The Hotel Chelsea

A historic and eccentric hotel in New York's Chelsea neighborhood that has probably the most interesting guest book of all hotels. This place also has long-term residents at the place, making for a very unique hotel stay.

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222 W 23rd St
New York, NY, 10011-2301  United States

Partner Reviews: The Hotel Chelsea

I am forever in love with this hotel

Rating: 10

My boyfriend and I have stayed here twice (he surprised me both times)... because I have always been fascinated with the building and its history. The hotel is under new ownership and is being renovated (for good reasons i'm sure) but For the full "chelsea" feel of the hotel i recommend going soon, before its lost to a new age. I agree that the hotel is a bit dusty , but I love it! If you are looking for a glamorous cookie cutter place to stay , go with Marriot - but I prefer the craftsmanship in every inch of this bohemian sanctuary. Read the book - Legends of the Chelsea hotel before you stay and you will have a profound experience, walking the halls with the spirits of the amazing transients (famous or not) of the past. I look forward to going back soon - enjoy your stay!

posted by chelleseagirl on Dec 5, 2008

The wonderful Hotel Chelsea in NYC!

Rating: 10

My stay at the Hotel Chelsea exceeded my expectations. The staff was friendly and knowledgable. The rooms were beautiful, glamorous and comfortable. The lobby and stairwell were full of beautiful art. Room 105 had a fireplace, window seats, a balcony, a foyer with a marble topped table, stylish curtains and bedspread. The bathroom had new looking mosaic sage green tile and white fixtures. Room 325 had stained glass accented French doors out to their balcony. Both rooms had new seeming stylish curtains, bedspreads and carpets over wood floors. The rooms had tiled kitchenettes and large closets. The hotel hallways were paved with marble! From reading reviews, I had expected a bad smell in the hotel, but none of us detected any. The hotel seemed nice and clean, for a 100+ yr old building. There were no insects, no other issues. The friendly doorman, when told that we'd come to NY to see Eddie Izzard perform (British actor/comedian), informed us Eddie lived in Rm 325 in 1998, which was a big thrill for us.

posted by Darrr on Feb 27, 2008

Overprice & smelly hotel

Rating: 2

It smells badly like dead fishes in the lobby, rooms, and especially the elevator. Because we arrived at the hotel at very late night, they ran out of the room for the price we reserved and upgraded us. They just told us that we need to move to the next day without any further information about exactly when to move. The next day came and they moved our luggages only in the room without asking or call us and tossed our personal things we left in the bathroom. The new room cost $250/per night but it absolutely wasn't and never won't be worth it. It was disgusting. The room smelled and the bottom of the bathtube looked horriblely dark as if it has been mildewed so that I couldn't even stand for taking a shower and I had to stop breathing in order to use the toilet. In such a bad condition, the owner still told us how wonderful that room is so that I doubted if he is blind. This hotel is only worth it to take a look of their art displays in the lobby. Don't be cheated by the comments made on the magazines which introduced it. I wonder whoever wrote down those good comments about this hotel really have ever stayed in this hotel cause if you stay in this hotel even at a upscale room, you won't miss the stinky smell. Save the money to a hotel that is worth the price you pay. The quality of this hotel and its services don't even meet the AVERAGE level.

posted by torootm on Aug 8, 2007


Rating: 3

The lobby, elevator, and hallways smell. The rooms are dusty and the air vents are black because they have so much dirt on them. I would not ever consider staying there.

posted by jschmier on Mar 2, 2003

The Chelsea: a Bohemian Artist's dream

Rating: 8

Stayed there back in '95. Loved it. Ask for a room facing the back. great view! Reasonable rates. Located near many attractions. A great place for young college students with an appreciation for art.

posted by stickytimber on Jun 26, 2002

Just like home

Rating: 6

Find beautiful, original artwork in the lobby and hallways. Warm and welcoming, the hotel feels like home from the moment you arrive, as long as "home" is more cozy than modern and you value character over lavish amenities. On my last visit I was offered a free upgrade to a studio suite which I greatly appreciated (I was staying here for more than a week). Unfortunately it took nearly 7 days for them to fix the broken TV in my room. Great restaurants in Chelsea. Walking distance to the village.

posted by erikadykstra_citysearch on May 17, 2002

User Reviews: The Hotel Chelsea

DUMP Stay Away!!!!!!!!

This was one of the worst places I have ever stayed. The Lobby is nice but once you walk off the elevator its a darn slum. My door wouldnt lock. I went to the desk and they gave me an attitude,. said I do have one of the least expensive rooms. SO WHAT????  My room had no air. In a hot humid day in Summer it was not fun. I was told to open the window on the balcony. Well the divider to the room next to me which was occupied with a guy and his dog was torn down. he could just walk right into my room.

The shared bathroom was messy. Shower wouldnt work. I have seen dorms better than this. They should pay people to stay there. Especially for the rates.
I will be at the Hampton Inn in chelsea next time.

Good and cheap place to stay

Hotel have really nice lobby. My room wasnt so nice like lobby, but if you compare price with room its ok. My room was qiuet and that is what i prefere, because i was on bussines trip, so need sleap a lot. I dont know how is services in hotel, because i have never used anything. Staff is nice and they help if i need somethink.

Chelsea hotel need little touch !!!

It is a pity that the hotel no one much cares. Chelsea hotel is truly a beautiful hotel in the heart of New York and also has a long history. The hotel stayed here twice. The first time I was here alone in a hotel in 2008 and somehow still looked. This year I visited with my wife and it really probably was not the best choice. Rooms are not the cleanest, battered furniture. On the other hand is a cheap hotel. I really am sorry that the hotel is in a condition, because once it was really good hotel.

Nice hotel, but little noisy

Unfortunately, me and a friend stayed in the ground-room towards the main road, so the room was a bit noisy. The room we had, fortunately, a large dark curtains, a little noise from cars odhlučnily. Within the hotel, we mainly come for the history. There's a lot of beautiful works and I have slept most famous people from around the world. Sometimes it happened that flowed warm water, but otherwise everything was in perfect order and stay in a hotel, I enjoyed.

Good staff in hotel Chelsea

I stayed in Hotel Chelsea, about 10 days, and even with two young children. Us a little bit annoyed that the room was not cleaned up the best, under the bed we found dust and bedding on one bed was just too clean. The hotel is really wonderful all the walls you will find various paintings from different artists, and sometimes even actions that you can peep into their rooms. Staff treated us nice, helped us with kids with the pram when it was necessary, or when I was alone and her husband was somewhere in the negotiations

Great Stay - Avoided the Cheesy Casino Hotels

I had a great stay in AC by avoiding all of the cheesy casino hotels. The Chelsea is a 4 star smoke-free boutique hotel with an amazing nightclub, saltwater pool, and an upscale diner, right on the premises. No casino inside so they make all the money off their rooms. (hence, so much more love goes into the cleanliness and decor) When we were hungry for some gambling, we just crossed the parking lot into the Tropicana casino . (and you are only outside for literally 5 seconds) That have some great off season deals now. We took advantage of a huge discount on a deluxe ocean-view room, plus a $30 food credit, 2 additional hours the next day with the late checkout and free vip passes for their nightclub. It made an amazing overnight stay without breaking the bank. Here is a link to the deal.

Be sure to check out their new solarium and ask for a high room during check-in. It gives a much better view of the water!

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