The Empire Hotel NYC

The hotel widely known amongst rabid Gossip Girl fans as "Chuck Bass' Hotel." But here's an official description:

With 420 guest rooms, The Empire Hotel embodies a return to the classic hotel room but with an edge. Inspired by local surroundings, the rooms pay tribute to Central Park with a rich earth tone palette accented by leather furnishings combined with the modernism of Lincoln Center. Rest and unwind in the virtuoso comfort of The Empire Hotel.

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44 W 63rd St

Partner Reviews: The Empire Hotel NYC

Bartender attitude for no reason

Rating: 2

I have been part of the nightlife scene for many years now. I was glad to see the Empire come back to life and the rooftop looks good. I am also looking to book a spot for my birthday party and figured I would make it one of my options. Music is good, good looking crowd but the bartenders at the end bar are rude and disrespectful for no reason. Twice, I saw a bartender give nasty looks at a guest. I was also called a lurch, which surprised me, only because I was spending my money at the bar and being aware of my surroundings by the bartender. These girls need attitude adjustments. They act like they are in a military camp. Needless to say, I will not have my part there and I do not recommend this place to anyone. Very overrated

posted by CSMobileUser on Aug 17, 2009

Herbie, general manager, is awful

Rating: 2

We had a great time in general - good music, good service, good company. However, at the end of night, one of my friends was charged for our drinks but given the WRONG credit card back. Accidents happen - clearly one of the bar-tenders mixed up the credit cards - but what surprised us most was the attitude of the general manager. He not did not apologize - was downright rude, in fact - he threatened to throw out our friends for being "in his face", when, in fact, he was not willing to take responsibility for what had happened. Interestingly, the rest of the staff, including the security guards, were sympathetic towards us. However, Herbie, the general manager, was neither sympathetic nor courteous. Which is a shame, since there is much potential for this site - you would think he would he would at least know when to apologize and to keep clientale happy...I wish the Empire Hotel good luck, particularly if Herbie is in charge...Watch out.

posted by desiinthehouse on Sep 17, 2008

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