The Nolitan Hotel

Opening in May November 2010. From the hotel:

Our 55–room luxury boutique hotel will provide the perfect home in Nolita — impeccable, attentive, stylish and all about you. We’ll be your entrée into a real New York neighborhood that is creative, cool, international and historic. Linger. Enjoy. Imagine. Ruminate. Make friends. Experience life like a Nolitan.

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30 Kenmare Street

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The Neighborhood

I haven't stayed here but want to say something about this neighborhood, which I live in.  The Nolitan is considered an eyesore by most of the residents here and was built larger than the zoning permits (they were fined but not forced to remove the extra floor).  The Street is still kinda gritty:  lots of wholesale/distributer businesses. And tons of honking truck/car traffic.  The Bowery, a block away, has mostly wholesale restaurant supply businesses, although the New Museum is there as well.  Off of Kenmare Street, there are some nice boutiques, though.  Oh...and those of us who live here long-term still call it Little Italy.  Given the competition in the area, I'd be interested to see how many revisits they get.

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