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New York has long been home to the cutting edge. The different. The creative. And now, with the arrival of The Muse in Times Square, New York has a hotel that captures its eclectic nature. In form, The Muse is a luxury hotel. In function, it is much more; it is a location where exemplary service begins before your arrival. Where both the staff and the property are prepared to provide whatever it is you require. The result is not a place to sleep, but a place to dream. Each room also is equipped with STSN Internet access and cables that are compatible with most lap top computers.

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130 W 46th St

Partner Reviews: The Muse - A Kimpton Hotel

Muse is trendy, comfy, great NYC lodging!

Rating: 8

I stayed here with a girlfriend years ago (early 2000s). The place was exceptional. It was a great bargain at the time because I took advan...

posted by Citysearch User on Oct 13, 2009

Great Location!

Rating: 8

The Muse is a beautiful hotel with exemplary service! The rooms are nice, the beds are comfortable and every creature comfort you may need ...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 3, 2008

Boutique Hotel

Rating: 8

This hotel is in the middle of anywhere you need to get to in the city. It's a small boutique hotel, which is very trendy and cute. The rooms are spacious, with beautiful clean bathrooms (which always are important factors in a Hotel Room). It's close to Times Square, which means near all transit. Even though I've stayed there in the Winter, when I was inside, I always felt like I was in a South Beach little Hotel...

posted by shebes228 on May 27, 2008

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent

Rating: 10

Bravo! I can't say enough fabulous things about this hotel and my stay here. I loved my room, and the shampoos: "L'Occitane" brand which is an upgrade from the "Philosophy" products they used to use. No skimping on hotel shampoos here! "L'Occitane" is very expensive and you can only buy it at their store or Bergdorf's. Staff was perfect, the BEST cocktails in the city, and food was pretty interesting as well. I liked the mini hamburgers. Don't forget an in room massage too.

posted by Bridget_Jones on May 9, 2006

Spacious and Gracious

Rating: 10

Just returned from 4 nights at The Muse and everything was perfect. The room was spacious and well-appointed, the staff (all of them) were exceptionally friendly and professional and the air-conditioning was COLD (important in July). Each evening not only was the bed turned down when we returned from the theater, but the ice bucket was full and there were fresh towels. Our room was quiet (on the 12th floor) and the NYT was outside our door, even on Sunday. I signed up for e-mail specials at the Hotel web site and got a great rate that way.

posted by paulachris on Jul 18, 2005

New Years Gem

Rating: 8

Spent three nights over New Years...of course cant beat the location one block from Times Square.Beatifully decorated rooms and common areas.We were checked in within 2 minutes.For quiet rooms,ask for a room away from 46th street as the windows are not well insulated for street noise.Difficult getting city cabs in front of hotel which requires you to reserve car service to the airports.This is reliable,but you will pay more.Would def. return to this hotel.

posted by heeto on Jan 3, 2005

Next time a little longer

Rating: 10

My wife and I had the pleasure of staying at this hotel last weekend I compliment them on the high standards set by the hotel and staff. Even before the end of the first day my wife had already decided we should return for a longer stay as soon as time allows

posted by llundberg on Dec 5, 2003

Amenities to Die For!

Rating: 9

The lobby? Cozy and Stylish. The bar? Classy. Service? Perfect. The rooms? Spotlessly clean and modern- beautiful. But what about the stay did I remeber the most? The huge bar of luxurious oatmeal soap and the "personality" brand shampoo and conditioners. Seriously among the best hotel amenities I've ever used. Fantastic hotel in a great location, will DEFINITELY visit again.

posted by tekn76 on Jul 24, 2003

A Good One

Rating: 10

Quite enjoyed my three nights, two days. My only concern was with a minibar charge that was handled quickly and to my satisfaction. Good people, comfortable room, great soap.

posted by keeper on Jul 21, 2003


Rating: 10


posted by stfflngr on Jun 7, 2003

A Far Cry from the Others

Rating: 10

Best period I stayed in, in years. Previously I have been at Royalton, 60 Thompson, Chambers. Service and staff were exceptional. I asked if I could have jacket pressed - midday and a manager simply took it off my back and told me he would return if 10 minutes. He was back in 5 and I got a free cup of coffee while I waited. Food/bar is quality and the rooms are bigger than the hotels I've already mentioned.

posted by cantonO on Jun 2, 2003

service wasn't as expected

Rating: 5

I had read all the reviews on this website before going to the Muse. But I was very disappointed with their service. I requested 2 toothbrushes and paste, 2 forks and wine opener. First it took them 30 minutes and 3 more calls for them to show up. And they show up with one toothbrush, one fork. they told us they couldn't find another toothbrush and they ran out of paste and they forgot the other fork and wine opener. Well you can now decide for yourself how the service was. but I loved the room.

posted by meera on May 25, 2003


Rating: 10

The best I've encountered in NYC. Travel on business and weekends. Very clean and the best bathroom this side of the Four Seasons.

posted by akidder on Apr 28, 2003


Rating: 10

Through and through - warm rooms, super soaps and nice touches. Service with a smile and a great location for work and pleasure

posted by curtisz on Apr 2, 2003

Birthday Bash

Rating: 10

Given a stay in NYC by friends and had great time. First, real none business trip in a long, long time. Hotel out preformed any other I have stayed, with good food, people and comfort you can feel. Thanks!

posted by jeffersonago on Feb 26, 2003

Happy New Year!

Rating: 10

I am writing this from our comfortable room on 12/31/02. The staff has already made us feel right at home and provided us with a letter with all that is happening this evening. Gotta go and enjoy. Thanks for all your positive responses, they are right-on!

posted by 2003 on Dec 31, 2002


Rating: 10

This hotel is very clean, very comfortable and the staff are good, good folk. Perfect for eveything I needed to do.

posted by palms on Dec 11, 2002

Thanks for the Recomendation

Rating: 10

We would not have picked the muse if it were not for all the help you provided. Although there were a few "clunkers," it appeared that the majority more than enjoyed their trip. We did too. A simply wonderful hotel and staff. Thank you all and thanks to the Muse!

posted by canfield on Dec 10, 2002

The only place I'll ever stay in NYC.

Rating: 10

Just spent this Thanksgiving at the Muse with my family. The location was great for shows and the subway. The service was awesome and everyone went out of their way to make the trip special. They arranged for a car to pick us up at the airport and made sure it stayed when our flight was delayed 3 hours. Could not of had a better time. I'ts the only place I'll ever stay in NYC again.

posted by jdheinsen on Dec 3, 2002


Rating: 10

Great operation: staff, service and District. We will be back to our new NYC house soon.

posted by JTucker2 on Nov 21, 2002

To Ponder

Rating: 10

Great, quiet, comfortable and a super location. Staff is there - all the time and the restaurant and bar are just as good. T1 access for my business works each and every time. Thanks!

posted by FredKe on Nov 20, 2002


Rating: 10

Super, super stay. Big TVs, great amenities, wonderful bed and beding. Couldn't be better for business. I have advised my corporate travel department to book you. Again, thanks

posted by BobMenger on Nov 19, 2002


Rating: 10

Although I was suprised to read recent negative reviews, given the numerous positive ones, I was, indeed, thrilled with my stay. It is true the amenities are great and so is the staff. ALL of them. Restaurant was very good and the room service was prompt - a big plus.

posted by travelaid on Nov 16, 2002


Rating: 2

I was very unimpressed with the service and the room itself. Midnight Pantry, when asked they dont have it anymore. Take it off the website! Rooms are large but lack any style. When checking in the staff were complaining about a manager and not really concerned with their primary duty, "their job of checking my wife and I in". Bellman are very friendly but that's all. Restaurant is superb. The hotel should definatley take lessons from the restaurant. We tried to call down to the front desk to ask about getting reccomendations for a restaurant, it took almost forever for someone to answer the phones. My wife and I wondered where they ever got the idea calling themselves Boutique.

posted by FLOWS on Nov 15, 2002

Not a Night To Remember

Rating: 5

Upon arrival the Front Desk staff seemed preoccupied. It seems as though I was bothering the desk agent because I wanted to check in! They didn't have the room I had requested so I was placed in a single smoking room - totally unacceptable! I will say this, the room amenities are nicer than many hotels (nice big bar of soap), but that would not sway my decision to never stay at The Muse again.

posted by Brownlt on Nov 15, 2002

Cozy Cool

Rating: 10

A really neat place that I had not heard of before. Although my travel agent told me about it, I checked out the website my self and booked it. Great people and oooh, such a comfortable bed. Even the soap was fantastic and a sized like I would buy for home - that 's a change from the 50 cent size I usually see.

posted by starsearch on Nov 8, 2002

I Found IT!

Rating: 10

Simply a great, warm hotel. Staff is super and the beds are over the top. I couldn't have been happier.

posted by AppleCore on Oct 2, 2002

Something Good

Rating: 9

Just had a wonderful experience in this rather new hotel in the Times Square area. Offers great food and good people and super soap. Felt very much at home. Thank you!

posted by Sampler on Sep 30, 2002


Rating: 10

I have been a regular business traveler to NYC but on this trip I brought MOM in for a surpise weekend get-a-way and took her to Mama Mia. I thought I would try another hotel rather than the Royalton and I am glad I did. It was a great show and great hotel expeience. Staff was wonderful to both of us, making us feel like we had been in before. They helped confirm our theater tickets and offered counltess other service, including a relaxing spa treatment for her special day. All my business is now going to the Muse.

posted by s_weaver on Sep 24, 2002

small food, but really nice bed

Rating: 8

So....the view sucked and the hotel was in a pretty sketchy little area of Times Square, and the room was unbelievably tiny, BUT....the BED was AWESOME~! It was huge and just....fluffy. A great place to crash for the night. The bathrooms were also pretty nice. Actually--the hotel was all-in-all pretty nice, its just that I think they got a bit jipped with their location. Only like a block for Times Square though so that's not too bad. REALLY friendly staff. Small lobby though.

posted by ekc12 on Aug 7, 2002


Rating: 6

I was reccommended to the muse from some clients. Not so impressive. Would not call it boutique. Comfortable rooms, very spacious but not boutique at all. Beds very nice. Furniture is very flimsy. Bath products nice. When asked of the concierge, they were not so helpful. overrated!

posted by willy on Jun 25, 2002

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