The Keating Hotel

The Keating is a statement of our time, combining the highest level of expressive Italian Design with sophisticated and personalized service.

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432 F St
San Diego, CA, 92101-6126  United States

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Rating: 8

I have stayed in many chain hotels and this was my first boutique hotel experience. I found out about the hotel from my colleague who always stays at the keating when traveling to san diego. From the moment I pulled up to the curb I was kindly greeted and helped with my luggage. Upon entering the hotel I felt as though I was entering another world. I proceeded to the front desk where I was kindly checked in and taken up to my room by my own personal concierge! The rooms are wonderfully designed. They are unlike anything I had ever seen! From the bang&olufsen electronics to the super high end italian design in every aspect of the hotel, it is true luxury there. The beds are so comfortable, if it wasnt for my wake up call, I probobly could have slept all day! The staff makes you feel as though you are VIP and almost every need is anticipated before you even ask. They have really thought of everything when it comes to the rooms and amenities. Having a personal concierge at your beck and call is also one of a kind. Anything I needed was within reach because of them; whether a 2am pizza delivery, or a toothbrush at 8am, it was delivered quickly and with a genuine care for their guests. I have never stayed at a hotel where the staff all remembered my name room number car etc. This was the best experience with hotel staff I have ever had! This hotel is one of the only hotels right in the middle of the gaslamp, which makes it amazing to walk out of the lobby doors and be right in the center of all of the best restaurants and clubs, as well as a short distance from the harbor, not that I really wanted to go far because the feeling of VIP does not stop at the hotel, it is extended to the restaurant the merk and the lounge sway also. I had a great dinner at the merk with complimentary cocktails and afterwards got front of the line at sway and VIP no cover! They really take care of their guests here in a way that a bigger hotel just cannot. I would definitely reccomend this hotel to anyone looking to stay in luxury and be treated like royalty!

posted by al12202 on Mar 30, 2010


Rating: 2

I've been in many very expensive and very chic hotels. But no matter how strangely designed this hotel is, it's all pointless because i COULD NOT SLEEP THERE. It's literally above a LOUD music club and our room was insanely loud. I mean, it's like you're in an old apartment and your next door neighbor has an entire band in his room. The bass literally vibrated the bed. The front desk's solution? Earplugs. The staffmember did admit that this is a very common complaint. But when I complained at checkout they basically just waved a drink charge, pennies compared to the huge room cost. This hotel is way overpriced for a room that is unacceptably loud until the band stops past midnight. Especially because they already know it's a huge problem.

posted by prs1 on Jul 28, 2008

Too expensive

Rating: 4

First I would consider myself in the high income demographic. That being said I don't consider myself cheap. I visited this fairly new and noticeable un-popular lounge Friday night. I believe I was one of 12 people in the bar at 10pm. I DID like the decor and the attractive female staff. I ordered (2) Belvedere Martini's. I decided to leave because I was falling asleep. I then went to pay the bill and it was $42. First of all I've been to the best bars in Miami to Las Vegas and I they don't charge $22 for a standard Belvedere Martini. Come on..........I think you should re-think you prices to attract more people to visit your bar. I ended up happily going to another venue and drank $12 Belvedere Martini's with three times more to look at.

posted by thielen on Jan 26, 2008

Where Form Trumps Function....

Rating: 6

This is a hotel whose whole message is about design.... and it does have a unique, semi-industrial look to it. I am half way through a week-long stay, and can tell you that I would trade some of this style for a little more creature comfort.Tucked between Croce's restaurant and a way-too-loud Patrick's II Blues Bar, The Keating definitely outdid itself on Pininfarina styling.... my room has gray painted concrete floors, stainless steel & glass double sink, a Lavazza Blue espresso machine, B&O stereo and flat screen HDTV. The mini-bar and snack bar are stocked with goodies, but read the menu first! Only the espresso is included in the price... offerings range from $3 for a small chocolate bar, to $120 for a 375ml bottle of Belvedere Vodka. Also available is a $15 Disposable Digital Camera, an $18 Kama Sutra Kit, a $7 Intimacy Kit, and a $5 First Aid Kit. The sequence of using these "Essentials" (as they are called) is up to you, preferably after consuming the Belvedere! The staff is very friendly, and spends a lot of time explaining the design of the room - which is good sized, but the sleeping chamber also contains the sink and shower (a cool blue glass affair with two shower heads, an overhead rain head, and a hand-held wall mounted head) - only the toilet is isolated in a small chamber, complete with sliding door and phone, but inadequate ventilation, if you get my drift. After a short lesson on light controls (both wall mounted and remote control), TV operations, and of course the espresso machine, I was left alone to explore. Oh, but I don't drink coffee, I drink tea! One call to the 24/7 help line rewarded me with a tea set-up consisting of three bags, a large cup, and spoon. Excellent! But I'm now three days into the stay, and no-one can explain how to get hot water out of the espresso machine! These folks are trying, but the have some room to go. Bottom line: too noisy - curtains & carpet would help; trade some cool for comfort!

posted by simplybp on Jun 20, 2007

Super Unique

Rating: 10

Spent the weekend in San Diego last weekend. Stayed at the this new hotel called the Keating. The ambiance, feel and look was very unique. The room had flat screens and an amazing bed. Felt like i was sleeping on a cloud. Staff was very friendly and helpful. I definitely recommend this hotel for anyone who likes modern design and nice new hotel. It felt like i was in my own apartment. They had digital cable on the TV, not like a normal hotel TV system with limited or basic cable. Very cool. Really excited. Will stay there everytime i go down to San Diego. Highly Recommended! Plus you feel like you own a ferrari when your there.

posted by bobom on Jun 8, 2007

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