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No respect at all for candidates that they show interest in

Rating: 2

I had to wait up 5 weeks for a second interview, unhappily I was never contacted by a H.R manager, instead, one half a friend of mine used to call me and update me about the hiring process, which sucks because this friend was very irresponsible delivering messages from the manager to me. The H.R was unaware about the total 3 interviews I' ve had. I called one manager who was very rude on the phone and I was told that he hired an internal candidate.

posted by Ju1986 on Apr 1, 2010

Good by Utah Standards

Rating: 8

The people of Utah are rightly proud of this hotel as it is the best they have. That's not saying much. It has no serious competition in state. If you come in from the mountains or the desert for your honeymoon or other special event, it will bl*w your cowboy boots off. But if you are an experienced and informed traveler..... and if you have stayed at REAL 4 and 5 star hotels, this hotel is nice to look at and is built of fine materials, however.... you always have the feeling that they are trying too hard to clone the real thing. Amenities close early. Utahns are still uptight about liquor and s*x. These attitudes permeate your visit in and out of the hotel. The TV offerings are well-screened so as not to be offensive to the temple crowd. And the local gentry's attitude about all these things (including this review) would be: "So what? That's the way we are and if you don't like it, go somewhere else. We don't need your kind around these parts." So, Paris it is not. As an example, the first time I tried to post this review, it was rejected because it contained the words "bl*w" as in "bl*w your socks off", and "s*x" (missing letter e). Pretty racey, eh? But the Grand America isn't terrible as poseurs go. Be prepared to spend a lot of money for a paper-thin veneer of luxury and back-country service.

posted by nospamatol on Sep 13, 2009

Ok hotel in a city with not many choices

Rating: 6

I like to spend a romantic night with my wife someplace special once and a while and we tried out the Grand America. There aren't alot of choices in SLC or Utah for that matter, so with that said, this is probably your best bet. I splurged for a suite and was very disappointed. The shower was so tiny, the toilet room was bigger than the shower! Granted the bathrooms are nice and well done, but I can barely move in the tiny shower! The room was so/so, nothing horrible, nothing great. Not that I was there to watch tv, but they were in odd locations that made it difficult to see. The room with the bed was very tiny. Breakfast room service was HORRIBLE! I got an omelette, with some of the most disgusting cheese I've ever seen in my life, the fruit plate was so sad and small, and my wife's oatmeal looked disgusting. I never go out for breakfast when staying in a hotel, but I would rather drive 30 miles than eat their room service again.

posted by jadenslc on Jul 30, 2008

Poor customer service

Rating: 2

This hotel is beautiful - marble bathrooms, large open rooms, gorgeous wallcoverings, fabulous lighting, etc. However, their customer service leaves much to be desired. Their event planners are unfriendly and difficult to work with. Planning a party should be a happy and fun thing; when plans change, event planners need to realize that their job is to make one want to return and schedule an event again and encourage future clients to book these rooms. I found this not to be the case at this hotel and would not recommend it for events.

posted by slcbride on Jun 21, 2008

Horrible Customer Service!!

Rating: 2

The hotel's event planners are horrible to deal with here. I've helped plan many parties in my career -- and this is a first for me. I've never seen a hotel treat their soon-to-be guests with such disdain and rudeness. I've been to many events at lesser (and a lot nicer, too) hotels than this around the country and gotten much better service. They are NOT easy to deal with and have given us all a headache. Maybe they thought this was a one-time shot with me so they didn't care if they got my business. I'm glad to say that they're right -- this is it. I will not host an event here as long as I can help it. What's so sad is that we were all so excited about this hotel. We had heard other great reviews so we thought it was a win-win here. Instead, it has been anything but that. It's been surprisingly very bad. I cannot recommend this hotel for anyone thinking of throwing an event. Save your time, money and Advil!! Go elsewhere!

posted by havanavanna on Jun 9, 2008

Not so Grand

Rating: 4

The massage I received was very good however the front desk staff of the spa needs to learn how to act like professionals, they were too busy with personal games and interests to pay proper attention to clients. The changing area is tiny for such a huge locker room, shower was small and very average. The only thing grand about this spa was the name.

posted by pabomome on Feb 15, 2008

Great Getaway!

Rating: 8

I live in salt lake, and i recently stayed here with my boyfriend for a romantic evening. it was amazing. the room was beautiful, the property is amazing. all amenities went above and beyond my expectations. the room rates are very high, and be prepared to pay money for everything. but it's worth it. the location is even nice. we were able to catch trax right outside the hotel and get dinner and go to a show. it was a great night. :)

posted by lindseyrocksursocks on Jul 8, 2007

Nicest hotel in Salt Lake

Rating: 8

The Grand America and its sister hotel, the Little America are two of the nicest hotels in Salt Lake. The Grand America is a five star hotel with prices and service to match.

posted by tkap0 on Oct 31, 2006

Nicest hotel in Salt Lake City.

Rating: 10

Beautiful room, service and ammenities. Room service was far outstanding to dinner in the Garden Room. The eggs benedict at breakfast were outstanding!

posted by katoboy on Aug 25, 2006

Grand America is Awesome!

Rating: 10

What a BEAUTIFUL HOTEL! The rooms are AMAZING! I can't wait to go back!

posted by zaqqaz on Sep 4, 2005

Grand Experience

Rating: 10

It is unbelievable to see this hotel. Youve got to see it to believe it. The Hotel is built of solid Granite even on the roof. Beautiful Art, Woodwork, Fountains...Marble of every color. OVER 170 Chandeliers. The ones in the ballroom are the largest Brass and Crystal ones ever made. The guest rooms are so well appointed they make you feel like a king. This place just goes on and on... The staff is as personsable as you would find at any great luxury hotel. Worth a stop over in Salt Lake to tell your friends about. The price was also a steal for such a GRAND EXPERIENCE. The Secret is out, the price has got to go up so get there before it does.

posted by tlbeaty on Jun 25, 2003


Rating: 10

This IS a five star hotel for all you people who are wondering. And this IS the nicest hotel in Utah. And no matter what the negetive reviews say, you have to see this place for yourself, because you need your own opinion. But I think that this IS one of the top places to star, I mean stay, in the world. The amenities are UNBEATABLE. See for yourself! Read the review called "Grand is Right" because it will give you a "tour" of this real (or is it) hotel.

posted by drewizard on May 22, 2003

World Class

Rating: 10

We spent two nights at the Grand America and used it as a base for our Christmas shopping in downtown Salt Lake. The room, the decor, the overall ambiance of the hotel were all on par with the finest hotels I have stayed in in Europe. It is a great addition to the Salt Lake scene.

posted by jgmcclain on Jan 24, 2003

Just as good as NYC

Rating: 10

We have a WORLD CLASS HOTEL right here in Salt Lake City! The Grand is AWESOME! As an Olympic Volunteer during the 2002 games and got to work here with the staff. These guys will attend to your EVERY NEED!!!

posted by theccd on Oct 18, 2002


Rating: 10

My husband and I came here for a weekend getaway and we could not have been more pleased. Tea in the lobby was a highlight, as well as the fitness center and spa facilities. Our suite was gorgeous--the marble bathroom was lovely and the furnishings attractive and understated. The pool and steam room and cardio room and weight room were worth the extra charge, although we found it a little tacky that we had to pay to swim and work out there!

posted by bergamot on Oct 6, 2002


Rating: 8

The Suites are very refinded, Large living quarters, with Kingsize Beds. Execelent Views of Salt Lake. and great minibar

posted by sinergy420 on Aug 26, 2002


Rating: 10

My husband and I spent our first honeymoon night at the Grand America. The place was amazing. What I was most impressed with was the service. My husband and I are in our early 20's. I thought for sure we would be treated as "kids." However, we felt like kings and queens there. They treated us like millionares, and not the poor newlyweds we were. I cannot say enough good things about this hotel.

posted by alisha_squire on Aug 12, 2002

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