The Mirage

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3400 Las Vegas Blvd S
Las Vegas, NV, 89109-8923  United States

Partner Reviews: The Mirage

Loved our stay here

Rating: 8

We loved our stay here and would be back. The pool was fantastic! We had a great lunch upon arrival at the Carnegie Deli and my bro got upgraded to a penthouse suite!

posted by elanamatic on May 19, 2009

Still Amazing After Almost 20 Years

Rating: 8

Mirage is still an attention getter. The property is very attractive and the guest rooms are continually upgraded. The only small negative is that the guest bathrooms are small.Mirage is easy to navigate and has a beautiful pool area. Onda and Fin are both excellent restaurants.Guest service is very good throughout the hotel. Try a poolside cabana for a treat

posted by CSMobileUser on Mar 5, 2009

stayed for our wedding

Rating: 10

my husand and i stayed here may 2004. we were in vegas for our wedding. first off, when we arrived at check without us knowing they had upgraded us to a tower suite. we were so surprised. even though we wasnt even getting married at the hotel. we had choosen a little chapel on the strip. but you see they found out when i called them to make a dinner reservation the night of our wedding. which the resturant the i picked online was booked, so they booked us at the prime resturant (at one of there sister hotels). it was the best meal ever. we were there with 2 other couples and we spend a day at the pool, where we had a great time. and one of my friends book me a massage the morning of my wedding day and it was to die for. the only negative thing i could say about our stay. i would recommend new and softer beds.

posted by mapleou on Jun 15, 2008

Age is catching up with The Mirage

Rating: 2

We just visited The Mirage and was extremely disappointed. It took 20 minutes to check-in and once we did get to register, the key coding machine broke down. This took another 5 minutes to re-boot. In addition, once we arrived in our room we found that the mini-bar had sprung a leak and we had a puddle of wet carpeting in our room. Because the hotel was sold out, there were no other rooms and we had to make due. The housekeeping staff was horrible. Our beds were thrown together (not made properly) both nights. Oh, the spread was tucked in but that was it. If you stay, pay attention to the little card beside the phone. They will not change your sheets unless you call and ask for it. Pretty much guarantees the minimum will be done unless you go to the trouble of asking for better. The pool was over-crowded. If you go here do not travel on weekends, or holidays. The pool area can not accommodate a sold out hotel. The kids wanted to ride the slide, but the gate leading to was closed with an out-of-order sign for the entire weekend....nice timing! The moving sidewalk was broken all weekend and I never saw any attempt to fix it. This would not usually be a problem, but it was 116 degrees and it would have been nice. It seems as though the other casino's and hotels had no problem keeping theirs running. If you read any of the older web sites or books about the dolphin habitat, there is no longer a swim with the dolphins. This has been canceled and the only option is a "trainer for the day" option. This costs $500 and is booked 3 weeks out. Even at that, we went through the habitat and the kids doing the program seemed bored to tears. Ok, you may have the idea we had a terrible time....well, we did. You want you visit to Vegas to be memorable (in a good way) and not a calamity of errors. I think it just gets back to the age of the hotel and you can only re-paint the old walls so many times before you end up with a newly painted very old wall.

posted by printersfriend on Jul 11, 2007

Saturday's BUSY!

Rating: 4

The room was ok but my key was deactivated not just once but twice. Was given bad information and or no assistance with key deactivation issue. Misinformed about the Players Club and how the points worked. The doors do not just close on their own they SLAM! All night long I was awakened every time someone would go in or out of their room. I got married on this trip to Vegas and was not happy about my stay. This was the first time my new husband had been to Vegas and he does not care to ever go back. It was VERY disappointing.

posted by kymavis on Jun 12, 2007

Simply Amazing

Rating: 10

I loved this place. It was so awesome inside the hotel and inside the room. I can't think of a single thing I didn't like and the Revolution Lounge is a must see for anyone who visits this place.

posted by safehavenprinting on Jun 6, 2007


Rating: 8

The interior of this place is quite elegant and grand. There is a huge fish tank behind the check in desk, so even if you're not staying here, go check that out, it's pretty awesome. The volcano outside is something to check out for free at night if you've never seen it, and it's kinda' cool. It's not bad place overall, but it is getting a little bit older every year to me.

posted by muranodiva on Nov 18, 2006

go to the Dolphin pools

Rating: 8

the hotel is nice, not expensive, and the staff is great. the dolphin show and secret garden are worth seeing and we had a great time.

posted by tambotambo on Nov 17, 2006

Excellent Customer Service

Rating: 8

Great casino, sports bar and hotel room. Room service is very attentive to requests however when requesting a replacement iron because the one in the room left rust on a new white shirt I don't think that I should have been charged for a room service delivery.

posted by shaler on Nov 7, 2006

Excellent Hotel

Rating: 10

Awesome Hotel. We loved the dolphin swim. The ammenities were excellent and the in house restaurants were better than most outside the hotel.

posted by universalconcepts on Oct 30, 2006

Favorite hotel on the strip

Rating: 10

Wonderful location at the heart of the strip. Rooms are very nice and spacious. Service everywhere is wonderful. Very relaxed atmosphere. Best pool in town.

posted by doclatta on Oct 27, 2006


Rating: 8

Mirage is a cool place to stay, especially with its recent attempts at changing its image. Jet has brought a younger crowd to the hotel, so if you want to be around the 20's-30's crowd you can find it here. The restaurants have improved. The basic rooms are ok, but they are certainly average. Small room and out-dated bathroom. If you want a nice room upgrade to a newer or nicer room.

posted by sheelizabeth on Oct 24, 2006

Vegas Classic

Rating: 8

The Mirage is a timeless place on the strip, which is why I've been coming for years. When you stay in the Penthouse suites, the sky's the limit. It's safe to assume comps, swag, transportation by limo, and the hottest guest lists in town. At the pool, book a cabana. You get privacy, tv, ceiling fan, plenty of snacks, sunscreen, pool floats, misters to keep you cool all day long, and don't forget the most important part--cabana boys and girls. My last visit took place during the Kentucky Derby and my cabana girl procured some Mint Juleps by race time...yum! Other great menu items include: the quesadillas, burger and fries, and don't forget the icecream from nearby Cocunuts. The spa is terrific. The gym, salon, and spa facilities are top notch. There are more healthy snacks available in the locker room. I'm a fan of their facials, massages, and mani-pedis. Unlike some hotel shops, the shops at the Mirage sell clothes you would actually wear: Juicy Couture, Ed Hardy, True Religion, etc. The Mirage is undergoing an expansion, which means construction. That's the only negative thing I have to say. But that's not keeping me away from seeing LOVE, the Beatles cirque du soleil at the Mirage next weekend.

posted by ritzgirl21 on Jun 25, 2006

Our Home Away From Home!

Rating: 10

What can I say? This is our "Spot" everytime we go to Vegas: Affordable Rooms, not too smoky, (we're nonsmokers), and I think it's really one of the best-maintained Casinos out there (we've stayed all over Vegas). The ONLY thing that is bad? The Buffet. Don't eat there. Plus, the slots are kinda tight too. The Pool has a great ambience and the drinks are not too pricey. Make sure though, when you go, to ask for the Jacuzzi Tub upgrade. They don't put the option up on the Site, but it's pure heaven.

posted by kattrina123 on Apr 30, 2006

Very Pricey, Very Unimpressive

Rating: 4

Stayed for over $200 a night and tried to go workout in the morning. I had to pay extra to use the treadmills?! Pool was nice and food was ok but casino was drab, smokey and the worst of all that I toured during my stay. I won't stay here again...

posted by mbauhs on Dec 15, 2005

Overpriced. Great location.

Rating: 6

Only paid $159/night (special rate for a work conference) and still wasn't impressed. Room was a good size & the bathroom was small. There wasn't anything special or luxurious about the room. Some of the towels were a tiny bit worn/thin with light stains. Could hear hallway noise - especially the doors slamming shut. If I didn't have the radio or tv turned on, I could hear the voices and tv from the next room. I expected better sound proofing - especially for the price.

posted by k808 on Nov 21, 2005

Won't stay again.

Rating: 2

Stayed for my husbands 50th BD. Took our grown kids with us. Booked there rooms. Maids walked in to rooms without knocking, took 45 minutes to get our bags from the valet, then they brought the wrong ones. Mikados, very expensive for the quiality of food. Have stayed 5 times before, won't go back.

posted by ackrondeb on Aug 22, 2005

Best Pool in town!

Rating: 10

Last summer we spent the weekend here by the pool the whole time - room rates were awesome and can't say enogh about the pool - it's huge and the crowd is very entertaining.

posted by ronibidz on Mar 25, 2005


Rating: 6

The amenities do play a portion of a spa rating but the therapist is a bigger portion. Even though The Mirage has wonderful amenities ...the massage therapist i had just couldn't get a good rating.

posted by clairelong on Feb 15, 2004

Mirage Spa

Rating: 4

The massage I received was below average. Nothing special at all. The prices were too high over all. The slots are a total rip off. I lost $500 in about an hour and I will never play there again as long as I live.

posted by jerrywrench on Jan 28, 2004


Rating: 10

The Mirage was great, I recommend it to everyone visiting Vegas. Be sure (especially w/ Kids) to visit the secret garden and Dolphin habitat. It was very worth it!! The place is beautiful, and the pool was great! It doesn't get more romantic than that!! My fiance and I are for sure going to stay here again!!

posted by pilotjen on Oct 19, 2003


Rating: 8

We've stayed here several times and are never disappointed. Just walking in the door transports you to a majical jungle where anything is possible. Staying at an MGM/Mirage property allows you access to the most popular shows like Danny Gans and "O" but I would skip Siegfried and Roy.

posted by waterbabe40 on Mar 10, 2003

Mirage Mediocrity

Rating: 3

The Mirage is very....very overrated. I stayed three nights and was very underimpressed. The rooms are nothing special. They did nothing to make my stay special. I did not hear one employee say "Thank you for staying at the Mirage". To date, no one has asked my how my stay was. Go elsewhere, this place is overpriced and they don't care about their guests.

posted by jchurch5566 on Dec 23, 2002

The Mirage is real

Rating: 8

First stay at the Mirage was a pleasant one. Courteous treatment by all personnel was a welcome experience. The facilities are very good, with plenty of recreational options. Varied choices of restaurants throughout. Very accessible to other casinos and venues within easy walking distance. Room rates were reasonable for a busy time of year, compared to other higher end casinos in the vicinity.

posted by zswochok on Dec 9, 2002

Not my favorite but ok

Rating: 5

I've stayed at many hotels in Vegas. The thing about this one is that the rooms aren't that great and it's hard to get to them - you've got to walk through a very crowded entry and casino to get there, and it's lame. The pool is really nice, and the spa rocks. Nice gym, and very, very good service. I have never liked any of the restaurants here and I don't like the environment/atmosphere. There are almost never good men hanging around here, either.

posted by hkygrl on Nov 17, 2002

Hold That Tiger!

Rating: 9

Absolutely fabulous-not only the hotel itself which is beyond words, but the staff could not have been more friendly and helpful. It very for a very comfortable atmosphere and hone-like, which is not what you expect in Las Vegas.

posted by mikef on Oct 20, 2002

Siegfried and Roy's SHOW!!

Rating: 8

This was the one show that we really wanted to see in Vegas. It was FANTASTIC!!!!!!! Don't miss it, even if your not staying at the Mirage. Also, go and see their dolphin habitat and take the tour. Kids will love it. My husband is still talking about their breakfast was great!!!! .

posted by LloydandLisaFaulk on Aug 18, 2002

Beautiful Hotel

Rating: 8

When you walk into this beautiful hotel/casino your greeted to your left by a massive tiger lIving in his assigned playground. He looked so playful yet so lonely. When you walk further in you will be subjugated to beautiful shops and stores. This place even has a aquatics center where you can spend 10 dollars to swim with dolphins. Or atleast thats what I thought the sign said. If you got the extra bit of cash to whip out to stay at a luxurious hotel like the mirage then very well do so. Its right smack dab in the middle of the Las Vegas strip so you wont have a hard time finding some interesting attractions to see.

posted by jerry_watkins on Aug 8, 2002

Poor lion

Rating: 5

THey have a lions den behind glass right when you walk into the hotel to left.. IT was so cool to be that close to the lion but kinda of sad to. They should make it so that we can see in but the lion cant see out. He paced back and forth and as far as i could see he was all alone. He jumped into the pool they have for him and he swam right up to the glass where i stood. what an amazing creature! I was in awe for sure but walked away feeling bad. I sight to experience but you might feel gulity. As for the hotel its nice but its just another hotel on the strip

posted by heavenbee on Aug 6, 2002

Good as it gets

Rating: 9

Ok, it should come as no surprise that this place is nice. The buffet isnt as good as it used to be, but the rooms are nice, the service is quite good and the atmospeher can't be beat. I'd say of the non-expensive hotels on the strip, this is the one to hit.

posted by jeffgay on Jul 29, 2002

Amazing Pool Side Ambiance

Rating: 10

This place has the greatest pool with the waterfall and the slide. The Jacuzzi's are tucked up and away from the main area in secluded spots. The service pool side in fantastic. They are always there to make sure you have what you need. The hotel also had added a great coffee bar for those mornings when you really need that cup of Joe that was not there the last time I stayed there. Much easier than trying to make it to Starbucks! and it was tasty too! The only Con is the location of the room elevators.

posted by dawnmariesmith on Jun 18, 2002

fun environment..

Rating: 7

The Mirage is just like a hotel located on a tropical island. Tropical is their theme. You will see palm trees in every direction, along with the musky smell. The famous white bengal tigers reside here. Walk through the place and you get to see these great creatures up close and even during some feeding times. Dolphins are also available to look at in their tank. This place truely lives up to it's tropical theme.

posted by xoxoscorpio on May 31, 2002

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