The Crescent Hotel Beverly Hills

Crescent Hotel Beverly Hills was developed by peck moss hotels, design by Dodd Mitchell.

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403 N Crescent Dr

Partner Reviews: The Crescent Hotel Beverly Hills

Average hotel

Rating: 6

Hotel is near the busy area of the city. Room rate is reasonable, but the room is very small. It was annoying to find ants in the bathroom.

posted by mocha272 on Jun 21, 2007

Most Fun Ever

Rating: 10

I'm a frequent traveller to Beverly Hills. This time I decided to try something new by staying at the Crescent Hotel. I was surprised at how beautiful and convenient everything was! The service was great and the food was tasty. I was very happy. Had a great saturday night and got my work done. I would recommend this hotel to any young business traveller. Great time.

posted by josie9 on May 2, 2006

New kind of hotel

Rating: 10

I felt like I was staying at a place like the Mondrian without paying the price. I enjoyed the style and modern look to the hotel. I was very happy with the food and having my own ipod in my room. Comfortable and cool.

posted by carrieallen on May 2, 2006

Worst night ever

Rating: 2

The people upstairs flushed their toilet. I woke up, thinking someone was in my bathroom. In the middle of the night, the kitchen staff dragged their garbage down the alley, past my open window (no air conditioning). I heard the phone ring and the entire conversation in an upstairs room. The other guests were talking at a normal level. I have been to over 50 countries. I have stayed at many world class hotels, but mostly modest, reasonable places. I have even stayed at a place for $1.50 (in mexico, I had no choice). In my travels, I can now say that I have stayed at the worst hotel.

posted by sterlingy on Feb 26, 2006

Secret Hide-Away in Beverly Hills

Rating: 8

I recently had the pleasure of staying at a secret hideaway in LA called the Crescent Hotel. It's Beverly Hills location was perfect both for the business we needed to conduct, as well as for entertaining (it is walking distance to Rodeo Drive). The indoor/outdoor patio was luscious at dusk; we enjoyed some amazing concoctions from their specialty cocktail list as glamour-atti poured in to have meetings, drinks and socialize. Equally enjoyable was the bed: comparable to the "heavenly beds", I was in heaven the minute I hit the sheets. From my room I heard the slightest bit of noise from the patio on one of my 7 nights. I was told that the hotel is currently installing new hallway doors to shield the guestrooms from outside noise. This is my new home away from home in LA. I love the Crescent!!

posted by ajas14 on Oct 12, 2005

Crescent Hotel Needs Some Work

Rating: 2

We stayed at the Crescent Hotel this weekend and were very disappointed. Despite apparent renovations to modernize the hotel, the walls and ceilings/floor are super thin which means you can hear everything. Also, the hotel is a regular hot spot for partying and it stays open until 1AM so unless tou get a room at the back of the hotel on the top floor with no occupants in adjacent rooms, don't expect a decent night sleep or to sleep in. The amenities were limited and when we notified the staff of our dissatisfaction, they did little to compensate us for our dissatisfaction to encoourage us to give them another try. At this point, it would require major renovation to resolve these issues and I would not recommend staying there until they do so.

posted by stace5677 on Mar 9, 2005

Great Hotel in Beverly Hills

Rating: 8

For the price, this is a great hotel in Beverly Hills. It has a fabulous location, one block from restaurants, bars and shopping. The rooms are not flashy, but they are very comfortable. The beds are heavenly. The staff there made my stay a true pleasure.

posted by jj10 on Dec 20, 2004


Rating: 10

I recently stayed at The Crescent hotel for a week, and it was the best hotel experience that I've ever had! This place is under the radar, and very chic. The rooms are beautiful, contemporary, and very luxurious. It also has the best rates that you can find in Beverly Hills. The staff is very eager to please, and are all genuinely nice, upbeat people, which is hard to find in these parts. You feel like you're part of a family and at home when you're there, and at the same time it's a relaxing retreat. To top it all off, they've got this incredible restaurant, The Boe, that has not only an alluring atmosphere, but some of the best service and food around. When I come back to this area, I'll definately be staying here. This place should be a 6-star hotel!

posted by kathryn24 on Dec 9, 2004

So So

Rating: 6

Rooms are great. One of the most comfortable beds I've ever had in a hotel. But the service is subpar, especially the valet which can take 15 minutes to retrieve a car. Also, the noise from downstairs is unbearable, and it can continue into the wee hours of the morning. And an added bonus is the fan in the women's restroom, which is so loud it actually vibrates the floor of the rooms above. If you want restless sleep or an all night party, go for it. But if not, look elsewhere.

posted by dougfontaine on Dec 8, 2004

Wow! - Newly Renovated

Rating: 10

The old and tired Beverly Crescent has been completed remodeled. It's new and chic. Great indoor/outdoor patio. I love the atmosphere. Rack Rate for a Queen Room is only $185 in Beverly Hills!!! I got it for $170 on the website. Great place!!!

posted by pfuhrman on Aug 5, 2003

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