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The Mercer, Sohos first luxury hotel , boasts 75 guest rooms on 6 floors of a landmark romanesque revival in New Yorks thriving Soho district. designed and built by noted architect William Scheckel for John Jacob astor Ii in 1890, the building was completely gutted and redesigned by renowned french interior designer Christian Liaigre.

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Partner Reviews: The Mercer

Mercer Hotel Has Perfected the Art of Rudeness

Rating: 2

The Mercer Hotel is in a great location and a great building. My compliments end there. The price of the place is insane and some members of the hotel's staff think they are God's gift to humanity. They are rude, arrogant and unsmiling. Why? I've stayed in so many great hotels that are made great by the service. This one lives off its location, facility, and high-visibility clients. Why anyone would ever return to this place eludes me. It is like eating at a high-priced restaurant where the food is no good, but the ambiance is nice. If a luxury hotel comes with great sheets but rude service, what good is it? Really, unless rude people make you feel self-important, look for an alternative hotel that comes with a smile.

posted by NowBeNice on Apr 6, 2008

Cool Location

Rating: 8

I loved my experience here! Great! My only complaint would be the size of the rooms in comparison to the price. Overall, my experience was great and I love the Soho shopping!

posted by jen415 on Apr 14, 2007

Nice romantic getaway in the city

Rating: 10

When requesting a romantic getaway the Mercer Hotel provided us with champagne and rose petals. The continuously surprised us every step of the way. The amenities were fantastic, great robes, fabulous bathroom supplies, and a great mini bar. The room service is fast, reasonable and delicious. Naromi really helped us out and was fantastic!

posted by jasonh23 on Mar 15, 2006

I liked the MUSE, too!!

Rating: 8

Nice place, but I would certainly not say to stay away from the Muse! The Muse is in an EXCELLENT location, within walking distance from just about everything people come to NY for! The Prescriptives bath products in the Muse's beautiful bathroom are the icing on the cake! Both exceptional, albeit expen$ive place$.....

posted by mispo on Sep 25, 2005

High End Low Profile

Rating: 10

The Mercer is the best hotel in New York for people how got the few extra dollars to spend for an exclusive downtown setting without the package deal people. Strong L.A crowd (homeless fashion attitude). Being at the hotel also gives you access to the Submercer which still maintains a good underground existence. Room service from the Mercer Kitchen is unmatched. Go for the wasabi pizza when you check in.

posted by fgutzwiller on Mar 30, 2003

SO not worth it!!!!!

Rating: 1

Hotel was so lame! We went for a getaway even though we live in Manhattan. Room was tiny and starck, and stuffy. Someone kept knocking on our door, there were no DO NOT DISTURB signs. TV did not work. They changed our room finally. Food was great though. Wall Street Regent is THE place to go for a couple!! This place was not worth the price.

posted by JKHCC on Jan 5, 2003


Rating: 10

Staying at the Mercer is really a treat. The room was heaven from the extra large bathtub to the superior amenities. The hotel is in a great location in SoHo and the Mercer Kitchen has amazing food. It was romantic and fun. I couldnt have been more pleased.

posted by newyorkerklg on Nov 11, 2002

showers alone worth the price!

Rating: 10

I stayed at the Mercer over a year ago and still think about it. The room was gorgeous - corner, huge windows. Best shower ever! Staff was terrific, breakfast very good. I'll definitely stay again.

posted by countrybumpkin on Sep 20, 2002


Rating: 9

This place is so peaceful, not like the hip hotels/nightclubs that are popping up everywhere. This place will last. The staff is excellent, particularly the people at the front desk.

posted by jblnyc on Sep 13, 2002

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