The Georgian Terrace Hotel

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659 Peachtree St

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An Atlanta Institution

Rating: 8

This is truly a gem in the Atlanta hotel arena. Where else can you stay where may of the cast of Gone With The Wind stayed for the premier of the movie at the Fox Theatre (which is directly across the street, BTW). The room are very large, and while the decor is a little staid, it is charming, and you see what a magnificant place the hotel must have been in its heyday.

posted by thejam on Feb 23, 2009

Stolen items from room

Rating: 2

The price for the suite was reasonable, but I returned from a breakfast on the last day to find the door open and some electronics stolen. Aside from carrying all valuables with you, I would advise against staying at this hotel as it seems to be a recurring problem.

posted by uncleATR on Feb 9, 2009

Short on service for the price.

Rating: 6

My experience at the hotel started off badly. I booked through Expedia 3 1/2 months in advance and had called to check on my reservation and told it was there, and there was no problem. I called again the morning I left on my trip and was again told everything was fine. When I got to the hotel the desk clerk (who was very friendly) told me that my reservation wasn't there and to take a seat while she called and found out what was going on. I sat there for half an hour before they figured it out. I got my key and headed up to the room and neither of my keys worked. They are electronic and it took about 10 minutes before they were active and I could get into my room. The room itself was great. The king size bed was fabulous and I could have slept for days on it. My only problems with the room was the fact that you have to pay $25 if you want any dishes so the full kitchen is kind of a waste. Also I have stayed at plenty of chain hotels for less than half the price that provide you with tons of small things like shower caps and grooming kits but when I discovered I had forgotten my toothpaste and checked the bathroom all I found was shampoo and conditioner. We ordered room service twice and the first time was great but on the second time around they forgot our dessert and messed up my husbands order. It's a beautiful hotel and I'm glad I experienced it but I would not stay there again.

posted by keilydarlyn on Aug 31, 2008

Never going back!

Rating: 2

I booked with the hotel (not a third party travel site) in advance for a double room with two queen beds. When I checked in, promptly at 3 pm (the earliest possible check in time) they didn?t have any double rooms available. They put me in a temporary room so I had some where to put my luggage, but told me not to unpack. They took my cell phone number so they could call me as soon as they had my double room available. When I came back from shopping and sight seeing, they had forgotten to deal with my room and still had nothing available. While they did lower my rate, the room I was in only had one bed and there were two of us staying in the room and the bed was not big enough for two (it seemed like a single bed) so one had to sleep on a pull out couch. The phone in the bed room didn?t work (luckily the one in the tv area did). The alarm clock didn?t work, and you had to wait about 5 minutes for the desk to pick up every time you called for a wake up call (or anything else). It?s a pretty hotel, but I?d never stay there again, and way too expensive for what you get.

posted by pipermaru on Jun 11, 2008

Never coming back

Rating: 2

I booked with the hotel (not a third party travel site) in advance for a double room with two queen beds. When I checked in, promptly at 3 ...

posted by Citysearch User on Jun 11, 2008

The Beds are Wonderful

Rating: 10

The rooms are small but the beds are to die for. Your body will melt in these beds its like you died and went to heaven. The experience was my own mini vacation.

posted by spinchem on May 12, 2008

Rough stay

Rating: 2

Room was dated and creepy. Our bed was hard as a rock. There was a loud compressor sound outside our window all night. When I say 'loud', I mean construction-level loud. The hotel looks wonderful from the outside but the rooms just aren't up to par with a hotel of this class. I would recommend that you steer clear of this hotel.

posted by morrison35 on May 6, 2008

In Need of a Serious Hotel Make-Over

Rating: 4

The Georgian Terrace is one of those you must experience while in Atlanta. I get the whole antique and historic look thing, but the room was just ugly, old, unattractive and just out dated. For the cost and all the press about this hotel, I was quite disappointed that the rooms were so NOT sexxy. The location was great, especially because my evening plans included The Fox Theatre and Midtown dining, but an update and remodel is a definite order!

posted by ssilvera on Feb 25, 2008

Service, good. Room, Horrible!!!

Rating: 4

After a wedding couple reserved "x" amount of rooms for their wedding guests, I ( The best man) called to reserve a room a month before the wedding. The woman on the phone told me there were no more rooms available under the reserved rate due to an "expired" time period for the group wedding rate. I said "O.K" what else do you have open? She said a 1 room wtih a full size bed. (I don't even think any "super 8" motels or Holiday Inn's offer a bed as small as a full size bed, let alone a "upscale" hotel like this) I asked her "you don't have any queen or king size bed rooms available?" She said "no, I'm sorry sir, if you want a bigger bed then you'll have to reserve one of our larger rooms such as a suit." I stayed with the full size bed room and it was the worst hotel expierience I've ever had. The biggest problem was that the bed in my room was literally less than half a foot from the door. So I could hear every noise in the hall way all night by random guests, room service to other rooms throughout the night at all hours, and maids cleaning up neighboring rooms in the morning! The most "Sleepless" night that I've ever paid for!!! And the parking attendants had a bad attitude. This hotel has a great location, nice staff, but the product itself (the room) sucked!! Not to mention my A/C was broken when I arrived and I had to call the front desk twice to have it taken care of. Another thing is even as a "guest" of this hotel you still have to pay an additional $22.00 to park your car there for a night, which they failed to mention or ask about when I reseved a room.

posted by jspink2 on Oct 8, 2007

finally experienced the place

Rating: 10

I lived in Atlanta for years and never went here, now that I have moved away and had to come to town this weekend, I am so happy I came here. My room was absolutely beautiful, the employees did everything to make sure I was happy and the bath was amazing. I ate incredible food and met some really nice people. When I travel back home, I will always stay here.

posted by southernluv on Jul 29, 2007

Overrated and overpriced

Rating: 4

My husband and I stayed here for three nights. Although we didn't experience any of the legendary rude service, we weren't too impressed either. The hourly staff was helpful and courteous, but there were lots of minor things that were not up to par for the cost and image of this kind of hotel. For example, we had only enough hot water for one shower each morning, the wallpaper was peeling, the armoire's door was broken, the mini-blinds would not stay up, I got a minor electrical shock from the in-room hairdryer, the "high-speed" internet access was "medium-speed" at best, and our room wasn't cleaned until after 4pm one day. Again, just minor things, but considering what we paid it was a little annoying. One really annoying thing was that the TV got terrible reception and the remote control barely worked at all, which turned checking the weather into a 20-minute ordeal. On the positive side, we had a great view of the city and we really enjoyed sitting on the patio in front of the hotel people-watching in the evening. The location is also really great. We were able to walk to all our meals, including The Varsity and an awesome sushi restaurant. Plus, the lobby and the building really are beautiful. Our biggest complaint had to be parking. At $22 a night (for self-parking - NOT valet!), we blew a huge chunk of our vacation budget. And by the way, I don't know where these people who claim that the rooms are so huge are staying, but our room was so tiny that you couldn't open the door all the way without hitting the furniture. Clearly our room used to be someone's closet back when the building was all apartments. Overall, not a terrible experience, but there have got to be better options in midtown.

posted by emilyj2 on Mar 31, 2007


Rating: 2

The hotel looks great, our bed was comfortable, we had hot water, we had a good breakfast. BUT THE CUSTOMER SERVICE WAS THE WORST! The valet service charged us $22 dollars a car even though they said it would free the night before? We were out $44, and it would have been great to know that beforehand so we could have saved some cash. What would have been even better is if we would have found a manager, an attendant, or any empolyee who gave a flip or for that matter, would apologize? Many phone calls, letters, and emails - NOT ONE RESPONSE! PLEASE - whatever you do stay far, far away from this place.

posted by brianharrisonteague80 on Aug 28, 2006

Frankly, They Didn't Give A Damn

Rating: 2

For a recent girls' weekend, we rented a 3 bedroom suite that was supposed to have a full kitchen and sleep six people. Much to our surprise, the kitchen had NOTHING in it except the appliances. No silver, no glasses, no wine tool. We inquired, and were informed that we could rent those things for $25 a day. What? This is supposed to be a luxury hotel. After going to out buy paper plates and scrounging for glasses in the baths, we also found out that the oven did not work. Wait. This is after climbing 4 flights of stairs repeatedly because the elevators also did not work. One of the ladies is pregnant so she was basically a hostage in our room until one elevator was fixed hours later. Long lines at the ONE elevator all weekend. I'm not done. Except for one king-sized bed, the other rooms had double beds? We're not big ladies, but I don't want to share a DOUBLE bed with anyone. So, I ended up on the love seat. We called down for extra blankets and pillows because, you guessed it, there were no extras in the suite, and it was 1:30AM before they brought one extra pillow and one extra thin puny blanket. I could go on but I think this hits the high - or rather - lowlights of the hotel suite. We got several apologies from the hourly staff but none from management. Badly done, Georgian Terrace. Badly done.

posted by krickell on Aug 9, 2006

Enjoyable stay

Rating: 8

I stayed here w/ my bf on V day and the location & service were great. We were able to walk to dinner & b'fast the next a.m. My only negative feedback was that the rooms were rather old, but considering this is a historic location that can be expected. We've stayed at some nicer places outside the city, but it was fun to stay here nonetheless b/c of the location and history. We had a 1-bdrm suite w/ a small kitchen for only $118/night. Unlike other reviews, I thought the service was excellent.

posted by kemeers on Feb 16, 2006

Not as nice as I imagined

Rating: 6

We stayed here during a weekend away for a show at the Fox Theatre. The location is convenient to the theatre and easy to get to. I just w...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 30, 2005

My favorite place to pretend to be a tourist

Rating: 10

My family and I spend at least one weekend a year at the fabulous Georgian Terrace. I am an Atlanta native but the many luxuries of this his...

posted by Citysearch User on Nov 2, 2005


Rating: 4

In December 2004, my brother had his rehearsal dinner at he Georgian for 150 guests. We were assured that the service would be excellent since they had just hired a new Food & Beverage Mgr. as we did not have good service in their restaurant. The service and food at the rehearsal dinner was terrible. Our food was COLD and the servers did not seem to know what they were doing. It took four hours from start to finish for the dinner. They ran out of wine for dinner. We have written several letters and made a few phone calls to lthe General Manager, F&B manage and to the Catering Director. We have not received one phone call or letter of acknowledgement. Who is running this place? We will never recommend to anyone to stay or plan a party, wedding or rehearsal dinner with the Georgian Terrace.

posted by charliepark on Oct 28, 2005

Full of history, but that's about it.

Rating: 6

Hotel is beautiful, but not so beautiful to compensate for the negatives. During our first stay we had to change rooms because we had no hot water - in the middle of the night. The next room had no hot water either - lukewarm at best. The hotel staff was less than apologetic. Supposedly underwent renovations since then, so we tried one more time. Trying to park was nuts. Valet was not very helpful - parked myself. Then took almost 45 min. to check in. Rooms weren't ready and it was after 3:00 - almost 4:00. Then the lock on the door would not accept the room card/key. Had to reset and still would not work. Front desk was clueless. Atlanta has too many other options - find one.

posted by tj1969 on Sep 7, 2005

Elegant, Classy and Timeless

Rating: 8

This hotel is beautiful. I attended a wedding reception here last spring and it was breathtaking. Everything in this hotel is very elegant w...

posted by Citysearch User on Sep 6, 2005

An Atlanta Landmark

Rating: 10

Located right by the Fabulous Fox theater, The Georgian Terrace is one of the best hotels in Atlanta. First, it is a beautiful hotel to beg...

posted by Citysearch User on Aug 8, 2005

Nice Oasis in Midtown

Rating: 10

The Georgian Terrace harkins back to the luxurious hotels of old with great architecture and an ornate lobby. However, the large rooms/suites far exceed even most current hotels thanks to this being a former apartment building. The staff was great and the concierge service helped us on numerous occasions with outstanding recommendations.

posted by tbclark on Jun 5, 2005

Great accomdations!

Rating: 10

Our first experience at the Georgian Hotel was just magnificient. We attended a concert at the Fox Theatre and stay overnight at the hotel. From the door to the room - to the bar and on to the concert, we had a grand time! Parked our car once and were able to walk to other stores and restaurants from there. The employees were always attentive to their surroundings and if they felt you were lost or searching they never hesitated to stop and ask whether or not we were ok. We also had one employee who just stopped and gave us some very insightful information about Atlanta because he thought we were a first time visitor. We were highly impressed. The reviews we read online prior to booking our reservation was nothing what we experienced. We loved the charm of the old hotel..the warmth and professionalism of the staff.

posted by mstriple07 on Jan 29, 2005

Didn't even get in the front door

Rating: 2

When calling to confirm my reservation and upgrade to a suite, the front desk became irritated at my request. I decided to think about my decision to stay there (I had read many reviews on how rude the staff was), and said I would call back. I received a sigh and a "Whatever!" before being hung up on. I immediately called back and cancelled my reservation with the manager. I'm SO glad and relieved to be staying at another hotel - which, by the way, said that The Georgian is notorious for rudeness.

posted by iowa2cali on Jul 28, 2004

Avoid! Avoid! Aviod!

Rating: 2

DO NOT IGNORE THIS HOTEL'S BAD REVIEWS! We did and paid the price. After reserving our room 5 months prior to a concert at the Fox, we arrived at the hotel, were greeted by friendly and helpful valet attendents, proceeded to the front desk where we were told that several guests had decided to stay another night and that we no longer had a room. NO APOLOGY! They did however pay for a small $69 room at the Marriot Marquis, a hotel that I can only describe as "okay." As we were loading our car to leave the Georgian Terrace, the helpful valet mumbled under his breath "this happens all the time."

posted by wb1 on Apr 21, 2004

Beautiful, but mixed...

Rating: 6

The hotel is gorgeous; the rooftop pool is great. The beds, however, SUCK. Mattresses should be thrown out the window. Suite was huge; ony paid $149. Front desk was very, very slow. Valet is disorganized; why not add the $22 fee to the room bill like other places?

posted by kellcrisp on Apr 9, 2004

Very Rude!

Rating: 2

A group of students from my college were planning on staying there after our formal, and they denied us our reserved rooms when we showed up that night, claiming that you had to be 21 to stay in a Georgia hotel room (not true!). Later on that evening they yelled at all the students who had made reservations and told us to get out right away. Very very very rude.

posted by blahblahbaby on Nov 5, 2003

Historic Visit

Rating: 8

This is a wonderful hotel to visit to get a feel the elegance of yesterday. My wife and I spent a night there and were happy with the stay. However, we did have a few issues. First we were givin the wrong room when checking in. It was no big deal and we were quickly moved to a HUGE suite on the top floor. Second, even on the top floor I heard so much street noise that I was awaken several times by motorcycles reving there engine. It is not as sound proof as more modern hotels. Lastly, we got a 6:00 AM wake-up call from the front desk even though we had not asked for one. Also was charged $22 for overnight parking. That was steep. But overall thet visit was very nice and we also enjoyed the great location in downtown Atlanta.

posted by bnaile on Sep 8, 2003

Fun Wedding Night

Rating: 8

My husband and I were married in Georgia and spent a night at the Georgian Terrace before heading to Florida. He booked a luxury suite for $249, which I thought was pricey -- but it was our honeymoon. Upon our arrival, the lady at the front desk said that rate was through the roof and there was no way she was charging us that much -- she dropped the rate to $149 AND upgraded us to a one-bedroom suite. I didn't mind paying $149 for the place, but I would have been irked to pay $249. It was huge, but the furnishings weren't gorgeous. The view was awesome and the atmosphere of the hotel was unlike any I've ever experienced. All in all a nice stay -- I just encourage you not to overpay. The room isn't worth the rate they might give you initially, especially if you book early.

posted by saraemily on Jul 1, 2003

get away weekend

Rating: 10

My wife & I had an excellent get away at the Georgian Terrace. The pool on the roof is a perfect place to sit an unwind with a spectacular view of the city. We had an outstanding dinner in the Savoy Bar & Grill. The food, service & wine selections were first class and it was a highlight of the weekend. Highly recommend for a get away weekend.

posted by theldridge on Mar 13, 2003

Shop Around

Rating: 2

A beautiful historic hotel in midtown Atlanta! -Never judge a book by its cover. This was a disappointing experience for a romantic Valentine's weekend. Customer service was nearly non-existent and rude when present. Room was large but falling apart (blinds, carpet, wallpaper, furnishings). In the case where a lot of money is paid for a hotel room, I expect to be treated like royalty, not just another customer. These folks could take a few pointers in service from Four Seasons, Ritz Carlton, even from Hilton.

posted by Christos2607 on Mar 4, 2003


Rating: 10

This hotel is by far my favorite! I would tell everyone to stay here. Rooms are amazing! Service is great! Definately my first choice of hotels.

posted by traveljunky on Feb 24, 2003

One of a kind!

Rating: 10

This place is amazing! My boyfriend and I had an absolutely wonderful experience. The rooms were HUGE and the staff at the front desk, restaurant, and housekeeping were unbelievable helpful and SPEEDY! I would highly recommend this hotel to anyone looking for a unique experience as well as a pleasant atmosphere. Thanks to the Georgian Terrace for everything!

posted by tommyboy1 on Feb 22, 2003


Rating: 10

My wife and I spent a night at this beautiful historic hotel over the Valentine's holiday. We live just outside of the city and wanted to have a nice romantic night away from home. The staff, the room, and them amenities made us feel like royalty for a night! Thank you for making our Valentines so special! I would recommend this hotel to anyone and everyone!

posted by JJThrill on Feb 20, 2003

Valentine's weekend

Rating: 10

My husband and I stayed here during the Valentine's weekend and had a wonderful time. The Savoy provided us with unforgetable experience. The jazz theme was very romantic.

posted by Jackie312 on Feb 20, 2003


Rating: 9

I just got engaged saturday night while staying at this historic hotel for valentine's weekend. The setting, mood, and ambience could not have been more perfect. While dining in Savoy we were serenaded with our special song right after I popped the question. It could not have been more perfect, the staff was so accommadating.

posted by lakeman20022003 on Feb 19, 2003


Rating: 8

My girlfriend and I spent Valentine's night at this beautiful hotel on their special package. The room was spectacular with a circular bedroom and view of midtown. The dining experience at the Savoy was one of the best ever.

posted by fsu422002 on Feb 19, 2003

New Year's

Rating: 9

I stayed at the Georgian Terrace for New Year's Eve and had a wonderful time with my wife, our room was spacious,the dinner was unbelievable,and we could actually dance to the band's selection of songs. This is definitely our new get away from the kids place to stay.

posted by gmirren on Feb 19, 2003

Perfect Valentine's Day

Rating: 10

My husband and I stayed at The Georgian Terrrace over Valentine's Day. Our suite was beautiful and we couldn't believe the size! Our dinner in the Restaurant was great and the service was excellent! Thank you to The Georgian Terrace for making our Valentines PERFECT!

posted by wavestar on Feb 19, 2003


Rating: 9

My husband and I spent our wedding night in this hotel-- Our suite looked down on the place where my husband proposed to me. The staff was courteous and gracious and I would recommend the Georgian Terrace to anyone.

posted by Superwoman07 on Feb 12, 2003


Rating: 2

My fiancee and me never been treated so bad at a hotel. We go on vacation several time a year, and not even at holiday inn are staff so rude. I ask for newspaper and they tell me I have to pay service charge (at a hotel?). I call for wake-up calls, no answer at front desk for many tries. We tried to get front desk to call us a cab, and it took 45 minutes. Rooms were not even clean, not in good condition. Stay somewhere else.

posted by Santos112 on Jan 6, 2003

On second thought...

Rating: 3

I grew up in Atlanta and lived there until recently. I remember wishing that I had a reason to stay at this historic hotel. Be careful what you wish for! I recently stayed there for a very special occassion expecting excellent personal service. I was dismayed at the quality of the room adornments, but I was not prepared to accept the rude customer service. I expect a friendly, helpful and attentive staff and instead I was greeted with rude, lazy and uncaring people. Consider spending your money at a newer, more reputable service-oriented hotel.

posted by sweetie_pants on Jan 6, 2003

Think again!

Rating: 1

I was told that the Georgian Terrace Hotel was a very nice and welcome place to rest your head, with great accomodations. I am ashamed to say that I was mislead with this information. I was recently a guest at the hotel for New Year's Eve and found that the staff was completely rude. When asked nicely to have things arranged as they were supposed to upon my arrival they said that they recieved no such request and that I must have been mistaken. Me the customer mistaken! What a joke. When I told the manager I was displeased with the service of his staff, he suggested that I just stay somewhere else. If you enjoy a nice hotel with classy accomodations and service, think twice before choosing the Georgian Terrace Hotel.

posted by bob_haywood on Jan 3, 2003


Rating: 3

If you want to get your money's worth, stay at the Westin Peachtree, it's a bit more expensive, but you'll get service with your bucks. This place is a sorry excuse for a luxury hotel.

posted by MichelleVerbois on Jan 3, 2003

Have had better experience at HoJo's

Rating: 1

This hotel was a horrible let-down. I travel for work, and stay in many hotels, and this was by far the worst hotel stay I've ever experienced. The valets were lazy, and uncompromisingly rude. The front desk staff were consistently RUDE. The suite was huge, but SHODDY. This place is a Howard Johnson's in disguise, and you'd be better off at HoJo's. REALLY.

posted by blgird00 on Jan 2, 2003

Huge disappointment!

Rating: 3

My husband and I could not get over how much this place ruined our New Year's celebration. The staff were mean and incompetent, and when we complained, they were worse! The rooms are HUGE, and you would expect that they would be nicely appointed, but ---- walls were in bad shape, windows were average, furniture was K-mart style, and even the television reception stunk. A lot of unanswered calls to front desk, and a lot of rude and snobby staff. They have nothing to be snobby about. Don't stay here.

posted by Ellen_Thomason on Jan 2, 2003

Never Stay Here

Rating: 1

The staff at this hotel were unbelievable. They didn't help us with our luggage even though we were obviously having trouble with it. The valet made no move to greet us park our car when we showed up, just stood there gabbing with the other valet. Room had no room service menu or "features" binder, we never got one. Never received our newspapers, despite requesting them numerous times. Complained to a manager, and he was more rude than the staff. I will NEVER stay here again, nor will my friends. Even the rooms were so-so, and the hotel is NOT luxury.

posted by joeward on Jan 2, 2003

Theatre Night

Rating: 10

What a great find in the midtown market. A great choice for a pre-theatre meal. We were served an exceptional meal in time to be in our seats in plenty of time before the show started.

posted by mkernicki on Dec 19, 2002


Rating: 7

If you're looking for a "charming" hotel, this is the place. I was a disappointed a little in the room: our blinds were broken and the bathtub didn't hold water. It took a few calls to the front desk to get it resolved. Also, some calls to the front desk went just rang and rang. If you're like me and want a snack, the only vending machine in the hotel is a sports drink/water vending machine in the weight room on the penthouse floor. Also, there was a full kitchen, but no pots or pans...made the stove useless. No stamps at the front desk...had to go to a post office. Nice decor.

posted by DavidPatterson on Dec 4, 2002

old world charm

Rating: 9

The savoy dining room is perfect for a date night when you wnat some onr on one time with that special someone away from the rest of the family. Food, service, ambiance & wine excellent. The room has that old world charm taht is rarely seen these days.

posted by teldridge on Dec 3, 2002

great escape

Rating: 10

It was a truly relaxing evening with great food & service. Good wine list too.

posted by kleldridge on Nov 29, 2002

Love it!

Rating: 9

This hotel is awesome. It is historic and has old victorian style charm. It is beautifully decorated and you will totally enjoy the old style furnishings. I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone. My fiance took me there as a surprise for my birthday and we had a wonderful time on our quick getaway! The room itself was very nice, the hotel service was great as well. Definitely eat the breakfast buffet. Not to mention the location, right across from The Fox and there are tons of nice restaurants nearby also! Overall it was perfect!

posted by badabing33 on Aug 9, 2002

Palace of Atlanta

Rating: 10

I love this beautiful hotel. I was proposed to in this hotel and it holds a very special place in my heart. The rooms that end in 05 are the biggest. they come with a full size kitchen and washer and dryer and the bed is so comfortable, you will not want to leave. I wish I could live there.

posted by mbarnes on Jul 25, 2002

Best looking, best place

Rating: 9

One of the many times I was in Atlanta I stayed down the street from this hotel. Everytime I drove by I was jealous that I wasn't staying here. It is charming and full of southern splendor. Now I have stayed here twice and been very happy with the accomodations. I highly recommend this hotel to anyone visiting or to locals looking for the best place to recommend.

posted by Natalie on May 28, 2002

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