The Loews Regency Hotel

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All the benefits of Midtown Manhattan at your fingertips, with a Park Avenue address, two blocks from Central Park. The re-imagination of the new Loews Regency sets a new standard in luxury and thoughtful design with the traveler’s needs in mind.

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540 Park Ave

Partner Reviews: The Loews Regency Hotel

seedy hotel, dishonest staff

Rating: 2

Bathroom was in bad shape with peeling paint, and rotting wood. Paint on the wood of bedside table was peeling as well. The bed cover looked pretty ratty. However, the room was pretty large by NYC standards. Chicken noodle soup from room service arrived with no noodles. All this was nothing compared to the bad attitude of the front desk staff. We had to wait for over 10 minutes at reception before my presence was even acknowledged - there was plenty of staff around at 9:30 pm to at least say "hello - we'll be right with you." I had booked a Premium king but was put in a lower category room without an explanation. Only later when I called and asked what type of room i was in (deluxe) they admitted it was not what had been booked. There were no premium kings available, so they adjusted the rate. However, I don't think it would have happened if I had not checked - they would have just stuck me in a cheaper room and charged a higher rate. Upon checkout, I called down for help with bags. 10 minutes later, I called again and was told someone was on his way up. 10 minutes later I went down to check out, and found the bellman lounging against the reception desk. I asked again at which point he went up and brought down my bags. All in all, I felt like this place was run by people who don't care about their guests and would rip them off without hesitation. The overall experience was just plain seedy.

posted by LucySanchez on Jan 12, 2010

Beautiful Hotel

Rating: 10

Just this past March I had taken my daughter and two of her friends to the city for her birthday. We were in town for the weekend to do some...

posted by Citysearch User on Dec 5, 2008

High Class

Rating: 8

The Regency Hotel is located on Park Avenue & it has all of the ammenities you'd expect of such a place. It has a stunning lobby - small gro...

posted by Citysearch User on Feb 22, 2006


Rating: 8

With it's central location on Park Avenue at 61st street, nice rooms (a bit small) and an excellent staff, the Regency is a fantastic place ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jul 15, 2005

Great Business Hotel

Rating: 9

With it's central location on Park Avenue at 61st street, nice rooms (a bit small) and an excellent staff, the Regency is a fantastic place to stay on business. It's known for it's "Power Breakfast", but for those who live in the real world, it's still fun to have breakfast there and laugh at all the people who buy into their own self-importance. All of the rooms were re-done over the past few years, so as long as you have a room high enough not to hear the traffic (over the 4th floor), this is a wonderful place to stay.

posted by Oscar on Jun 17, 2002

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