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2411 Alaskan Way, Pier 67

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Will not be staying here again

Rating: 2

I stayed here for a week in October, 2009, on a business trip. Found the desk personnel absolutely clueless as to helping guests with anything. Wait service in the lounge was listless, inept, inattentive, rude, and more interested in chatting with one another at the bar than being waitstaff. Unnecessary canned music everywhere and when asked to turn it down was told no. Oral and written complaints to the manager received NO REPLY. If I had had other hotel options I would have left after the first night. No, I will not be returning. Not ever. P.S.: I really, really hate writing such a negative report. I wouldn't have if the manager had replied to any of my concerning while there or in my follow-up e-mails.

posted by Elzevir on Dec 8, 2009

terrible service

Rating: 2

My friend and i were downtown and wanted a nice happy hour after shopping. We were told if we wanted to be on the water, go to the Edgewater. So we did. Big mistake. The service was so slow and our waitress forgot things like water and our second glass of wine. We wanted to order before six o'clock to take advantage of the happy hour and she just left us sitting there. It wasn't even busy. We would've stayed the view was so beautiful but not with that kind of service. They also promote that you can get $6 glasses of wine and $5 appetizers however you have to seem cheap and ask which ones! The happy hour menu doesn't tell you what is what and we ended up paying $11 for the wine and $18 for some of the appetizers! All in all we will not be going back.

posted by steffib on Aug 24, 2009

Wonderful Hotel

Rating: 8

Having just stayed at the Edgewater, I'm shocked to read so many bad reviews on this site. Our room was beautiful and quiet, the view was amazing and the bar was great. We never experienced any problems with the service. Our only complaint would be that the parking is quite expensive. Other than that, though, we loved the Edgewater and would go back in a heartbeat. We've stayed at the W before, which was very nice, but we prefer the Edgewater (especially with a water view room!

posted by darylec on May 5, 2009

Just okay...

Rating: 4

My boyfriend & I stayed there and we reserved a city-view with a queen bed. When we got to our room, it was an ocean-view with 2 full beds. We had to call front desk to get the room that we asked for. Parking was really expensive and valet only. Not sure if I would come back. okay experience.

posted by HighFive on May 4, 2009

Do not stay at the Edgewater

Rating: 2

I just stayed at the Edgewater and it is the worst experience I have had in downtown Seattle. The hotel is old and musty with stained carpets in the hallways. The room was the smallest I have EVER stayed in. The "desk" was a, 18" wide glass coffee table at the foot of the bed. If you squeezed a chair up to it to use the "desk" you could not walk by the bed. The rooms were 50 yards from the train track that trains ran ALL night. The sink was so clogged that you had to turn off the faucet when washing your face or it would overflow. The front desk personnel were apathetic at best. They said they could move me for a $50 up-charge! They demanded to photocopied my license in case they would get a "charge-back" on my credit card! They would not give me back the photocopy when I checked out saying they had to keep it on file for 30 days. Parking is $30/night and even though it is outside by the street and in front of the hotel, it is valet only so you have to tip every time you come and go. Please don't stay here! There are plenty of nice hotels in downtown Seattle that are much nicer and friendlier than this.

posted by GeeHill on Feb 13, 2009

Bait and Switch

Rating: 2

My wife and I held our wedding at the Edgewater Hotel (Seattle) September of 2008 and were unpleasantly surprised when we got back from our honeymoon and found out that our final bill was almost 30% (over $4,600) higher than the final estimated we received just days prior to the wedding. When we met with our sales representative and her manager we were told that the original estimate was just that, an estimate. They then assured us, however, that our satisfaction is their priority; they?d review the final bill and see if we could ?meet in the middle somewhere.? Our sales representative called us five days later to let us know that the best they could do was offer to reduce our final bill by roughly $1,600. I will say that my wife and I can agree that the location, presentation, and catering made our wedding experience absolutely phenomenal. This was definitely the best day of our lives but we can not shake the horrible taste left in our mouths as a result of our final billing surprise.

posted by WeddingExperience on Nov 2, 2008


Rating: 4

Usually when we are in Seattle we stay at the Westin. The Westin was sold out so we were deciding between The W and The Edgewater. We chose the Edgewater and couldn't have regretted it anymore! Sure the view from the restaurant was amazing but the food was just ok. I guess I don't understand what the hype is about the hotel. It has a old, worn out look and feel too it. I know it has been around for a while, but time to upgrade. When wegot to our room our key cards didnt work! We took them back to the front desk and got new ones. The next morning we ordered room service and it took over an hour to get our food. My wife's toast were cold and they brought us the wrong eggs. We called room service and instead of rushing to correct the mistake told us it would be awhile because they were swamped. Next time we will definetly stay at the Westin or try The W, but never again will we stay at this worn down ancient motel style hotel. We think citysearch should take the hint of all the bad reviews and stop reccomending this hotel as high as they do.

posted by guru123 on Aug 6, 2008

Horrible service

Rating: 4

Went for a drink at the bar. I had the worst service. So sad for such a beautiful hotel. If you don't mind waiting for a drink this is the place for you. I have had better service in a dive bar.

posted by ibrow on Jul 7, 2008

The great people make the Edgewater a great place.

Rating: 10

You simply cannot find nicer people than those working at the Edgewater Hotel. We went to a wedding there Friday night, and everything was elegant, well planned, friendly and delicious. The view was amazing, and so was the salmon I had for dinner! Even better were the people, though. What a class act! They solicitously inquired about what they could do to make my 2-year-old son comfortable and well fed, and when I forgot my camera there, they were quick to return it to me. They even offered to mail it! What a great place! I can't say enough about the Edgewater. They really go above and beyond the call of duty!

posted by shirewoman2 on Aug 15, 2007

Nice hotel

Rating: 8

It's a nice hotel. The rooms are welcoming and pretty comfy. The room amenities are pretty nice. The service people are nice. I think the best part of the hotel is the view. It is soo pretty-elliot bay and the mountains, it's breath-taking. Of course, you should definately make sure that you get a room with a good view. The only downside is that it is pretty expensive.

posted by kee22 on Nov 19, 2006

Experience the Pacific Northwest

Rating: 10

If your looking to experience the Pacific Northwest,it truly begins at The Edgewater. This land mark hotel is located within walking distance to most of the areas popular attractions. From the lobby to each guest room it has a clean but rustic ambiance. Many of the guest rooms feature a comforable sitting area with a fireplace and you can even choose a waterfront room that brings Elliott Bay right up to you. While the city life is near,the pace is relaxed. Quality service and amenities make this hotel one to remember.

posted by blue_highways on Nov 12, 2006

One of the best!

Rating: 10

I have stayed at the Edgewater multiple times and will continue to do so. The service is above and beyond what you would expect or ever get from any other hotel. The food while spendy is great. Parking is costly but where in Seattle isn't? Thank gosh for the courtesy shuttle! The fireplaces are great too!

posted by edawn on Dec 29, 2005

Not bad

Rating: 8

Rooms can be small, but the fireplace was great. Bathrooms and decor were beautiful as was the view (waterfront). The walls are a little thin and the hallways can be loud at night.

posted by jc_tram on Jan 13, 2005

Truly unbelievable

Rating: 2

This place is a loud party place. It is noisy and offensive. It is overpriced for what you receive . We ended up in a small room with a view, right on the river. The view was not that great because were so close to the water that it was making me sick. In fact, you would be better off at Holiday Inn the rooms are bigger. The decor is odd I think they were shooting for a theme where technology meets nature, these two do not ever meet, it does not strike any positive chords just negative ones. The decor actually is symbolic to what is going on there, it is not peaceful or restful it is chaotic. So maybe the decor is a perfect fit. If you like gourmet food and have discriminating tastes this place is not for you. Seattle has great places to stay, but this is not one of them.

posted by SOPHIEY on Jul 29, 2004

The Edgewater Hotel

Rating: 10

My boyfriend and I have stayed there twice recently. Both times we had an excellent experience. We found the staff to be very helpful, going out of their way several times to assist us. We will definitely be returning in the future.

posted by gobeckgirl on Mar 10, 2004

Poor Service

Rating: 1

I hate to say it because my wife and I have been long-time guests of the hotel but service has really gone down hill! Forget about getting a restful nights sleep as advertised! The service staff is so loud and parties seem to go all night. When I complained to the General Manager, I recieved no concern or apologies! We will not be back! The nostalga of the old building is supersceded by poor service and rude managers!

posted by harrymobley on Oct 30, 2003

Hidden costs

Rating: 8

I was pleased with the service and ambence of the hotel. I paid and made reservations prior to my vacation is Seattle. To my amazement when I checked into the hotel, I found that parking my vehicle in the hotel lot cost me an additional $22.00 per day. Although hotel staff informed me that parking in the downtown area was rather expensive, I found it outrageous to charge guests to park. On top of that, I forgot to mention that valet parks your vehicle and retrieves it for you and this means I could have used their shuttle service but they stop making trips at 9pm. And one last thing...before you use the hotel phone make sure you use a 1-800 phone card as I paid $106.00 for 4 separate phone calls for a total of 14 minues.

posted by Jaquay80 on May 10, 2003

Over-rated, Over-priced

Rating: 4

The view can't be beat -- looking down and out into Elliott Bay with its bustling harbor life is awesome. We were even visited by a porpoise in the morning. However, the room was tiny (much smaller than a Holiday Inn), the floorboards and beds squeak, the walls are thin (I could hear the floorboards and bed squeak in the room next door) and the decor is a cheap attempt at making the room "lodge-like." The $20 / night valet parking cost is Seattle-average. The $200 / night accomodation is overpriced for the space and room quality. Plus, the service is unimpressive. The staff seem there to collect a paycheck, not to play host or to provide a quality service.

posted by fitzoff on Apr 22, 2003

Rating the lounge only

Rating: 7

The decor is a combination of wood bark pillars with silver hardware highlights. A neat, if not overdone combination of earthy and modern. The drinks are poured well and the view is fantastic. Like any view lounge/restaurant in Seattle, you pay for the view. I'd go back but not before checking out some other spots first.

posted by t0adman on Mar 5, 2003

Tim Black

Rating: 9

I was one of those that remembers the fishing from the room days. The next time I returned I did not know the place. I know each to his own but my wife and i thought the room was the most relaxing decors of any room we have ever stayed. We have stayed all over the world and would stay at no other hotel in Seattle. The young lady at checkin was so friendly and went out of her way to give me a room without a reservation. I highly recommend the hotel and plan to stay there again in September

posted by Timblack on Feb 28, 2003

The True Seattle Experience

Rating: 9

Sleepless in Seattle? YES indeed and I love it!!! Who wants to sleep when you have the backdrop of ferry boats, rain drops on sliding glass door and a romatic fire in your room. Let's not forget being over the water, without tugboats engines you would hear almost nothing. If you want a hotel where the room is more then just a place to put the luggage jand you never need to turn on the tv, the Edgewater is the hotel for you!!!!!

posted by docnberg on Jan 3, 2003


Rating: 2

I stayed here once before last year and got great service. But, I do not have a clue what happened to the management - it took me forever to check in, the girls at the front desk were rude, my waiter took thirty minutes to serve me then was told to go some place else. Lucky, the gift shop made for one pleasant experience. My husband and I will never stay here again. I think we will get more value at the Marriott where you can always count on quality service. Did I mention, the way they have parking set up was more headache than it wa worth? I had to wait thirty minutes to get my car!

posted by kitten1997 on Oct 6, 2002


Rating: 10

I had the privledge of staying at the Edgewater last weekend and thought I was staying at the Playboy Mansion. I've never seen so many beautiful people all in one place! The service was amazing!! From Ryan who parked our vehicle and from Sean who checked us in to David the Night Manager taking the time to assist us with our bags. Everyone was a class act! The food in the restaurant was great for the price we paid. The view from our room was amazing! I have traveled all over the world and would never stay anywhere but here when I'm in Seattle. Thankyou Edgewater for an amazing time!

posted by JOEY_SMITH on Aug 6, 2002

Stay someplace else

Rating: 2

I have read the negative reviews on this hotel, and they complete agree with my experience at this over rated establishment. The positive reviews don't jive at all with the reality of this place, and should be suspect. The rooms are extremely small and cramped. The service is lousy. The restaurant is just plan weird, and not very good. And, when you complain, you get a bad attitude back at you! Like, you must be nuts or something! I do not recommend this place unless it was the last place to stay in Seattle.

posted by orcas_lady on Jun 29, 2002

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