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Each spacious David Collins Studio-designed London Suite has an open floor plan with rest and lounge areas, making for a stylish LA work-and-play space that complements our California surroundings. Every well-considered element, from private dressing areas to large custom desks to personal terraces, offers sophisticated discreet glamour. All of our guests are entitled to dine from The Breakfast Table – a complimentary bounty of fresh fruit, sweet and savory pastries, farmhouse cheeses and charcuterie along with specialty coffees served every morning at Boxwood Café.

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1020 N San Vicente Blvd

Partner Reviews: The London West Hollywood


Rating: 8

If you have out of town guests, demand they stay here so you can eat on the roof! Great views. Downstairs in the restaurant, the view is nothing special, but the mini pizzas are good and not too expensive, given the setting.

posted by weho333 on Apr 15, 2010

The $18 one ravoli

Rating: 2

Seated at corner out of the way table, when place was not filled was snobby and outdated. The aspargus risotto was gluey, and Trader Joes frozen risotto is much better. The bread was stale, the truffle butter was over salted and inedible. The salad was spring mix with slices of cheese like a take-out deli. The steak pie, was a Marie Callender pie, with less meat , and undercooked pastry. The 1 small $18 ravoli, yes one ravoli, on a sea of salted green fennel sauce was funny in way. No wine steward. And the $6 cappucinno was weak. So, service was poor, as if the staff was embarrassed by the food. But Godon Ramsey's name was mentioned at least 7 times, until I told the waiter to stop saying the man's name. Do they use a micowave? The food was so awful, and several friends who have eaten there, say overpriced and bad food.

posted by gen on Apr 10, 2009

Great place!

Rating: 8

Roof top oasis just great to relax room size and bed was to die for service was top notch very clean great atmoshpere

posted by DLucente on Nov 21, 2008

Love it!

Rating: 10

My romantic husband pick this place and I have a wonderful time! Great for that special occasion or for a weekend getaway!

posted by Girliergirl on Aug 24, 2008

I'm sorry but needs a little work

Rating: 4

I attended "The London West Hollywood" one week after its opening. Unfortunately I ordered Lamb and it was quite favorless. I was very suprised because I had been bragging to my friends that I was going to Chef Ramsay's restaurant. Not only was my lamb favorless my souffle tasted like scrambled eggs with thai curry ice cream. My husbands experience was a little better than mine. He ordered the 6 course meal and was able to choose some tasty items but the portions were really small for both of us to share. Our waiter could careless and had a very nonchalant attitude (typical for the area). By the end of the night we spent over $260 and I was still hungry. Thank God for the Risotto that held me over until I got home. Sorry Chef Ramsay I still love you!!

posted by duchessoftea on Aug 6, 2008

Loved my room!

Rating: 10

My favorite hotel in New York City is the London and I had high expectations for the Los Angeles expectations were met. I loved the lobby. It was truly beautiful. The staff was helpful but my favorite was my bathroom in my room. I'm building a house right now and it gave me several ideas. I will be coming back and will have my friends stay there when they come into town. Perfect location as well if you're into the Sunset Blvd crowd.

posted by G4Dude on Jul 16, 2008

Best Hotel Bathroom

Rating: 8

This hotel is simply gorgeous. The rooms are to die for. I didn't eat at the restaurant, but the rooms are perfect size, decorated fab and have great decks over the Sunset strip. The roof top is also really beautiful. Definitley a good location if you want to enjoy the Hollywood clubs. Pricey, but well worth it.

posted by erinlovesfood on Jul 13, 2008

Mr Ramsay, you have a problem

Rating: 2

Gordon Ramsay has a program on BBC America called Ramsay's Kitchen Nightmares; I think he might want to start at home. The London West Hollywood restaurant only opened 10 days ago, and my friend had eat at Ramsey's gastropub in London and raved about it, so, you can imagine our shock when we sat down at this brand new, absolutely gorgeous restaurant and waited for service. And waited some more. And waited some more. It may have been Saturday night, but it was by no means packed. So, we waited and we grew impatient and began to wonder aloud if we were writing a review would be get better service. BINGO. A waiter appears, hands over two menus and walks off. No hello, no wine list, no nothing. We look over the list a bit confused since there are no starters. And so we wait. And someone brings us water and bread. And then we wait some more and my friend says, "I think this is a tapas bar." And we sort of shrug and say okay. When our waiter finally arrives, we ask him what he recommends as a starter. He shrugs, we sigh and order three dishes. Just three. He leaves. Another waiter comes over and finally says, "Welcome to our restaurant. It's a tapas bar." To which my friend and I say, "yes, we've figured this out." And then he leaves again. At no time does anyone give us a wine list; my friend all but has to tackle someone to get a list. They bring us our food, but wait, we've got two of one dish and one other. There's no third dish! And when I ask the waiter pointedly about the third dish (an asparagus risotto), he looks completely blank and I just know it's never coming. I could tell you that the food was horrible, which is was, and the service was horrific, which it was, but I think I'll sum it up by saying that before we'd even tucked in to the second starter we both said the same thing: McDonalds. It's just a shame that the foie gras and the one scallop I had made me feel so ill that I didn't even get my fries at the drive through.

posted by zee11 on Jun 5, 2008

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