The James New York

Opening September 1, 2010. From the hotel:

The James New York, a newly built hotel anchoring the southwest corner of SoHo at Grand and Thompson Streets, will open summer 2010 with 114 guestrooms and suites bathed in natural light and unobstructed views of Manhattan. The property acts as a beacon, illustrating the juncture between the artistry of SoHo and the industrial qualities of Tribeca.

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27 Grand St
New York, NY, 10013-1618  United States

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The maid stole $2,000 when I went to lunch and the

This is one of the top times of my life when I feel so disgusted and violated.  I came her for my fortieth birthday, after a grueling, horrible flight where they lost my luggage.

My boyfriend reimburses me money for my flight, expenses, taxi, etc. and we put it in the safe.  We were laughing and got distracted and forgot to lock it.  We went down to the hotel's restaurant for lunch and when I got back, the maid had made the bed, tidied up etc., the closet door where the safe was was closed (and we had left it open upon leaving).  I remembered I hadn't locked it and ran to the safe.  The envelope was gone.
We are positive we put it in there and did our due diligence to verify this.  This is the most horrible feeling you can have while traveling.  I was then detained in the room waiting for the evidence collector and spending one precious vacation day miserable, violated.  I had to stay and talk to the police, wait for the sergeant to dust off the safe and basically be treated like a prisoner after been burglarized by one of the staff.

What a nightmare.  How ironic is this that I'm the victim but I'm treated like a criminal.
My time is precious.  I'm a designer and I bill hundreds of dollars and hour.  I was to go out and research for my client.  So I'm lost those hours too not to mention the extreme duress.    I've lost an entire day of a short, three-day vacation:  one-third of my ENTIRE trip.

The hotel has offered me nothing, not even a glass of wine or room service.  I am stuck here feeling unsafe and all they will do is now say its a police matter and out of their hands.

No one has promised to make this right.  Everyone says some contrived, robotic statement like, "We will do our best to rectify the situation."  That isn't what I want to hear; this isn't showing any leadership type of responsibility...this is falling some linear corporate rule book in a crisis situation when being creative and in charge is mandatory.    No one on the staff can take accountability to me.

I have no money and can't afford to fly home early.  I can't leave my room because I feel so unsafe and that if I leave I will be violated again.

 A felony has been committed and I'm taking this matter extremely seriously but even though its blatantly obvious what happened, the hotel is acting like nothing happened.

I would not stay here if it was the last place on earth.

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