hallways. I always book a hotel with a pool and Jacuzzi, the large pool is very nice but the Jacuzzi is small and only holds 4 people. My one complaint for the entire stay and its minor is the Jacuzzi never seemed to be completely filled to the top, water low by 10+ inches. Facilities also include a fitness center and sauna. In summary, The Palace is a hotel to experience, I recommend reading about it’s history and make sure you have breakfast in the Garden Court. There is a free historic group tour of the hotel (and other tours throughout SF), check with hotel concierge.

posted by marlae on Jan 21, 2010

Nice Hotel

Rating: 8

The Palace is a nice place to stay. The rooms are on the small side. They have a great Jazz Brunch on the weekends.

posted by ed94105 on May 4, 2009

The place is a palace, techcrunch40 event here was awesome

Rating: 8

The multiple conference rooms and lobby that connects them all is brilliant and made for moving quickly from networking and watching sessions to one on ones and doing business...

posted by TimNorton on Feb 19, 2009

Valet parking a nightmare

Rating: 6

Upon departure it took Valet just under one hour to get my car from the garage across the street. Had to remind them 4 times that I was still waiting as I watched many others come and go. Otherwise a beautiful old hotel. Staff overall was extremely pleasant. Location was good. Parking was just a bummer and I am waiting to see if the hotel does anything about a complaint I filed over the parking problem. I would say you can probably do better for the money in SF..

posted by Dxjudge on Feb 6, 2009

This place very badly needs a makeover.

Rating: 4

I stayed here with my husband and our dog on a weekend, just to get away from the norm. I think it was around $500 a night, and the sheets weren't even Egyptian cotton. Boring and old fashioned! This place very badly needs a makeover. Oh, and the buffet was a bit of a bomb too. Uninspired and the sushi was nowhere near fresh.

posted by tanya86 on Jan 25, 2009


Rating: 8

My wife and I celebrated our anniversary at the Palace Hotel, and the staff went over the top for us. The restaurant on site was unbelievable too. Our room was spacious, and we had a perfect view of the skyline and trees of Houston. Only negative was that the room decor was a bit dated. After all I want to give this hotel 4 star.

posted by Kimex on Nov 25, 2008

Nice Hotel

Rating: 8

Largest and most luxurious hotel in San Francisco, Palace Hotel has served as host to presidents, royalty and giants of industry. Starting from when I entered in hotel bellmen, catering and banquets to the front desk people were awesome! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Room service was quick. Perfect hotel to spend your holiday.

posted by kimrx on Oct 17, 2008

Faded glory

Rating: 6

I had a friend staying here recently so i went, all excited about the famous glass ceiling dining room only to discover the vast space was filled cheek to jowl with rather chain-hotel type banquet tables and goodness knows what-all. The room was quite nice. High ceilings, nice bathroom. Very thin walls...

posted by sherrywt on Aug 17, 2007

Nothing special

Rating: 6

Yes, the hotel is pretty -- the lobby and furniture. But that's pretty much all there is to the beauty. It's just "old." Rooms and the bathrooms are incredibly tiny. The view is terrible. Unless you get one of the few rooms looking out onto Market Street, there really isn't very much to see except brick wall and windows. The first room we stayed at reeked of cigarette smoke and had FLEAS. I literally saw a flea jumping on the bed. I ended up with 4 bites that night. Needless to say, we changed rooms. I'll give the staff credit for being nice and professional. New room still reeked of cigarette smoke, so much so that all my luggage smells. Oh, by the way, parking costs $48 a night! Thankfully we didn't pay the running rate for this hotel. This hotel just wasn't all that great.

posted by racklecan on Aug 12, 2007

Nice hotel

Rating: 10

While I am not big on old fashioned/traditional hotels I must say the customer service makes up for the decor. Everyone from the conceierge to the bellmen, catering and banquets to the front desk people were awsome! Very knowledgeable and friendly. Nice location right off of market street. I wish the gym was a little better than it was but it had all the equiptment though it was a little dated.

posted by bling76 on Jul 14, 2007

Not impressed

Rating: 6

My girlfriend and I stayed at the palace while on our vacation to San Francisco and we werent too impressed considering the price that we payed for the stay. The staff did not accomodate to what we wanted, the service was crappy, the food was expensive and whatever we did end up eating wasn't all that great either. I would suggest if you are going to spend this kind of money, to spend it on another hotel, you'll probably enjoy it better.

posted by mario0594 on Jul 2, 2007

Rip off tea!

Rating: 4

Consider spending $40 on a fancy tea lunch, you would expect a marvelous tea procession. But instead it ended up being crappy service, and few actual tea sandwiches. I believe tea at the Palace hotel is a rip off, but you must remember the Palace hotel is one of the only surviving buildings from the 1906 earthquake.

posted by missneptune on May 6, 2007

Not such a big deal

Rating: 6

Was not impressed with the Palace. There are so many great hotels in this city, and this one did not stand out for me. The staff were efficient, but not great. I expected greatness for the price. I did not eat here, but several other guests said it was bland. I

posted by vynnp on Nov 13, 2006

Only the Lobby is a Palace

Rating: 4

We booked a "Deluxe King" for our honeymoon well in advance and requested a room with a view. When we got there we received an interrior corner room with a view (out of a tiny window) directly into another room! The rest of the view consisted of more hotel rooms and a roof. I have no idea what was deluxe about the tiny room . . .I would hate to see their other rooms. The bathroom was terrible. It is an old hotel, but they could vastly improve the rooms and especially bathrooms if they want to be considered a luxury hotel. We called the Marriott, and they were so helpful in getting us a beautiful suite on a high floor for less money . . .and they sent us champagne and chocolates! It might not be as "classy," but the Marriott gets my vote over the Palace any day.

posted by megan_ruth on Jun 7, 2006

not the best experience

Rating: 6

Stayed at the Palace last year and I was underwhelmed. I requested a king bed and was given 2 doubles. Consequently, my husband and I slept in 2 separate beds. The front desk was not very helpful and the valet service was horrible. As my husband said, this is a hotel for people with too much money. There are far better hotels in the city for the price.

posted by slholden on Nov 30, 2005

i want to live here!

Rating: 9

Aside from great veiws, service and food, this is the most gorgeous hotel i've ever seen. When i get rich and famous i want to live there!

posted by dolphyngurl on Aug 26, 2002


Rating: 10

My boyfriend and I stayed @ the Palace for our vacation. I MUST tell you how GREAT the service was there! Everywhere we went in the hotel we had great service. We'd come back from shopping, door men would open our door. Room service was quick! The room's are SO unbelievably BEAUTIFUL! Beds are soft, bathroom is huge and walk in closet! We even went swimming and the service was GREAT there as well. I'm in my early twenties, so I thought they might've saw me as a little "kid" staying at a hotel with mommy and daddy, but it wasn't even like that! I've got to stay here again, this is the best hotel I've stayed at in the city! It's walking distance to almost EVERYTHING!

posted by budd_e_bev on Aug 21, 2002

(real) drop-dead elegance, not Faux

Rating: 10

I've stayed at the Palace Hotel about 10 times and always enjoy coming back. It is (real) drop-dead elegance (not Faux as in some of the newer competitive hotels) and the staff do everything possible to make you welcome and comfortable. I can't imagine a finer hotel...anywhere!

posted by likestogo on Jul 28, 2002

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