The Nines

A Luxury Collection hotel from Starwood set to open in September 2008 in downtown Portland. It will occupy four stories in the Meier & Frank building above the Macy's department store. Can you say shopping packages?

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525 SW Morrison
Portland, OR, 97204-1403  United States

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Ideally situated next to Portland's Pioneer Square and the MAX light Rail, The Nines rests atop the landmark Meier & Frank Building and is a contemporary homage to the structure's storied past both in its striking decor and impeccable service. Over 13,000 square feet of meeting space is available to guests, as well as a cutting edge fitness center and club lounge. Two dining and bar options speak to global palates, including the Asian-inspired rooftop Departure restaurant. A magnificent contemporary art collection by local artists graces each of the 331 luxurious guestrooms, including 3 suites. Plush bedding, 42" HD Televisions, and twice daily maid service completes the picture of approachable elegance.

Fun place for a weekend downtown

Rating: 8

We love to go downtown for a weekend and this is a great place to stay. Can't beat the location, being so close to MAX. The rooms are great and the staff is friendly. I just love the decor - upscale modern the whole way. The rooms are exceptionally well equipped for a variety of needs. We've done the weekend routine twice and this is our place!

posted by CKelterman on Mar 7, 2010

Very cool hotel

Rating: 8

Had a girls weekend here, and we loved it. All the staff was great with except a female barteneder in the Departure Lounge Friday night 1/29th. Everyone else was fabulous. We ate in both restaurants, used the concierge etc. Right on max line, right by Nordys, Starbucks, a few blocks from two movie theaters. We just didn't sleep good because of the mattresses! Ouch. We would both go back.

posted by travel gal on Feb 3, 2010


Rating: 10

Beautifully decorated. Fantastic price on the room. Only drawback is the hyper vigilant door security. I forgot my room key and had to talk my way back upstairs by the guy monitoring the door.

posted by debbielady on Jan 5, 2010

Beautiful Hotel

Rating: 8

The Nines is a beautiful hotel. I love Departures.

posted by pdxstyle on Jan 5, 2010

Not a Five Star by Any Stretch

Rating: 2

Horrible, spotty service. My room, which was supposed to be feather-free (called ahead to make sure this was noted), came complete with a down comforter & down pillows. I understand this happens - not a big deal - so I call the front desk and ask to have it changed out. The front desk clerk says "Can't you just take it off the bed?" I said "Yes, I am capable of taking it off the bed, but I would still need a blanket and some pillows." "Oh, okay" Housekeeping arrived about 30 minutes later (12:30AM - I had a late flight and was SO tired) with a cheap thin blanket, and no pillows. Let her know I needed some pillows too, pillows without feathers or down. She says okay, and 30 minutes later she arrives with 2 feather/down pillows! It's 1am, I am removing the down comforter to replace with the shamefully thin blanket, and I notice there are no sheets! You have got to be joking.... So I send her back for foam pillows & sheets, which she brings in about 15 minutes. She hands them to me and says "You can make the bed?" I say sure, I'm too tired to care. Get the rough sheets on, and low and behold, the sheet is riddled with holes! It's at this point I realize the decorative pillows (gold and light blue) have brown stains all over them. Ick. I curl up and go to sleep anyway. In the morning I see that the hallway carpets are dirty, buttons are missing in the elevator bank, etc. In short, not a 5-star hotel, by any stretch. Maid service did not come by the next day - however, the turndown service did straighten the room. Also of note, my room only had a shower, no tub - just something to keep in mind if you're booking this hotel. My room also faced the interior and the window would not open. Kind of annoying. When I checked out, the front desk clerk asked about my stay, and this all came tumbling out. She seemed shocked and said that the Nines is known for their service - especially because they do not have the amenities that most 5-Stars have, so they rely on superior service to set them apart. I said that was really the opposite of my experience. She took my email address and made a note in the record, so we'll see if anything comes of it.

posted by mlaire on Jan 4, 2010

Eat here but do not stay overnight

Rating: 2

Recently spent two nights at the Nines to celebrate my husbands birthday. The room though a good size with a great view of the square was smelly. There was sewer smell coming from the drains in the bathroom, even after closing up all the drain plugs and putting towels over them we still could smell sour sewer. The room was not quite clean; dirty candy wrappers on the desk and no bottled water to be had, that is if you wanted to pay $5 for water. Also the service menu and literature in the room was drawn all over in pen. There are no top sheets on the bed, which leads one to wonder how often do they actually remove that duvet cover and wash it. The first night was a regular room price (AAA discount), the second was suppose to be a package deal which I had called and set up with the reservation desk. A brithday surprize for my husband. The "package deal" to the Nines, was not the deal I spoke to the rep about, and eneded up being no deal at all for the price. I do agree there was a misunderstanding that should have been cleared up with the intial phone call. Which could have been done if the reservation person had any clue about what she was doing, which she obviously did not. But I confirmed with the rep on the phone what I was getting for the package, we went over it line by line. When I asked about the package deal on Saturday, as I did not have some of the items from the package, I was told that the items were not included the package deal. The package deal I went through with the reservation person, on the phone, line by line. Then when I tried to get it straightened out with the front desk, they kept asking me for the persons name to whom I had spoken (which I had left at home, not thinking I would need that). She kept focousing on the name of person, and the customer. Then she told me there was nothing they could do for me to fix the problem. It was not their fault and I would just have to pay extra for the services I had thought I had already paid for. So not only did we get a smelly, not quite clean room, with a tv that kept fading in color every few minutes, we had horrible customer service. On the other side of this and their only saving grace is the beautiful location and building. The Urban Farmer is one of the best places to eat in Portland. We had Breakfeast , a Brunch and Dinner there. All were quite wonderful. SO my suggestion, stay elsewhere (our standing favorite is Hotel Delux) but grab lunch or dinner at Urban Farmer it is worth the walk.

posted by jenrivlin on Nov 16, 2009

Scummy Hotel, Poor Third World Country Staff.

Rating: 2

Who ever gave this hotel 5 Star Ratings probably worked for it or was paid. This is a horrible hotel with the most low class, unhelpful, rude staff you will meet. Motel 6's I have stayed at provided much better service than this hotel. The staff is unfriendly, unhelpful, rude. They are like people you would find in the slums of some third world country. Take your chances if you stay here.

posted by 4 Star Diner on Aug 31, 2009

Scary, Unsafe, Unhelpful Area, hotel and Staff

Rating: 2

I found the area to be unsafe even scary. The staff totally unhelpful, rude and not very nice at all. I have stayed at Motel 6's with better service. I don't know how they can say they are a five star hotel. They are like a $30 dollar a night hotel. The worse staff, the worse area, the worse experience ever.

posted by 4 Star Diner on Aug 31, 2009

Scary, Unsafe, Unhelpful Area, hotel and Staff

Rating: 2

I found the area to be unsafe even scary. The staff totally unhelpful, rude and not very nice at all. I have stayed at Motel 6's with better service. I don't know how they can say they are a five star hotel. They are like a $30 dollar a night hotel. The worse staff, the worse area, the worse experience ever.

posted by 4 Star Diner on Aug 31, 2009

The Nines, Portland is Great!

Rating: 10

If your looking for the ultimate hotel experience go to The Nines! It is located right next to the Max Line and Pioneer Square. Very accessi...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 19, 2009

Over all great experience

Rating: 8

I must admit i was very excited to be staying at the nines for a big 21st bday bash...but even with all the planning and confirming i did there was still some issues. They over booked our suite that i had reserved a month in advance, but were able to work out quite a great deal for me...ended up giving me an extra room comp. and a comp. to the resutrant..i basically ended up on top with there mistake, and they were very helpful in making sure i was pleased. the second mistake was the towncars i reserved through them...i know they contract that out but instead of the towncars i asked for they showed up with a van. and they claimed they had tried to contact me all day, but never had a missed call or message. in the end it all worked out and was over all a great experience. the club lounge was great and they have some outstanding staff who really do care about your stay and making it the best it can be. i was def not pleased with a few aspects but life isnt perfect and it def wont keep me from staying there again. there really isnt anything else like it in portland.

posted by ilovethebest on Jul 17, 2009

Horrible Wedding Experience - DO NOT STAY HERE

Rating: 2

After my friends wedding on Saturday we all went to the Nines - Urban Farmer and I have never had a worse experience. The bride was in her wedding dress, groom in his tux and 20 other guests all attended to have a drink after the reception. The bride and groom didn't have ID on them, so we all sat and waited for one of the bridesmaids to bring the ID. Bride and groom were not drinking. We had management staff approach the bride and tell her repeatedly that they were going to kick us all out if one sip of alcohol touched her lips. She never drank while at the restaurant without ID. They were so rude, continually pestering her and antagonizing her. They called security on the bride and groom, after such a long day making the bride really upset. Once the ID got there we showed the management and they cut her off. She cried for over two hours that this was the worst experience ever. After paying a ton of money to rent a room for their wedding night and bringing all of our busienss there, this was the worst customer service I have ever seen. I work in the wedding industry and would never talk to a bride or groom the way they were talked to by the management of Urban Farmer. I would agree with them that maybe the bride didn't need anymore to drink, but that is still no excuse for the rude and disrespectful behavior that we experienced from their staff. I will never recommend this hotel or restaurant to any of my brides, friend, family or vendors. We have never felt so unwelcome and uncomfortable. I spoke with management on the evening and nothing was done to apologize or rectify the situation.

posted by Msjessikaw on Jul 13, 2009

Great Place, Nice Rooms, Good Atmosphere

Rating: 10

I don't know how or why people get on citysearch and give a place like the Nines 1 star. Clearly it isn't and for some reason people just can't be objective when giving a review after an experience thats not 100%. The Nines clearly is well done. Sheik, trendy and cool while still maintaining its class. If you are more comfortable at the Motel 8 then just don't come here. Its not for you. Service is ok but I really can't remember a place that I would say was fantastic. The restaurant "Urban Farmer" could use a little work on flavor but Departure (the bar upstairs) is awesome both in atmosphere and food quality. It is pretty pricey, especially for tappas style food (i.e. small plates) but worth it at least once. Pound for pound everything isn't perfect but you would be hard pressed to find a better place in Portland.

posted by HottNickles3400 on Jun 30, 2009

Why O why, would anyone go here?

Rating: 2

I hated it. It was pretentious and homey- a creepy combo. Food was awful, imo, and the service was terrible. It looked like a mexican holiday inn with the totally boring hotel rooms looming on all sides. You could not pay me to go back. Also, drinks were inexpertly made and expensive. Layout was bad and they were just trying waaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard with the menu. It was actually stupid. And the service wasn't JUST inattenitve, they were rude and dismissive, when we said we weren't interested in ordering any of their 24 ounce steaks. (did I mention they were trying too hard? That is EIGHT servings of beef.) If they think they'll stay in business on the backs of the twentysomething swells, they are out of their minds and ought to look around at the restaurant scene in Stumptown. With so many tasty, clever fabulous options, why o why would anyone subject themselves to Urban Farmer? I don't mind paying a ton for amazing food. I don't mind marginal service if the food is great. I don't even mind the occasional marginal meal, if the service is superb. Sadly, this place has all of the bad and not one reason to go there again. bleah.

posted by danniissopicky on Jun 18, 2009

Stellar Staff at Urban Farmer

Rating: 10

Rebecca, our hostess was warm and welcoming. Aynah,our server, was helpful and attentive. Distilled water or sparkling mineral water is a nice touch. For lunch and we enjoyed the cheese steak. Splurge on dessert !!! Worth every penny !!! Mud pie was house made creamy chocolatey rocky road ice cream....with hand made marshmallow and freshly toasted almonds served wonderful whipped cream with two delightful fresh dark chocolate cookies.

posted by ketrin on Apr 19, 2009

Departure...Not so Impressed

Rating: 2

Having had great experiences at The Nines Hotel and The Farm the past few months we were looking forward to checking out the new departure. ...

posted by Citysearch User on Apr 9, 2009

Nice Decor-food so so

Rating: 6

Went to the Urban Farmer last night. I went to the lounge in January and enjoyed it. Our server was nice enough, received our drinks and wine in a timely manner. My problem was that my Cod dish arrived warm, not hot. After ordering a salad, entree, dessert and coffee which was $100.00 with tip, I expect my entree to be hot. That's not asking too much. Also, when I asked for more coffee, an additional server quoted"I heard you already". Excuse me? Learn some manners smart a#%! So all in all, enjoyed the night out with my girlfriends, but Urban Farmer still needs improvement.

posted by boopie on Feb 28, 2009

Swanky Lounge Doesn't Match Service

Rating: 6

Positives: Okay, I'll say that the decor is great and The Nines knows how to create ambiance. They are welcoming.... Negatives: I ordered a $9 glass of wine in the lounge and expected the wine glass to be at least near half full..well it came and it was barely 1/4 of the glass ! Really? Don't insult me. Our server was indifferent to the situation and when she came back 5 min. later with what I should have got in the first place said "no worries , I understand" meaning poor me I can't afford a 2 sip glass of wine. Please!

posted by wildhair09 on Feb 8, 2009

Best of the Best in Portland

Rating: 10

I've stayed at The Nines during the holidays and believe me it is lovely in every way and in every area: Decor, service, food, rooms. The disappointed guest sound like a disgruntled employee. I can't imagine we stayed at the same hotel. I look forward to my spring trip to Portland and my mext stay at The Nines, one of Portland's newest "pearls".

posted by jackryan1160 on Feb 3, 2009


Rating: 10

My clients always love The Nines. I have never had anything but good feedback. The rooms are beautiful and the staff is very good at what th...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 18, 2009

Horrid Service, mediocre menu

Rating: 2

I've been to The Nines several times. For dinner, happy hour, a private party, lounging with friends, and even a night stay in one of their rooms. After each visits, I walked away from The Nines highly unimpressed. Frankly, I am very disappointed in what had been one of Portland's great expectations. The issue? Horrible horrible service. Each visits to The Nines have ended with a lack of indulgence provided from the bartender & wait staff. All of them make you feel that you should be privileged to have them wait on you. Matter of fact, you are lucky if they even look at you. Point blank, I will never go back again. I highly recommend that you do NOT either. They lack the service and feel of a five star boutique hotel. I would rather drive to The W in Seattle.

posted by UrbanElite on Jan 6, 2009

The name won't make up for the Horrid Service

Rating: 4

I was excited when I heard that Portland was building a boutique hotel at the historic Meier & Frank buidling. I was even more excited when I heard of a new urban lounge and restaurant: Urban Farmer. I mean, what a great way to put Portland even more on the map with this addition to our Soho like city without the whole New York City feel. My excitement sure discipated quickly like ice on a hot summer day. I have been to the Nines at least 10 times since November. Litterally. My last visit was this past New Years Eve and from this night I vowed to never go back again. Why? 1. Horrible service 2. Horrible Service 3. Mediocre menu (food & drinks). I have given them plenty of tries. Each visit was experienced with the worse service of any high end place I have ever been to. And I have been to plenty. The bartender recognizes me but that doesn't seem to mean much. Obviously, regulars are treated like no bodies no matter what (No excuse, though). All of the staff seem to be too busy and important to service their clients. Standing at the bar to order your drinks, the bartender certainly make you feel like you should be priviledged to even get their attention and even more so if they actually help you. I have experienced lack of courtesy, manners, and the feel that you are unimportant to them. My last draw for this horrid place was a comment I received from their I'm too good an important dark skinned bartender: "If you give me a 100% tip then I will help you next". Not funny. I've already been waiting 30 minutes to order my New Years Eve champaign so that I can tost to 2009. Which, by the way, they ran out of (glasses & champaign). My family owned a restaurant & I have worked in the waiting & service industry. One thing most of us know is that no matter where your customers are from or who they are, you make them feel special and that you are pleased to service them. Because, after all, they are the one paying for you to even have a job.

posted by UrbanElite on Jan 5, 2009


Rating: 10

At first when I heard they were taking the top 3 floors of the old department building and turning them into a hotel I thought it was nuts. ...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 13, 2008

Thematic Overload at the Urban Farmer

Rating: 6

Although the food was excellent and the architectural ambiance is quite nice, I was left thinking that the Urban Farmer is sacrificing service and practicality for the, let's face it, somewhat hokey theme. The service was rather slow, with an extended lag between beverages and the first hint of food. The production of adding the broth to the soup tableside and picking one's own steak knife could have been spared. Finally when the steak and sides arrive, they are presented in extremely hot cast iron skillets. These not only cause one to break out in a sweat from the escaping heat, but their high sides make steak cutting a bit awkward. While the theme was definitely interesting, Urban Farmer lacks the execution and level of service one would expect from an establishment in the price range. Hopefully they will work on these elements to match them to the quality of their food -- the steak was cooked exactly as I ordered and the twice baked potato is wonderful without being overdone. Finally, I would hope that this restaurant loses some of it's current see-and-be-seen suburbanite flamboyance; it simply completes the cartoonish Dollywood-esque experience.

posted by jbreweral2or on Dec 1, 2008

The Nines Restaurant the Urban Farmer is the Best Restaurant in Portland 2008!

Rating: 10

Wow did Portland need this lets just hope they don't change directions, like so many restaurants do! I have been 4 times for dinner and twice for appetizer's. I have had almost everything on the menu...I like to go with groups of 4 or more that way you can each order something different. I have loved everything....well except the suckling pig...but that could be that I am just not a Pork lover! The Maitre Fromager (Cheese Expert) is great...and cute too. The only downfall is that it is a pickup joint on the weekends after 9:00.

posted by bowmama on Nov 25, 2008

Amazing transformation of a Portland landmark

Rating: 10

This long term project to re-invent a downtown department store into a luxury boutique hotel hits the mark full on! The Nines captures the ...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 23, 2008

Much needed in Portland

Rating: 10

You might have noticed that upscale/business lunch choices in Portland are far and few. Let's be clear: food carts are my staple, but breaking the routine on occasion is nice. The Nines offers such a venue and with creative flare. The pork/egg/shrimp grits is one of the more creative concoctions I've had and it was excellent to boot. The grits are not hard, but creamy in texture. It reminds me the polenta camps: there are those who like it grilled with a tougher texture and those who enjoy it creamy. The serving size is more than ample, so maybe share and get something else for a little variety. The creamed spinach was another star, only Morton's serves a better version of those that I tried. Dessert is waaaaay above average, no boring chocolate cake or Tiramisu here, but rather a butterscotch brownie with original flavor ice cream served in a jar. Service was excellent with the primary waiter?s ?assistant?outdoing everyone. If they could pick up the check a little faster, it would have been perfect (hint: look up and around as you head back to the kitchen.) This is the new crown jewel, it is hoped that many will chime-in with their opinions.

posted by yazfan on Oct 28, 2008

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