The Mansion on Turtle Creek, A Rosewood Property

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2821 Turtle Creek Blvd
DALLAS, TX, 75219  United States

Partner Reviews: The Mansion on Turtle Creek, A Rosewood Property

I have NEVER had anything like this!!

Rating: 10

This restaurant and its staff are the most amazing combination in exquisite dining I have ever seen. The service was impeccable, the food was something I'd only dreamed of, and the ambiance was divine! No matter where you sit in the Mansion restaurant you will be pleased however, I highly recommend reserving the Chef's Room. You pay more but it is so very worth it! We left feeling MORE than satisfied, knowing we got exactly what we paid for. We plan to go back regularly. If you're thinking of going to this restaurant, you won't be sorry! Although, once you get there and experience it for yourself, you'll be sorry you didn't discover it sooner!

posted by cmason79 on Dec 19, 2008

A hugh disappointment, poor service, poor food

Rating: 2

My family went to the restaurant to celebrate my husband's birthday. Although reservations had been made far in advance, they had no table set up for us. We were told there was no room in the main dining room so they put us on the enclosed porch. Men were power washing the porch and the furniture and we asked not to be seated there. The hostess looked annoyed and took us back to the main room, which had several empty tables,. and we were made to wait while they set one up. My daughter ordered the serveche which was a small portion, and it had shells of some kind in it. My husband ordered the spinach salad and scallops. The server told him the spinach salad was "huge" so he would split it to share. He did so. The split portions were extremely small. My husband's scallop dish turned out to be 3 scallops swimming in a miso. I ordered the salmon club sandwich which had minimum filling served on untoasted soggy bread. My son had to ask time and again for condiments for his hamburger. After all of this, the highlight of the meal was saved for the end. My husband, seeing some small chocolates (about the size of a dime) being brought to another table, asked if "the birthday celebrant" might have one. He was told that "those are not for everyone." He persisted and the server brought one to our table ,admonishing my husband not to let anyone know about getting the treat. Contrast this with the Capital Grille where we had had lunch the previous day and were treated like royalty. The Mansion Restaurant, in food and service, is of less quality than many chain restaurants I have been to. A huge disappointment!!

posted by murraymc on Nov 9, 2008

fabulous experience all around - delicious!!!

Rating: 10

My boyfriend and I recently had dinner at The Mansion and absolutely LOVED it! It is such a beautiful restaurant. We sat in the sun room looking out onto tress filled with intricate lanterns. It was so romantic. The service was exquisite and seamless. Each course was perfectly timed and we always had everything we needed without being interrupted by a lot of conversation and questions. It was one of the best meals we've ever had - unbelievable filet minion. Everything was so delicious. I loved all the ice cream flavors and the great presentation. Two thumbs up and five stars for sure!!

posted by lizanmike on Jun 18, 2008

Extremely disappointed in recent Mansion visit.

Rating: 4

We have been patrons of The Mansion since it opened. Last Monday we brought a friend to lunch for the first time since the remodeling and the chef change. There are no delineations on the menu as to what is an appetizer and what is an entree. Our party ordered the grapefruit and avocado salad, the white truffle pasta and the hamburger. The salad was only an appetizer portion and, while very fresh and flavorful, hardly satisfying as an entree. The pasta was also a very small portion and the hamburger was overcooked. Two desserts were ordered and again, while very tasty, were not worth their price. All told, our bill was $135.00 and we all left hungry. The new decor is pleasant, but not that much of an improvement over the previous and there is no linen on any of the tables or the bowls of fresh roses that used to adorn each table. Over all, we were extremely disappointed and will probably not return until we hear of some major changes being made.

posted by Bentli on Apr 11, 2008


Rating: 10

The saying you get what you pay for is so true and this place proves it. If you want to spoil yourself, dine here. There is not better food ...

posted by Citysearch User on Mar 14, 2008

Southwest Cuisine at its Finest

Rating: 10

The main dining room may be under renovation, but that hasn't prevented the Mansion from continuing to provide a fine dining experience for ...

posted by Citysearch User on Feb 15, 2008

Absolute best restaurant in Dallas

Rating: 10

We did not know that the main dining room was closed for renovations. But what a wonderful experience anyway. They have set up the dining room in temporary space and it was delightful. The service as well as the food was magnificent. We can not wait until they finish the work on the dining room so that we can return. It is worth a trip to Dallas to eat at The Mansion.

posted by pgwarner on Jul 12, 2007

GREAT night at the Mansion !

Rating: 10

The new menu and the new chef are doing wonders for the tired old Mansion.......who could eat one more lobster taco. The injection of new life, a new amazing menu, the best seafood in Dallas,mixed with the old world elegance and great service. one word excellent

posted by bthompson222 on Jan 30, 2007

best food in dallas

Rating: 10

Love the new menu, great food seems more like NYC then Dallas, good for the Mansion, good for Dallas

posted by syoung12345 on Dec 20, 2006

new menu is a big sucess, great fresh seafood in Dallas Yahoo !

Rating: 10

TO WHOM IT MAY CONCERN, Love the new menu, can not wait to see how your new direction will play it self out over the next few months. Bye bye southwest, hello new American, one of the best meals I have ever had, you must try the tasting menu......abalone with uni butter and caviar is all that and more.........yummy!

posted by sforbes222 on Nov 13, 2006

new chef new life

Rating: 10

I have been eating at the mansion for 10 years, It is about time they changed the menu ! The new chef has just started, and the food is already better then any restaurant that I know in Dallas. Now all they need to do is renovate, which I understand is on the way! Bravo Mansion, great food execellent choice of chef, waiting for the new decor. Jim Richardson

posted by j111 on Nov 13, 2006

Absolute Perfection

Rating: 10

The Mansion, inside and out, was absolutely elegant and extravagant. The restaurant offers complimentary valet parking. Water options include Evian, Pellegrino, or regular. Service was absolutely impeccable, we must have been waited on by at least half a dozen different people. Silverware was changed out for each course and food was served course after course without hardly any delay. Awesome wine list. Memorable dishes include chicken tortilla soup and lobster tacos. And you get complimentary cookies in your car when you get it back from the valet guys!

posted by donnaaries on Sep 1, 2006

Magnificent for your wedding reception.

Rating: 10

There's a reason The Mansion remains the finest hotel in Dallas. And if you're planning a wedding and reception and can afford the best, thi...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 10, 2006


Rating: 4

There in 1988 and last winter and has gone downhill since. Lobster Taco tasted like Red Lobster's but only $18.00 more. Overrated.

posted by comets on Jun 10, 2006

The Mansion on Turtle Creek

Rating: 10

This hotel is AMAZING. The staff here are some of the best in the country. Whatever I asked (no matter how tedious the task was), they made ...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 23, 2005


Rating: 6

The Mansion on Turtle Creek is a well known 5 star hotel. I have mixed reviews on this hotel though. The small extras like the cocoa, cookie...

posted by Citysearch User on Jun 28, 2005

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