The Glenn Hotel

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110 Marietta Street NW

Partner Reviews: The Glenn Hotel

Very Dissapointing

Rating: 2

The room was adequate. Staff was adequate. I got in at 9 PM and ordered a turkey club from room service. It was served on a hamburger roll. Need I say more? There were extra charges on my credit card for food items eaten from the room, which I did not eat. Would not recommend.

posted by jo jo on Jan 27, 2010

great hotel, great location, great service

Rating: 10

Recently hosted a bachelor party in the Jezebel Suite. Beautiful suite overlooking the Atlanta skyline. Great support from the hotel staff. Hotel location is ideal...within walking distance of several downtown resturants and attractions. Thanks Glenn Hotel for making a special night, special.

posted by CSMobileUser on Apr 3, 2009

Fantastic !!!!

Rating: 10

We just spent a fabulous weekend at this new fabulous boutique hotel! I was so impressed with the friendly and helpful staff, the beautiful rooms, and the personal touches this hotel has to offer. The location is prime, and within walking distance to all the great hot spots of downtown. They offer all kinds of great package deals, and discounts (we used the code: Alisa). Maxim Prime was a fantastic dining experience as well! You just can't beat this hotel for a great deal, and a great stay!

posted by FinchDawg on Dec 10, 2008

the best looking hotel in downtown atlanta

Rating: 8

Upon the first glance at this hotel it reminds me of something out of a 1940s film and the inside of the hotel is even better.They have a re...

posted by Citysearch User on Jan 29, 2008

Very nice hotel, hip atmosphere

Rating: 8

If you are looking for a trendy or modern hotel with a great location in downtown Atlanta check The Glenn hotel out. Be prepared for the crowd that the club like restaurant that Bed attracts. If you are looking for a hotel that you don?t have to leave to party this is the spot for you. The rooms are well appointed and quiet once you are in your room. If you do happen to eat at the restaurant or drink at the bar be prepared it is a little pricey but you will not be disappointed with the atmosphere.

posted by dbell26 on Nov 2, 2007

Why rate it so high?

Rating: 6

Why does City Search rate this place so high when all of the reviews are negative? I think the editors should research their own sites BEFORE the ratings are set!

posted by foodiechef on Jan 29, 2007

It's Not Chicago! We Like It Here! Great For Drinks! Cool Building!

Rating: 6

B.E.D. is a great place to go for drinks, before or after a meal at one of Atlanta's finest. Any dufus knows this is not a place for fine dining, but maybe the dufus from Chicago prefers The Varsity(Best Original Fast Food In The Country-Yes, It's grease heaven, and wonderful). Some peoples tastes are only in their mouths. Atlanta is a young and growing city, and not a NYC wannabe, like Chicago. B.E.D. has done a great job in rehabing an older building, opening the way for more things to come into this area of the city. Chicago has many fine restaurant's including my favorite Charlie Trotter's, but Atlanta has more Five Star destinations than Chicago. Maybe a subscription to Bon Apetite, might help this unhappy soul, who misses his mama!

posted by jaymaygm on Dec 17, 2006

Not a world-class restaurant---not a world-class city!

Rating: 2

Once again, the Atlanta Restaurant scene shows why Atlanta will never be an international city or a city with world-class restaurants. BED is a terrible restaurant in all respects: service, dollar value, food quality, presentation, hospitality. I was embarrassed to take friends there for dinner based on Citysearch's editorial review. What a joke this place is. The waitstaff knows next-to-nothing about fine dining, food preparation, and service. Drinks are over-priced and will someone, somewhere, please start stocking a decent pre-dinner sherry like Amontillado or Fino, and get rid of Dry Sack and Harvey's Bristol Cream. If the people who own BED want to learn something about great food and proper presentation instead of just creating a trendy restaurant (read: restaurants for people who need to be seen because they think they are important and who know nothing about food), then a trip to any number of great restaurants in Chicago (perhaps the most exciting restaurant city in this country at the moment) would prove instructive. Atlanta really needs to take a long look at itself and realize that it is a parody of a great, world-class city. After all, this city rejected a major chef like Jean Banchet when he opened a restaurant here. Better to keep creating places like The Varsity and Folks! for Atlanta's vision of fine dining.

posted by keatsfan on Dec 15, 2006

good food, service needs work

Rating: 6

Was greeted by a very tall, thin, unfriendly, border-line rude hostess. First impression, this place is very pretentious without reason. Yes, the food is excellent: brie, salad, seabass and special of swordfish over risotto. (I imagine Chef nicco was in the kitchen that night). All very tasty as were the martinis. Service could use some training. Seating- very few desireable seats in the house. Lower level ask for seating in the middle otherwise you will sit adjacent to the service station or face the kitchen door. Beds are a novelty and not comfortable for dining. The restaurant requires a $500 food & beverage spending to reserve a Bed. Sound system/speakers need help. As long as there is no bass in the music the sound is fine. The crowd is more touristy. As this place is not known for value I only recommend it if you'd like to try a delicious meal. Service not up to par with price range.

posted by bageljones on Dec 11, 2006

I would not make my dog eat there...

Rating: 2

...1st of all I love my dog too much to subject him to the bad service and over priced drinks and food at BED. I'd rather skip a meal than eat the bad food at BED. This might be the worst service I have ever had in a high end restaurant in my life. Please, save your money and time before you go to B.E.D. Believe all the bad reviews. One more thing, if the parking is full, but the Valet can get you a spot for $20 wink, wink.

posted by returnoftheking on Dec 9, 2006

Don't believe the hype

Rating: 4

Wasn't TERRIBLE, but wasn't good either! Regardless of where I go, it is all about the FOOD. And believe me, I've had better. Extremely small portions, which would have been okay if the food was at least tasty. I had the trio ravioli, only ONE of them were good. They weren't even hot! The trout was better, but again, I've had better. Even the bread they put on the table was mediocre. Other things that irked me; expensive valet parking, expensive food overall, expensive drinks, bathroom with a bathroom attendent (is this a restaurant or a night club?) I may go back just to try the BED experience (we sat at a table), but quite honestly, you aren't missing anything. Just don't go with HIGH expectations like I did, or you will be dissappointed.

posted by lexxdogg on Nov 20, 2006

Believe the negative reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rating: 2

There is no ambiance to speak of on the ground level in this restaurant. We didn't go up to the rooftop but we did look at the 2nd level - better but not what you would expect out of a "trendy" restaurant with sister restaurants in NY and Miami. The service was adequate but not what you would expect from a restaurant with prices for main meals ranging from $22 to $30. They were out of the first 2 bottles of wine that we ordered and it took 45 minutes to finally get a bottle of wine served to our party. Appetizers were delivered with no plates or utensils on the table. The bouillabaise was a joke. The rest of the food was mediocre with prices rivaling the best restaurants in town. We almost left in the beginning of the evening and we all wished we had trusted our gut and went to another restaurant. There are too many nice restaurants in Atlanta where you get your monies worth to waste it at this restaurant.

posted by aprila123 on Oct 25, 2006

Worst Dining Experience Ever!!!

Rating: 2

Trying to surprise my girlfriend, for her birthday dinner I made a reservation at BED. Thinking this was going to be a different and unique experience, it was actually awful. First off, my reservation did not hold a BED at BED. The Hostess said it would be an hour until there was an open bed. Hungry and anxious, we settled for a table. Five minutes after being seated, another couple sat down at a table next to us. Immediatly, the hostess came up again after seating them and said they now have availablity for girlfriend was furious. Our drinks finally came followed by bread ten minutes later. Need I remind you, this was a Tuesday night and there was no excuse for bad service being that they were at half capacity. Our food finally arrived and was absolutely awful. I had a seafood dish that was completely bland while my girlfriend had crab stuffed chicken that couldn't even compete with a frozen dinner. Two bites later, we were both disgusted and just wanted to leave. The hostess asked if we wanted anything else, in which I replied " I'm scared to taste anything else, just take it off my bill so we can leave." Fifteen minutes later she arrived back, not taking it off the bill. Rather then make a scene, I payed for this pathetic meal ( exact change) and left. We then went out for burgers and beer to salvage the night. If you want good food and good service try any buckhead life restaurant. If you want to eat in bed, you can do that at home!

posted by jbart01 on Sep 27, 2006

Not great for a party of 2

Rating: 6

I made a reservation for my partner's 30th birthday and nothing special happened expect we had to pay for parking, wait 20 mins for our reserved table which ended up in a corner away from everyone, then I waited for a birthday surprise and all I was told was they could not find the wine I had ordered! After dinner we did enjoy the roof top deck and then we made our way to Kroger for a snack.

posted by jeffersonbg on Sep 26, 2006

For drinks and dancing, it was great!

Rating: 10

My girlfriend and I stopped by after we had dinner elsewhere, so I'm not able to rate the food, though the offerings looked great from the menu. The rooftop bar was fabulous! Attentive bartenders were friendly and fast. My drink may not have been well priced, but at least it was well made! Love, love, love the DJ they had that night (Saturday, 9/23) - he was awesome, though I didn't catch his name. Excellent mix of dancehall reggae classics and & new hits, classic hip hop and Justin Timberlake. It was busy but not uncomfortable - the crowd was attractive, affluent and the dance floor was HOT! The view was awesome. We had a blast!

posted by lilymama on Sep 25, 2006

unused potential

Rating: 10

When you think of BED Atlanta, Miami and NY automatically come to mind. With these expectations, I can see how anyone can be highly disappointed. However I must say they did a fantastic job with the concept. It is a Miami & NY fusion with an Atlantan flare. Being that the restaurant resides inside of a hotel (an amazing one at that. Rooms are uniquely decorated and beds are wonderful.) I can see how they decided to keep it more traditional so that their guests may have the option of dining at a table or bed. This fits very well for the clientele I witnessed as it were a mixture of business to trendy to celebrities, to locals. At first, checking into the hotel, Murrey the concierge was very pleasant and friendly. Every staff member I encountered had a smile on their face and acknowledged my presence. Beautiful, contemporary decor. Later that evening as I waited for the remainder of my party, I went to have a few drinks at the bar. My friends and I each ordered different cocktails off their signature cocktail menu and let me say this: it was worth every dollar. The bartender was very pretty and always smiled, even while muddling all the fruits. She made sure that we were completely satisfied with our cocktails. The drinks are mixed well. You can't taste the alcohol, but we watched her pour it in....and it's in there. When our party arrived and we entered the main restaurant, the hostess was a little skeptical. She seemed unsure about something. We decided not to dine in BED, we'll save that for later. Our server Jay (a handsome young man) made us feel very comfortable from the beginning by humoring us. We ordered the calamari, brie, tempura, and spring rolls. A little bland and very small portions. However the entrees made up for it. Try the lobster, short ribs, and duck breast. All amazing. Overall I had a great time. There are many kinks to this place, as with any new establishment. Once they overcome that, I'm sure it will be very exclusive.

posted by mmccallister on Sep 19, 2006


Rating: 2

Just the Facts: Self parking: $ 8, Drinks: $12, Size of drinks: smallest glass available, Rooftop: Bouncer accessed,unaivalable if you are not a hotel guest, before 12:30 am. Crowd leaves the downstairs bar by 12:00 am, Service: Self-service. Need to get your own drink at the bar,

posted by alexthedj1 on Sep 17, 2006

This BED has B ug's

Rating: 2

Last night a few friends and I dined at Bed. Our experience, to put it politely, was less than satisfactory. The service was very slow, taking over 15 minutes to receive our first drink order, and over 45 minutes to take our dinner order. The waiter appeared to be a novice, and somewhat resembled one of the homeless men that lingered around outside. However, in his defense he did honor our request of doing something special for our friends birthday when he put his arm around her and belted out a soulful version of happy birthday. You may also want to consider a protocol of deal ing with patrons that have been over served. I must admit, when the African gentleman (I am assuming this from his accent) fell out of the bed we all had a good laugh, but It was hard to enjoy our experience hoping that he didn't fall onto our table while staggering around the restaurant. The apparent "bouncers" did do a good job watching the managers back while he consulted with that man, even though it made us feel like we were more in a Buckhead night club than a downtown restaurant. Regarding the food, it was mediocre. The appetizers were well presented but not easily sharable, and unfortunately my pork chop was over smoked and over salted. Overall the evening seemed more like an episode of the MTV show "Boiling Point", than an evening at one of Atlanta's new hot spots.

posted by pgdc36 on Sep 15, 2006

utterly disappointed

Rating: 4

Water: $30 Mandatory 20% tip for bad service: $46 Parking: $10 1 scallop, 5 clams, 2 onions, and 3 mussels (of which one remained unopened), all mediocrely prepared: $20 A view of, not the ATL skyline, not from bed, but the white screen with silhouette of kitchen equipments: not worth a damn dime Whenever life calls for a over priced, over rated restaurant, BED Atlanta is here for you *If you still wanna go, park across the street and save $5; which still doens't cover the cost of 1 bottle of water. (waitress claimed they ran out of 'regular' water)

posted by _frosty on Aug 28, 2006

Disappointed -avoid weekdays and Sundays

Rating: 2

Drinks and food was over priced. There is only 3 beds available during the week and on Sunday. Good thing for us we had too many to fit on the bed and had to take the table. Observing from afar, the one's in the bed looked really uncomfortable. I see a couple together about a foot and a half apart using their pillows as breakfast trays. God forbid if you ordered anything you need to cut with a steak knife, seems like a lot of work. If you plan on sitting on the bed keep in mind to wear socks or get a fresh pedicure cause your food will end up close to someone else's feet. As for the service, what service? For the price of their food you would think that service would be better. Butter for the bread was ice cold, impossible to spread unless you use their table candles to melt it on your knife. Wait staff did not seem to know what they were talking about. Since when is it ok to have your pork chop cooked medium vs. well? Um...I would like mine done, its not beef. Then, don't tell me that the new regulations has now changed the requirements and that it's ok to eat pork undercooked????? BUT the pork chop was good, I ordered well done. I did however expect more for the price and hype. Bar staff was great and friendly. The drinks were good too. Overall, I suggest if you have a king size bed invite you friends over for a home cooked meal. Try the place once to say you've been, but you won't be back.

posted by funvic77 on Aug 28, 2006

This place should be called "Bed and Tables"!

Rating: 2

Okay. I don't mind spending money on good food, if it's worth it. I mean, I have been to Nikolai's roof several times. However, I have to say that overall the restaurant experience was an overall disappointment. The food was overpriced. The butter was cold. For a huge party, they did not provide enough bread. The water was unreasonably priced. The cocktails were alright. The food was mediocre, at best. They tend to close off their roof for a lot of private parties so it restricts your access to the ideal experience. There are only 3 beds on the main floor and the rest of them are tables. Overall, it was an unpleasant experience.

posted by j1l1 on Aug 28, 2006

Worst Food, Worst Service, Never go back, Money and Time wasted.

Rating: 2

Drinks: over priced, nothing speical about the drinks. Water also over priced. Food: Simple food but priced way high, butter came ice cold, unable to spread them on the bread, foie gras taste horrible, (I am surprise a restaurant can mess up foie gras, I guess not every restaruant can provide the food quality of Pano's and Paul's; PP has the BEST foie gras ) Ribs and Crab Cake were tasteless. Service: Not everyone in our group has plates when bread was served, we had to share plates. Overall this is a very disappointing experinece. I would not want to go back again. I would rather spend my money else where.

posted by m1m1 on Aug 27, 2006

If you ask me anything good about this restaurant; I can tell you NONE

Rating: 2

Don't go there! Don't waste your money!!!!!! You can certainly enjoy a much better meal at your own home if you must eat on the BED. There isn't anything special about the place. Food was horrible, service was the worst and everything was over priced. Even I make a better chef.

posted by verath0ra on Aug 27, 2006

Stay in your own BED

Rating: 2

Okay 1st I get stuck paying $8 for parking..then because my party is not there I am told to stand in the lobby ...and I'm like okay so I'm not good enough to wait in the restaurant and wait for my party to I was really in the way....then we order appetizers because ..we really didnt want to pay 20 to 40 dollars for a main meal... So we order $12 cocktails.... (so-so) ...and like three $7 appetizers.....WAY OVERPRICED...THE SERVICE SUCKED!!!!! and I was not impressed..... Will I go back again, you ask??? Hell No!! Thats why I suggest you stay at home in your own BED and order a pizza..Youll thank me!

posted by vrbrwnsg21 on Aug 18, 2006

poor food and marginal service

Rating: 2

there was very poor service, i felt like the servers ver very snotty and not service oriented. When i go out to eat i want a server who knows what there talking about not just an "order taker"

posted by natmang1239 on Jul 15, 2006

Excllent food, above avg service, excellent wine selection, excellent etc.....

Rating: 10

B.E.D. ATLANTA! I have had the luxury of going to all 3 restaurants. I have been to NY , Miami and now Atlanta. We can start off by saying that Atlanta is not like the other two restaurants as far as "VIBE" is concerned and that this restaurant has more of an ambience to it as where its bigger brother and sister (MIAMI + NY ) are a little more upbeat. I do not want to take anything away from the restaurant experience as everything was wonderful. We definitly received professional service that made us feel comfortable. Sea Bass was excellent as well as the pair salad. There was no 18% gratuity included as we were told by other reviews. I think that because we had been to the other restaurants we felt as if we were more comfortable with the idea of kicking back and relaxing as we ate. You have to relax in this environment, you can not sit up. Do yourself a favor , lean on one elbow and nibble, take your time ...drink and be merry. We also stayed at the hotel while we were in Atlanta. This boutique hotel has a very simple concept that makes you feel quite comfortable. There was a lack of HOTEL SERVICE. Front desk acted as if they were clueless on our reservations and bargained our rates after confining that our suite was given away to a celebrity. I find this to be very degrading and unprofessional. Hotel has a ways to go. As far as the restaurant is concerned, I highly recommend. Do not expect the same experience as the other locations. Do not expect anything less than gratifying...just an all around unique experience that fullfills your dining experience. Highly recommended!

posted by kirkrussell78 on Jul 14, 2006

great atmosphere

Rating: 6

I have read all the reviews and ill clear a number of things since I know what goes on I work there. First of all I must say that most of the dishes lack the basics in cooking, salt and pepper. And the dishes that are excellent are few, lobster santos, seabass, brie, spinach salad just to mention afew. Note all this were the creations of the original chef Vitor Casassola the current chef falls short of creativity. The servers have great service but for a fine dinning restaurant also lack some of the signature fundamentals of fine dining, lack wine knowledge, points of service, and in depth food description. The surprising thing is that the restaurants lacks wine buckets order a white wine and have it either sitting on your table or poured quickly to avoid getting a bucket. The managers, dont know the food, have no idea whats in it and can barely recommend a wine pairing id expect the restaurant to have a sommelier. Walk in and theres an ATM at the entrance, the exclusive roof is hardly that and even when they try to make it that guest traffic is never handled right. So I do agree the food need help, servers need their tools of service and management needs to focus on the restaurant and the owners pay some attention to whats going on and stop ignoring this potentially great establishment and get back to the basicsleaders distinguish them selves by rising with their people

posted by server on Jul 2, 2006

B.E.D., Possibly Best Restaurant in Atlanta

Rating: 10

B.E.D. is amazing!!!!!!! We read negative reviews from this site before we went, but after our experience we want to be sure that you realize many of the previous reviews were INCORRECT. It was a great experience. I will discount a few of the major negative points listed in other reviews: 1.) It is incorrect that they add a tip of 18% plus want more for a tip. They only add on a tip for parties of 6 or more, which is understandable. 2.) You DO NOT have to pay $500 for a bed. You just have to spend $500 total to get a bed (they only have 5 or 6). $125 per person for four people to have a nice dinner and drinks is reasonable. 3.) Staff rude - WRONG - manager Karim is very nice (came and talked to us), Chef (Nico) checked on us to be sure the meal was great and Michelle our server was friendly and knowledgable. 4.) Parking not expensive. It was only $10 - what you'd expect for parking in ATL. 5.) Obviously a place called B.E.D. is not a family place - should that be surprising? 6.) The best part was the food. Baked brie in a pastry shell with almonds and honey on top, filet mignon, lobster - all amazing. It is now our favorite restaurant in Atlanta. We will be back very soon. We talked to the manager, who was brought in after the opening, and apparently has implemented changes and that has turned the restaurant into an AMAZING EXPERIENCE. It is not cheap to eat and drink there but what you would expect for a nice dinner in ATL. It was a wonderful experience and very unique.

posted by foxc13 on Jun 20, 2006

Worst dinning experience of my life...literally!

Rating: 2

Where do I start? Have given this restaurant a couple of chances and still came to the same conclustion. To start, drinks took about 15 min. to come the way not worth $15 per drink. Ordered dinner and a bottle of wine. Waitress came back during the app. to say we cant find the wine, so proceeded to order another. After forgeting our salad course, brings the bottle when the entrees come, after reminding her. A MR steak comes out well, after another try comes out well again 20 min later. Desserts crazy bland....shouldn't have even proceeded at this point. Our next experience was even worse if you can imagine that. To sum it up...terrible food, and even worse service. You can prob. guess I would not recommend.

posted by tiffanynichole on Jun 6, 2006

Great Atmosphere, Bar, Service, Food; overpriced

Rating: 8

I had no expectations. The bar and the decor blew me away. the $500 for the bed reservation definitely NOT worth it, since its an awkward position to eat dinner in anyway. Stay home if you want to lay in bed. The asian pear salad and SEABASS IS PHENOMENAL. Small portions, overpriced, but friendly wait staff. My bill was $100 for 2 people - 1 drink, salads and entrees. A little much, but fun for a splurge night. oh - strict dress code!

posted by uemailme1 on May 3, 2006

don't waste your money

Rating: 2

unless you like snooty staff and overpaying for what amount to VERY average drinks and food, you would be much better off going somewhere different. the hype on this place is just that....HYPE. it gives 'trendy' a bad name.

posted by caribbean711 on May 2, 2006


Rating: 4

I've been to BED in South Beach and I was so excited that they were opening in ATL, WOW I was SO DISAPPOINTED!!! the service was HORRENDOUS! you have to be a celebrity to get a drink! We had a birthday party of 10 people, in 4 hours we were only able to get 2 round of drinks, the food order was wrong, the food was cold, we had to send things back.....when we spoke to the manager he didn't even acknowledge or apologize.....BED ATL needs to get there act together!!! or change the name so that it doesn't reflect negatively on the other restaurants!

posted by tulips0969 on Apr 26, 2006

Wow what an awesome experience!

Rating: 10

I am not sure where most of the the people that posted their HORRIBLE reviews ate But it was Not at BED! Not only is BED AN amazing experience but the food and waitstaff are AWESOME! BED is exactly what Atlanta needed! This is a great place to see and be seen . You never know what celebrity is going to show up and everyone is nice as they can be !

posted by tarafrankel on Apr 21, 2006

Please Change the Sheets!

Rating: 6

We were seated at the table across from the bed & I'm observing them at first w/envy. BTW, there's a $500 min for the bed before 9:30 & $1k after! The most you could comfortably seat in bed - 4-5 skinny people! What bothered me the most: 1) you're not given trays to eat off of, instead a plate of food with a mat on the bottom - they attempted to eat their dinners by holding up the plate w/one hand & forking it w/the other. 2) They do NOT change the bed sheets when guests leave the bed! Eeek! I observed lots of barefeet action on the bed & was appalled when they did not change the sheets after each guest. For that kind of money they should throw in the sheets!

posted by heididokko on Apr 13, 2006


Rating: 2

Best thing to come out of BED was the purple lollipop I snagged for my kid at the hostess stand. Wait staff insisted on bottled water - $16 worth - by trying to persuade us that ordinary, filtered restaurant water would "ruin the taste of our meal." Food was average, the crowd was tragically unchic - and just imagine how unappetizing it is to have to watch the unchic eat in bed and inelegantly climb out of bed to go to the bathroom. Ick. And we could have eaten at Bacchananalia for what we paid. Funniest moment was watching the conservative, buttoned-up family come in, be shown their bed, and then ask for a table. Johnson Studio did a gorgeous job on this project; let's hope they get to do the interior of whatever replaces BED.

posted by glitterateur on Apr 9, 2006

Rumors r true

Rating: 2

Honestly, I read these reviews and thought, 'how bad can it be?' I thought I'd find out for myself...WOW- pretty bad service. I thought the prices were totally fine and cocktails good BUT good luck getting a bed or good service. Food was fine but nothing great. I've never been treated so poorly. The staff is very rude and drinks took a long time. We requested a bed but were told they were reserved and then they sat our group next to 3 EMPTY beds for almost 2 hours. Almost laughable! Eventually a sweet 16 party arrived. Yes, seriously. The staff is almost annoyed when you request a bed - imagine that; a restaurant's claim to fame are BEDS and they don't want to you to ask for them.

posted by lala1313 on Apr 6, 2006

Worst Restaurant in Atlanta

Rating: 2

There are so many bad things to list, we will just start with the worst, Value, for what you get it is overpriced, and the servers are offended if you do not over tip them on top of the 18% PREADDED gratutity. Next is the jip you get since there are only 6 BEDS at BED...and they would not let anyone sit on them. And finnaly the incompitent staff, although nice, who brought incorrect drinks, made excuses, and were rude when we did not leave any tip over 18%. BED has a lot to learn about Atlanta.

posted by BuckheadTtGuy on Mar 16, 2006

go see it!!

Rating: 10

One of the trendiest new places to be seen!! The vibe is classy, crowd was well diversed. Pretty ppl, all around. The whole concept is different, bringing miami closer to ATL.. Oh, and u do bump into celebs!! Pierre ( manager )was making sure we were taken care of!!

posted by gavi1126 on Mar 6, 2006

worst dining experence of my life

Rating: 2

Please don't waste your time or money at this new restaurant. My fiance and I took 3 friends there from out of town having been to both bed in Miami and NY, expecting a great was however the WORST dining experience of my life.....We were there for three dreadful hours during which it took 45 minutes to receive our first cocktails, and then food came out cold to lukewarm. The servers were cheerful and friendly but still completely incompetant in their jobs.....The management did comp nearly $100 of our bill, but persisted in making excuses instead of just apologizing and inviting us to rejoin them when they worked out their kinks......I may try Bed again in a year or so granted it's even still there...BUT until then I advise you to dine at Atlanta's many other fine restaurants and please do not go to BED...

posted by cbrizzi on Mar 4, 2006

GREAT new place in Atlanta!!!!

Rating: 10

The dishes were exquisite, so beautiful you need to take a picture. Celebrities walked by my table, while I was drinking delicious, exotic, freshly made cocktails. The staff is gorgeous and extremely hospitible. My dining experience was one I will never forget. For those who have children, don't go. The restaurant is sexually oriented, eating and drinking on beds, drinking cocktails with sexual names. There is also traditional tables, for those who don't want to eat in bed. This bar and restaurant is definately for the younger crowd. I went just recently and there is no more gratuity added to the tabs...and the credit card machines are working. I would recomend this restaurant and bar to everyone (without children).

posted by lei8784 on Mar 1, 2006

Beautiful place.....but WAY over priced

Rating: 4

Started with a $5 parking fee in the lot next door. No complimentary valet seemed a little odd. Then proceeded to our reservation where they sat us at a table. Since there were about 8 other people in the restaurant, we asked if we could sit in a bed and after a few minutes of deliberation, they agreed. Im not sure what the objection was, but thought it kind of odd..seeing how their name is B.E.D. The cocktails were pretty tasty, but a little pricey in my book. Lots of exotic drink ingredients, with not much alcohol. We dined with a vegetarian, and they had no vegetarian entrees. And after asking if the chef could simply prepare something for her, we were told, the chefs dont do that. They are very particular with their menu. Food was decent, but the bill was just way over priced for other Atlanta alternatives.

posted by lawrelm1 on Feb 24, 2006

BED Disappoints

Rating: 2

My experience at BED was BAD all around. It started off with no parking in the tiny parking deck so we had to park several blocks away. Then we arrived only to find they had "lost" our reservation. After enjoying a couple of tasty but WAY overpriced drinks at the crowded bar, we were finally seated at a TABLE. What's the point of going to BED to sit at a table? Unfortunately, our table was directly across from a door that the servers use to go up and down the stairs to the kitchen. It's a loud door that opens to a brightly lit concrete stairwell, so every 5 seconds the door would swing open and blind us and then slam shut. Then came the automatic 18% gratuity on the bill for a party of 2, which is absurd to me, especially since the server did not mention it.

posted by chick25 on Feb 13, 2006

BED justtttttttt greattttttttt

Rating: 10

I went to bed this past weekend on Saturday and I had a great time. My server Jenelle was great.... just greattttt. She was very precise with explaining the menu offered us great drinks that she herself liked. I'll return just because of her. Everyone was friendly and the management staff to die for ladies they all go with the concept of BEING IN BED.

posted by mgazowska on Feb 9, 2006

Very trendy (in a good and bad way)

Rating: 8

Very trendy from the moment you step inside. Decor and accomodations are hip and comfortable. Widescreen HDTV, rain showerhead, and free wireless internet in the rooms. Hotel bar and restaurant have much room for improvement. They are rather pricey, and service is well-below average. While the trendy nightclub atmosphere is unique and initially welcomed, the hotel management has tried too hard to be a club and forgotten that they are first and foremost a hotel.

posted by yodaman42 on Feb 8, 2006

Worst Restaurant Ever!

Rating: 2

Parking is $15. Drinks avg $15. Food was expensive and bland. Atmosphere is dark and boring. Service was unbelievably horrible! Unfortunatly tax and tip is included. Drinks took an hour, food arrived cold. Our "medium well" steaks came rare. It took the manager to get them recooked. Even then, they arrived cold+rare an hour later! When I asked for bread for my brie, the waitress scolded "No bread!" My friend ordered a shot of vodka$16! He gave her $21 and asked for change. "I thought that was tip." Tip is included! She expects an extra $5? Table of 6 threw in $50 each for a bill of $270. No change was given. Waiter didn't know the menu, didn't know what a mojito was, didn't deserve a tip let alone 35%! All 3 nights, "Credit card machine doesn't work." Complaints were denounced without apology. Nothing like Bed/Miami. Shut it down!

posted by daisybird on Feb 7, 2006

food tastes better in bed

Rating: 10

Prepare to be served! BED Atlanta offers great service in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere with oversized beds good for four or more. The food is not the best, but it's good enough to offer a great experience in BED. The baked brie (appetizer) is phenomenal and the pu$$y galore (specialty cocktail) is also very good.

posted by chiyarusu on Feb 5, 2006

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