The Carneros Inn

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4048 Sonoma Hwy
NAPA, CA, 94559  United States

Partner Reviews: The Carneros Inn

Stale Room Odors, Noxious Fumes From F/P, Construction

Rating: 6

Major construction is going on through most of 2007. We woke each morning very early to the obnoxious sounds of banging, drilling and other loud, electric tool sounds. Admittedly, we visited during the off season, but the rooms (three cottages in our party) were all so stale smelling. At night, the waxy, noxious scent of Instalogs fills the air. Unlike the typical tropical (Balinese) lushly planted outdoor showers, the outdoor showers at Carneros are tiny, claustrophobic, corrugated metal enclosures with no vegetation. The patios are enclosed in this same industrial looking corrugated metal. Very, very hot in summer there - immature landscaping provides little shade, lots of metal & paved walkways all radiating heat. The Spa is very small, but we had excellent massages there. Overpriced for a place with cottages so closely set that you can hear your neighbors kids playing, parents talking & smell the smoke of their cigarettes!

posted by worldphotographer on May 23, 2007

Carneros Inn - Sans Kids

Rating: 10

The Carneros Inn, one of the the most beautiful places I've ever stayed, impeccable staff I could not find a fault with. There's almost nothing there to shatter your peace..except for 1 thing..KIDS. The Carneros Inn is a "family friendly" place. I didn't know this before we went. For the amount of money you pay to stay in a beautiful, luxurious place like this, you just want to relax, soak up the vineyard and not hang out with the Purple Dinosaur crowd. With that said, the management assures me that in their Phase II expansion, they are building another pool, far away and the main are will be sans kids. This should be open soon and as soon as this expansion is complete....I'm going back. But, I would check before you drop $1500 over a weekend only to be bombarded at the pool by a game of Marco Polo.

posted by jeremycaudill on Aug 18, 2005

Pefect 10+

Rating: 10

The Carneros Inn is truly heaven; everything from the chic furnishings to the attentive staff make this one of lifes 'to experience before you die' places. The cottages are appointed with heated floors, jacuzzi tub for two, multiple head shower, flat screen television, and fireplace. You have a private garden which can be used for entertaining or for its el fresco rain-like shower. Although there are two Phillip Wang restaurants, I am especially fond of the BoonFly Cafe. Malarie and Dustin are the waitstaff to ask for. Kathy and Laurie from the concierge desk bedazzled us with their help. Make sure to visit the Inn's signature Spa, followed by a dip in the edgeless pool overlooking the Carneros vineyard. This must be owner, Keith Rogal's idea of where God himself would want to vacation. Bravo, we can't wait to return.

posted by dylan_thomason on Oct 24, 2004


Rating: 10

After my first visit, I immediately invented another excuse to go back there asap. Each visit has far exceeded any expectations that I might've had. Now, whenever I'm feeling blue, I close my eyes and imagine myself sitting in the outdoor infinity edge hot tub that looks over the vineyards and all becomes right with the world. The staff is incredible and attentive - the food is fantastic (the chef even came out to our table to welcome us) and the grounds are breathtaking. The rooms are so well done and I can't believe the heated slated floors in the bathroom and the indoor/outdoor shower- pure luxury! Speaking of luxury...the spa is to die for! They have these amazing treatments where they slather you with goats milk and other yummy things to make you relax and feel in touch with your surroundings. Once you go you'll be hooked!

posted by shelleymc on May 28, 2004


Rating: 10

Just spent the weekend - this is a true gem. The rooms are individual cottages with great bathrooms and comfey beds. Food is great - view is great. Smashing pool and jacuzzi. Staff were so accommodating - and looked happy. Unbelievably good Spa services. I can't wait to go back.

posted by mooemma on May 17, 2004

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